Players to Watch : Diamond in the Rough or Bust!

Week 5 is for the most part behind us maybe for the better for some. It can be tough analyzing what has happen from week to week, but this is why this team is here to help keep you on the fast track. I will even be telling you about a kid that has broken many of Brett Farve’s records and only owned in less than 50% of leagues!!!


Team: #fantasyreaList

I will try to break this down position by position and hit on a few key players to watch in the coming week or weeks. Some of these players may be available in your league or they may not. For more detailed information on certain players leave comments or tweet at our team for more specific advice based on your league : @Fantasy4Rookies @FantasyJeanius @_fantasyreaList

QBs to watch:

Mike Glennon – Starter or Not? Lovie Smith has declined to answer the longterm quarterback question to this point. However, Glennon is making it very difficult for Lovie to go back to the aging Josh McCown. In Glennon’s last to starts he has performed well in standard leagues he has accumulated 15pts and 18pts in those two starts. Those numbers were good enough for Top15 status at the position finishing with more points in week 4 than the likes of Jay Cutler and in week 5 finishing with more points than the likes of Matt Ryan. Am i saying Glennon is a must add NO! But is he somone to watch and if the matchup presents itself than yes a bye week replacement or spot starter could be possible he has the weapons.

Austin Davis – I know Austin WHO? He broke most if not all of Brett Farve’s records, yes this happened at the small school in Southern MISS, but still. The last two starts Austin Davis’ performances were good for a Top 6 and a Top 2 finish and could have been even better without the turnovers. However, is he a player to maybe stash? Possibly, if you’re in a deep league but his schedule is not favorable to him by any means and should be a player to watch, but be cautious.

Tom Brady – Elite? Tom has had a rough start to the season a lot of people had him as a “bounce back fantasy QB” this season, but this was looking like more fantasy than reality. He looked old, indecisive, and frustrated. He may leave owners worry some next week going into buffalo with a strong DLINE, but at the least he has grabbed your attention and he is not a drop if anything sell him if you have the depth and have confidence in another player.

RB’s to Watch:

Andre Williams – He runs hard has quickness and has a nose for the end-zone. For those of you who don’t know he was a Heisman finalist a year ago. With Rashad Jennings going down with a sprained MCL if this guy is available he is almost a must add. RB was thin this season and with many under-performers it hasn’t gotten any easier. Jennings should be out a few weeks with this injury making Williams a viable fantasy option.

Ronnie HillmanMontee Ball – this is tough Denver has a plethora of RB’s that could replace Montee Ball who suffered a groin injury sunday I believe Hillman is the man to grab, but watch CJ Anderson and Juwan Thompson. Juwan Thompson is a bigger back who runs down-hill with explosiveness, Both Thompson and Hillman carried load for Denver after Ball’s exit Hillman avg 4.3yds per career week 5. Hillman and Thompson both received positive feedback from Manning, which goes a long way. It is tough to tell as of now who will touch the ball more, or if they will take the “hot hand” mentality. Both backs could see touches, but as of today I like Hillman a little more than Thompson making him the better add, but don’t sleep on CJ Anderson. Now for Ball only time will tell depending on his injury time-table and the productivity of these backs will determine his fait. I do think he has underachieved, but do think he is too good a football player to be overlooked entirely when healthy I would definitely hold him if I owned him.

Benny Cunningham – If you are a Stacy owner and you are in a deep league with an open spot you may want to add this guy as a handcuff Stacy looks to be good for week 6, but you just never know with injuries and if you don’t have another option it is worth a consideration.

WR’s to Watch:

Odell Beckham Jr. – I told my followers to watch this kid in his debut in week 5 he finished with 4rec 44yds and a touchdown, which is a fairly decent stat line for a player that really only started practicing this week fully with Manning. Depending on your league he could be a decent flex or bye week replacement when you play DAL, PHI, and WAS twice a year you expect to have decent offensive production they play PHI next weekend.

Marvin Jones – Tough to say this guy is a value add right now, but if you can stash him do so he was productive last season and was CIN number 2 for the most part all season opposite AJ Green and as you saw last night Sanu was good, but would have liked to see Jones play.

Justin HunterHunter had huge expectations coming of a fantastic preseason, but it had yet to translate this regular season. However, Sunday he was good for Top 7 finish in standard leagues, which was better than AJ Green and Julio Jones. This player has phenomenal talent and potential if he starts to click now you are going to want him on your roster.

TE’s to Watch:

Timothy Wright – With the Jimmy Graham injury it has fantasy owners nervous it is just a sprained shoulder and expected to be back after their week 6 bye, but a good insurance flier could be Wright. The NE offense looked like the NE of old they ran a heavy dose of 2 TE sets where Wright was very productive finishing Top 5 in standard leagues and is worth a consideration in a leagues especially if this is the NE Offense that is here to stay.

Question of the Day from our Followers:

What to think about Dez Bryant in Week 6 @ SEA :

Dez is probably your stud and top WR this season. I understand the fear of playing your top player in SEA many Aaron Rodger’s owners went through this in week 1, but like I discussed than if your options are not as favorable then regardless of matchup you have to play your “studs.” If I own Dez and I do I am playing him WR haven’t had as hard time as you may think against this prolific defense hopefully they lineup Dez opposite #25 often and take advantage of that.

Examples take it for what its worth

Jordy Nelson @ SEA – 9 Catches 83 yards

Eddie Royal vs. SEA – 7 Catches 69 yards

Emmanuel Sanders @ SEA – 11 Catches 149 yards


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