Week 5 Player Projections

It’s almost Sunday, and that means NFL and Fantasy Football.

This first time I’m going to give you my predictions on the relevant fantasy players. If you want me to add some names to the next week, just tweet me the name and #pred4rookies. I hope this could help you out to set a winning lineup every week. Enjoy!

I want to apologize for the poor format, but the time was short and you needed this before Sunday, next week is going to look better.

@Fantasy4Rookies and my team fantasyreaList team


o_785d6f9115be9dc2_002 o_785d6f9115be9dc2_003 o_785d6f9115be9dc2_004 o_785d6f9115be9dc2_005 o_785d6f9115be9dc2_006 o_785d6f9115be9dc2_007o_785d6f9115be9dc2_008o_785d6f9115be9dc2_009o_785d6f9115be9dc2_010o_785d6f9115be9dc2_011o_785d6f9115be9dc2_012o_785d6f9115be9dc2_013o_785d6f9115be9dc2_014


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