Weekly Notes: Who is who? Week 6

Weekly notes from this this week’s fantasy football that can help you to hit the waiver wire, make trades and set your lineups for week 7.


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First, here’s a list of players that I’m not going to talk about because you have should have them starting almost every week: A.Luck, P.Manning, A.Rodgers, M. Forte, A.Foster, A.Brown, Jordy Nelson, R.Cobb, D.Thomas, J.Thomas, P.Rivers, D.Murray, G.Olsen, B.Marshall, J.Jones, A.Jeffery, Gronk.

  • It looks like Luck has a new favorite target and his name is TY Hilton. He now has 5 more targets than Reggie Wayne and more than 20 fantasy points. Hilton is now a WR2 with Wayne losing some fantasy value becoming a WR3. The backfield in Indy is starting to look very productive with both T. Richardson and A.Bradshaw. Trent is averaging 17 touches and 8.5 ppg, he is now a RB3/flex option. Meanwhile, Bradshaw has more TDs but still a low RB2.
  • What happened with Hopkins is an exception. He only had 2 targets! so don’t freak out about him. Andre Johnson is on the rise after he looked really good against a strong defensive secondary. Certainly do not drop him and if he is somehow available, stash and see how it evolves.
  • T.Brady had another great game against a good DEF. It really looks like he is back to being a QB1, but Brady and Gronk are the only players that I trust on the team. The backfield is a mess and without Ridley it might get even messier, so avoid them if you can. The WR situation is something similar, so keep an eye on LaFell,  you may add him if you have space on your roster and see if he can become a relevant player. Edelman is a great PPR player but a WR3/Flex in standard leagues.
  • Get rid of Spiller, he is just not the guy. Stick with F.Jackson as a low RB2/Flex. On the other hand, K.Orton looks good and he might help you in deep leagues or in a 2QB format. Don’t panic on Watkins just yet, he only had 3 targets on “Revis Island” and will get back on track.
  • Cam Newton is back! He had over 100 yds rushing and thats what makes him so darn valuable.
  • M. Sanu showed us that he is now a solid WR2, well at least til AJ Green comes back.
  • Ben Tate is a player that you have to start when healthy. He just looks great and will definitely help you win every week.
  • This thing with E. Lacy is getting annoying and I’m feeling dizzy with his inconsistency. So it would be a smart move if you can trade and sell him after a huge game.
  • With K. Moreno out for the season, L.Miller is a great RB2 who should be starting every week. M. Wallace is the other guy who you can trust, at least as a low WR2/Flex option.
  • G.Tate is someone that may help you at WR3/Flex but no more. He needs Megatron to keep him out of the defense sight. Also Stafford is dependent on Calvin too, so be careful with him. In the run game, while Bush is injured, J.Bell is a great option to start every week.
  • McKinnon took over Asiata as the starter, so pick him up now and get rid of Asiata ASAP.
  • R. Hillman is the main back in Denver and has to be started every week until further notice. Don’t panic on Sanders, but his value may decreas a little because Thomas is playing like he is supposed to; however Welker’s best days have past and has no real fantasy valuable.
  • Flacco had an amazing game but he will NEVER repeat it, at least not this season. Please don´t jump on that train chasing that performance, he is still a QB2. S. Smith is putting up great numbers and he should be in your line up unless you have a top WR like Nelson and Marshall. Forsset is a top ten RB and a solid RB2.
  • Storm Johnson is a deep sleeper and unless you are desperate he has to stay on your bench, at least until hes prove us wrong.
  • Sankey is just not the guy, even with his featured role in TEN.
  • Rivers has a lot of weapons which makes it a little difficult for fantasy football fans. Malcom Floyd has been a sleeper every week and has put up good numbers so he is worth the spot on your team, also  Royal keeps scoring but I just don’t trust him. K.Allen hasn’t shown us a thing, so keep him on your bench (if you can) and wait a couple of weeks to see if he still has valuable or not. B. Oliver is the real thing, so start him every week until R.Mathews is back and use him as a flex when that happens.
  • Holmes? D.Carr? Nope, I don´t trust any Raider yet, but  if they keep performing for another 2-3 weeks then we could talk.
  • A.Morris has been very inconsistent but he will get back on track as an RB2. D. Jackson is really connecting with Cousins, so you can trust him a little more, but you may want to sell him high for a more consistent WR.
  • With C. Palmer’s return, the three WRs in Arizona are fantasy relevant once again, even L. Fitzgerald. So if you have Larry, Floyd or Brown you can trust them once again unless Palmer gets hurt.
  • M. Ryan didn’t reinforce his Must start status playing home and his value is now actually lower, but he is still a good High QB2. A. Smith is an amazing athlete with a huge upside and must be owned in all Fantasy Leagues.
  • Are the Cowboys for real or are the Seahawks  just not that strong? Either way D.Bryant (elite layer), T.Romo, T. Williams and Witten are solid fantasy players and will be productive weekly.
  • What happened with Seattle? it’s not catastrophic. We all know the upside that Wilson has and Lynch is still a RB1 you can trust,  but I am concerned with P. Harvin‘s performance so far (only 1 TD).  He now belongs on your bench or you may want to trade him away by selling his big name.
  • The Giants had the worst game of the season, but there is no reason to drop every player and start over: E.Manning is a match up base player; A. Williams is a lowRB2 until Jennings is back and with V.Cruz out of for the season R. Randle and O.Beckham must be added in all leagues.
  • McCoy is really back and I hope you bought him low. Foles is (like Eli) a match up based player and Maclin is still a very solid WR2.

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