Start or Sit Week 7

This week I give you something new: A list of players (QBs, RBs, WRs) that you need to start or sit this week. I´m not going to talk about some players that you need to start every week no matter what, like A.Rodgers, P. Manning, D.Murray.


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C.Newton rushed for over 100 yards last week showing that he is finally healthy to run again and has big fantasy value. For that reason he is becoming a low QB1 and a start every week unless you have Rodgers, P.Manning or A.Luck.

Kaepernick is a top ten QB in fantasy points so far, even with his running game NOT being a factor. This week he has an OK matchup against Denver and I expect him to put up very good stats, so start him this week!

T. Romo has been pretty consistent and since week 3 he has scored more than 15 fantasy points in standard leagues, but more impresive are his TDs/INTs numbers: after those 3 INTs on week 1 he has given just 2 intercepctions and scored 10 touchdowns! This week is facing the NYG wich won’t be an easy game, but I’ll trust and start Romo.

Flacco had an awesome game against Tampa and he has only had one game without scoring a TD. Start him this week, but only if he is your best QB, do not make the mistake of starting him over P.Manning, Rodgers, Luck.

I like K. Orton this week against the Vikings, even when the match up was tough he had 2 decent games against the Patriots and the Lions (top 5 DEF against QB) with 299 and 308 yards and 3TDs – 2INTs (not that bad), so I consider him a big sleeper and a good choice if you need safe points from your QB.

C.Palmer has 554 yards and 4TDs (0 INTs) in 2 games (solid numbers for a high QB2). The Oakland Raiders have only intercepted the ball twice this season. So start Palmer this week.

Hoyer only has 1 turnover all season long! And he is facing, well the Jaguars. So he is a player that you could start this week, but don’t expect him to put up Manning/Luck/Rodgers’s numbers.

R.Wilson has a good match up. Without last week’s game, he’s had 2 passing TDs per game and only 1 INT. He is very consistent and will have a very good game against a very weak St.Louis DEF (9TDs/3INTs and just 1 sack), plus he has his running ability to move the ball. So he is a must start.

Brees is considered an elite QB but this year he is not even among the top-15 in fantasy points, plus he is on the road and playing against the BEST defense of the NFL. I’m not going to tell you to sit him, but you shouldn’t expect too much from him, so start him w/caution.

E.Manning had a terrible game last game against Philadelphia and I don’t think he will repeat that performance this week. He has one of the toughest match ups this week in Dallas. Do not freak out about him just yet, but you may want to sit him on Sunday.

D. Carr had a huge game last week against a good SD defense, however this week is facing the Cardinals with Palmer back and my gut tells me that they will get ahead of Oakland early. So D.Carr will be forced to throw deep and he will make mistakes against that secondary. I still don’t trust him and I advise you to sit him.


A.Smith has scored 1 TD in every game so far, but he is a very risky start because he really doesn’t have a lot of touches. He does have a lot of upside and is an absolute play-maker. So if you need someone for your Flex spot, start him there but I warned you that if he doesn’t score you’ll have a bad time.

Forsett has an average of nearly 15 touches per game and almost 6 yards per carry, making him a very productive RB even with a “limited” number of snaps. With that said, the match up is the best of any running back this week, so he is a must start.

T.Richardson seems eclipsed by A.Bradshaw, but did you now that the Cleveland Browns has had more touches and only 47 less combined yards than Bradshaw?  However Bradshaw has more TDs, but this is clearly a committee so you may use Richardson as a Flex starter. This week he has a decent match up, so if you are a little hurt on RBs I advise you to put Trent on your starting line-up.

E.Lacy was high draft pick, but he hasn’t been consistent, with only one game above 50 rushing yards! His productivity depends directly on his endzone meetings. I don’t like him, but this week he has a very good match up so this could be a good week for him. If he does, I recommend you to sell high on him. You can start him this week as a RB2.

I don’t trust any St. Louis running backs, so please sit Stacy and Cunningham until further notice, unless you are in a very deep league.

The last 2 games were a disaster for A. Morris, however he is the featured RB in Washington plus he has a good match up against the Titans, so he is a solid start as RB2/Flex.

Hillman looked very good against a tough NYJ rush defense, however this week he faces a tougher defense and has 2 RBs ready to take over as soon as he fumbles. So sit him this week.

The situation in Minnesota is very uncomfortable for all the fantasy enthusiasts. For 4 weeks Asiata looked like the featured back there, but then last week he only got 2 carries! McKinnon had only 2 games with more than 10 touches. So with this mess and the fact that they’re facing the toughest fantasy defense against RBs, I’ll sit both Asiata and Mckinnon this week.

Mark Ingram will play this week and he had 2 great games before his injury. Its probable that he will get the feature role there, however P. Thomas and K. Robinson will get their own touches. This week (against the Lions) I´d only start Ingram as a flex and with caution, meanwhile Thomas and Robinson will go to the sit list.


With C.Palmer as the starter in Arizona I like the three WRs there: M.Floyd, L.Fitzgerald and J.Brown. They have a good running game that will help open some spots in the passing game and have a decent match up. So you may start Floyd and Larry as lowWR2/Flex and Brown as WR3.

Holmes and Jones had been connecting good with D.Carr and maybe they will be playing from behind vs Arizona early on, so they might be good start Flex options for your team. But I expect them to split the targets and touches with a slight advantage in Jones’s favor.

I still can’t trust the WRs rollercoaster in SF. They have a bad matchup against a good Denver secondary and it´s a gamble to start Boldin, Crabtree or Lloyd. However I still think that Crabtree is the guy who has a little more conection with Kaepernick and the only one that maybe could be started as a Flex.

D.Jackson has been connecting with K.Cousins and even tough he is still a stud/bust kind of player,  he has a decent match up and has upside. So I’ll start him with caution as a WR2.

M.Floyd is now the big play maker in San Diego.  I don’t see a tough matchupagainst the Chiefs, so you should start him as a Low WR/Flex over his teammate K.Allen, who is averaging only 4.9 ppg.

With V.Cruz out of the equation, R.Randle will get the WR1 role on the Giants. And even with a really tough match up against the Cowboys (15.02 points allowed to WRs per game) he has to be started as a low WR2. His teammate O.Beckham is a sleeper and a high risk/reward player this week.

Baldwin had only 1 game over 50 yards receiving and is without a TD. However with Percy Harvin leaving Seattle, Doug may get more targets, more yards,  and more red zone action. I like his matchup but thats it, so he is a sleeper, but a start with caution as low WR2/Flex guy.

I don’t like B.Quick against Seattle this week. He had a bad game last week, but there is no reason to drop him. Just keep him on your bench this weekend.

M. Wallace has been very consistent with 4 rec TDs in his last 5 games. So he clearly has Tannehill’s trust and is the no.1 WR in Miami. With an average match up against Chicago I’ll start him this week.

Sanu has a really tough match up, but he has been doing great and is a solid WR2. If AJ Green plays (and if he does he will be limited) Sanu’s value will increase because the DEF will focus on Green more. So you should start him.


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