Weekly Notes: Who is who?

Here is my #TNF and Sunday Football analysis that could help you to hit the waiver-wire, making trades and setting your line-up for next week.


Team: #fantasyreaList team

  • Arian Foster should be started in every game if he is active. 3 of his 4 games played he has passed the 100 yard mark. He is owned in 99.6% on NFLF leagues and was started in 86.3%.
  • Doesn’t matter the opponent. You have to start the Broncos pass atack: P.Manning, J.Thomas, D.Thomas and E.Sanders (he may not score but he will get you 100yds). On the other hand, it looks like M.Ball is just not the man there, and with the injury and lack of production you may want to target R.Hillman.
  • Andre Ellington is a solid RB you can trust. Plus with the QB injuries in Arizona they will run the ball and play short passes (screens) that could increase Ellington’s production.
  • P.Rivers (2nd among QB) shouldn’t be benched ever! But he really likes to spread the ball, so you may want to lower your expectations for the SD WRs: E.Royal, K.Allen, M.Floyd. But you can trust  A. Gates (5 TD in 5 weeks)
  • Branden Oliver (SD RB) got the highest fantasy points among RBs this week (30.2) against the former best rush defense (NYJ 7ppg allowed) So he has a lot of value at least until Ryan Mathwes comes back.
  • The Packers offense is a must start every week A.Rodgers (is in the top 5), J.Nelson (2nd WR with more points), R.Cobb (most TD rec),E.Lacy (25.5points this week)
  • Jay Cutler: TDs and INTs are guaranteed. A.Jeffery will deliever every week (11+points last 3 weeks). I’m little concerned about B.Marshall and his ankle, so if he doesn’t get the job done against Atlanta I would be really concerned.
  • M.Forte: only 2 bad games against top rush defenses (NYJ and SF).
  • A. Luck: no.1 overall, enough said. R.Wayne and T.Y.Hilton are low WR2/flex options because they are not getting the TDs. On the other hand D.Allen must be owned, but he is only 31% owned!
  • G.Tate is a low WR2/flex option, but when Megatron is down, he is a very solid WR1. You may want to think twice before starting C.Johnson at least until he is 100% healthy.
  • The Pats offense is for real and they showed it blowingout an undefeated Cin team. T.Brady wants to come back to fantasy; but the only one really trustable is Gronk.
  • Cowboys offense: T.Romo has been increasing his production every week (9, 11,16,24) but has a really tough matchup this week with SEA. D.Bryant (top 10 WR). D. Murray (RB leader).T.Williams had scored 5 TDs and only scoreless in 1 game.
  • A.Dalton is a solid QB2. Don’t bench A.J.Green. M.Sanu is earning a solid WR2 status.
  • D.Brees has been consistent but not outstanding and he doesn’t have a lot of weapons: B.Cooks is a low WR2/flex and J.Graham left the last game injured. The RB commite makes me uncomfortable, P.Thomas and K.Robinson are flex options.
  • The Ravens backfield is still a mess, but J.Forssett looks like the guy we can trust, at least as an RB2. The pass offense had a really tough game and S.Smith was a total bust, but don’t freak out.
  • E.Manning is on a roll and is a solid QB1, but he also likes to spread the ball and that looks a little dangerous for the WRs and TE. R.Jennings was injured and left the game, so keep an eye on his status. If he can’t go, A.Williams is a must add.
  • M.Ryan is clearly better at home (14.9ppg on the road/27.5ppg home). J.Jones (top3 WR), R.White is a roallercoaster and a low WR2. On the other hand A.Smith looks very good as a flex option right now (4TD in 5 games.)
  • V.Jackson wants to comeback to fantasy, he is really connecting with Glennon, so right now he is a low WR2 but he may increase.
  • In Buffalo, F.Jackson looks like the better RB (10.18ppg 1TD) than Spiller (7.62 1TD).
  • Ben Tate is back and he looks like the better RB in Cleveland.
  • N.Foles is a solid QB1. Maclin is a must start every week. L.McCoy is still on a really bad streak, but don’t panic just yet, he got 81yds against a solid Rams defense: so for me he is a low RB2 now and if you can buy him low, do it.
  • B.Quick is top 15 among WR and looks like a must start as a high WR2.

Rollercoaster teams: S.F. 49ers, H.Texans, C.Panthers.

Players worth keeping an eye on:

  1. QB: M.Glenon (TB), K.Orton(BUF), C.Whitehurst (TEN), A.Davis (SL), B.Hoyer(CLE)
  2. RB: B.Cunninham and Z.Stacy (SL); D.Martin and B.Rainey (TB)
  3. WR: J.Hunter (TEN), S.Watkins (BUF), S.Jonhson (SF)



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