Deeper Leagues

A great post from a good friend of the fantasyreaList team, K.Fab. He gives us a glimpse in the “Life as Commissioner for the AYA Fantasy Football League”

This is what being a “fan” has evolved into. No longer are “fans” particularly fan-atical about a team they follow, for they are now fan-tastically involved. Fantasy sports has changed the way we consume sports, sports teams, and sports media.

While the large majority of fantasy sports participants distract themselves in score-checking on Sundays, cussing themselves out for not playing Larry Donnell instead of Antonio Gates, there lies a minority who take time in every day of the week to scrape more enjoyment from fantasy sports. Take that smaller pool of fantasy sports players, dive into the deepest end, and you will find my league.

I am the commissioner of a Yahoo!-facilitated, 10-team, standard-inspired scoring, fantasy football keeper league. The ten of us hadn’t decided what to call ourselves between “owners” and “GMs,” but ever since my girlfriend literally sold 100% of her stake in her team to the next-man-up (including a decent profit, she came in 3rd last year), we are in-fact owners.

This blog serves as a fishbowl to the “And You Are?” Fantasy Football league. Most of us have been in this league together for almost a decade, but owners come and go. We are a different bunch. Yes, we hold live drafts and play for money and have a championship trophy and watch FxX’s The League. There’s more to it though. We are much deeper than that.

We will continue to post “The Commish” and his life as commissioner, stay tuned.


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