Weekly Notes: Who is Who? Week 7

Weekly notes from this week that will help you to hit the waiver wires, execute trades and set your lineups for week 7.


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First, here’s a list of players that I’m not mentioning because you have should have them starting every week: A.Luck, P.Manning, A.Rodgers, D.Brees, M. Forte, A.Foster, A.Brown, Jordy Nelson, R.Cobb, D.Thomas, P.Rivers, D.Murray, G.Olsen, B.Marshall, J.Jones, Gronk.

C. Ivory exceeded the 100 rush yards for the second time this season against a soft Patriots rush Defense. He has been a good RB2/Flex option with only 2 awful games. Tough week for him going against the second toughest defense against running backs, so I recommend you to take a shot and try to sell high on him. Who knows, maybe you can get someone really fed up with G.Bernard and you end up with an RB1.
He is really the only one with fantasy value so far in the NYJ; however with the P.Harvin add; he’s a player you could possibly buy really low with a lot of upside. He will be very involved in this Jets (desperate) offense

T.Brady continues his hot streak for becoming (once again) a must start every week. S. Vereen showed us his fundamental role in the Pats offense with 16 touches (11 carries/5 receptions) and going for 2 TDs. B. LaFell is another player I really like, he has 11 targets/8 receptions in the last 2 weeks, plus he has the deep threat upside. He has to be owned in all leagues and only owned in 12.% of FFL.

M.Ryan had a very poor game against a tough Baltimore defense, which is nothing new. He is a low QB1 and should only be played based on match up. Don’t be upset just lower your expectations. The backfield was also very unproductive with S. Jackson and A.Smith, neither had no more than 3 fantasy points. S.Jackson has an average of 10.1 carries per game, making him just a Flex option, while A.Smith has huge big play upside but very few touches (high risk/high reward). The only good news was that R.White had 9 targets for 9 catches (season high), but he is still an inconsistent player with a big name, which means you could possibly sell him high this week.

Last week everyone went crazy over J.Flacco‘s performance, but this week he showed his true colors again. Falcco is a  high QB2 because he is very inconsistent, so be careful starting him every week. Forsett and S.Smith are top 10 players in their respective positions, each are consistent and you can trust to start them every week. They are not exactly what we call “stud players,” but still solid starts. T. Smith is a player with only 3 good weeks and I just don’t trust him yet. He is a WR3 unless he keeps up this hot streak for a couple more weeks. O. Daniels looked good this week and is a solid TE who could start with confidence.

From the Vikings, only one player that could have actual impact is J. McKinnon, who ran for 103 yards in 19 attempts. You have to add him to your starting lineups.

CJ Spiller (IR) and F.Jackson suffered injuries on Sunday, so you can target A.Dixon on the waiver to replace them. K. Orton had a decent game (as stated in my start/sit column) and he could help you in 2 QB leagues. One big reason is because of the upside and skills of S.Watkins. He is a solid Flex option and even  maybe a low WR2 depending on the match up.

Tannehill has done a very good work in the last 3 games putting over 18 fantasy points in standard leagues, this week is facing the Jaguars and he may have a big game, he is a solid QB2. M.Wallace has scored 5 TDs in 6 games and is getting the targets and the receptions so you can trust him as a Flex option on LowWR2. L.Miller is clearly the no.1 in Miami and he is a start every week on your fantasy team as a RB2.

The Bears had a very bad game against a tough Miami defense. Don’t overreact on B. Marshall and A. Jeffery, they are still every week starts who just had an awful weekend. If someone on your league is freaking out, try to buy low especially on Jeffery.

The Saints backfield is still a mess, but with the P.Thomas injury, K. Robinson and M.Ingram have more value. The WRs are not reliable and I wouldn’t have any on my roster.

M. Stafford has been connecting with G. Tate. Stafford has been too inconsistent and until Megatron is truly back, you can´t trust him every week. G.Tate however, is a solid WR2, that you should be able to start every week. In the backfield, J.Bell looks like the RB1 for now and if that continues, he is a RB2 or flex. R.Bush has to do more if he wants to get back to fantasy football relevancy, just 7 touches against Bell’s 23.

C. Newton didn’t have a good game, but he did rush for 41 yards which is his strength in fantasy. K. Benjamin came back from an injury and still got 61 yards and a TD. He will get the targets and is a low WR2/Flex.

E. Lacy had just one game with more than 13 carries and 65 rushing yards. He is very TD dependent on a passing team making him a low RB2/Flex. Just because he was a top draft pick, you might be able to sell high on him and get a more consistent RB like Bradshaw, Ellington or even McCoy.

G.Bernard keeps his elite RB status, even though he only had 7 carries last week against a very good IND team. So if you can buy low on him, do it now! As long as AJ Green isn’t 100%, M. Sanu is still a good WR2/Flex option. Another player really benefiting from Green’s injury is J. Gresham, who had 19 targets in the last 2 games. He could help at the TE position.

The Colts backfield is clearly a committee (see start/sit column), but a good one.  Both A.Bradshaw (High RB2) and T.Richardson (Low RB2/Flex) are solid and consistent players can play. The other committee is at the TE position with C. Fleener and D. Allen. Both have been productive, but I like Allen more because he only has had one game without a TD. TY Hilton is obviously the WR1 and should be in your lineup every week.

Ben Tate had a bad game, but you can still trust him as your RB2.  He is still the only Brown player you can trust.

The only Jaguar that wants to be fantasy relevant is D.Robinson with 22 carries, 127 yards and a TD! So add him to your rosters. He is owned in only 0.4% of FFL.

R.Wilson had one bad game against the Cowboys and fantasy owners were really down on him, but he has since come up big. First QB to have 300+ passing yards and 100+ rushing yards in a sing game! He is a MUST START every week. M.Lynch is a RB1 even though he hasn’t really been hot last 2 week. D.Baldwin is clearly the #1 WR option for Wilson now that Harvin is in NY, so pick him up and put him in your starting lineup.

A. Davis and B. Quick had a hot streak but they haven’t been capable of keeping it up, so they belong on your bench. One positive is that the Rams may have figured out their starting RB. T.Mason  had 18 carries, 85 yards, 1 TD, so you should forget Z.Stacy and Cunningham.

Please don’t start any Titans players… Sankey just can’t produce yards or touchdowns (just 2 games with more than 60 yards and only 1 TD). K.Wright had just one good game (just 3 games above 4.5 points!). And D. Walker hasn’t done more than 6 points since week 4.

A.Morris has been struggling way too much, so right now he is just a Flex guy. P.Garcon is very inconsistent, but he has had 2 good games so you might be able to trade him away for someone more reliable. D.Jackson is more consistent and has more upside than Garcon,he is a low WR2/Flex.

The only player in Kansas City I trust is J.Charles, who is a must start every week.

Besides P. Rivers (QB1), B.Oliver (RB2/Flex) and A. Gates (must start), there is no other Charger you should trust at all. The WRs are a roller coaster (see chart)


It’s a total disaster! There is no consistency at all, so try to get rid of those players.

Eli Manning had another good game and he is now a QB2 only because he has some bust games. A. Wiliams wasn’t productive and with the probable return of R.Jennings after bye week, the rookie will lose a lot of value. Donnell is still a very solid TE since he got the majority of receptions, but he had 2 fumbles. R. Randle looks like the #1 WR for Eli, but he didn’t got into the end zone so he is a low WR2. ODB is a guy with upside, but still a high risk/reward player: Just 4 receptions and 34 yards, but 2 TDs! He is a very good Flex option.

T. Romo has had 15+ fantasy points in his last 5 games, so he should be in your starting lineup as a low QB1.

C.Palmer is a good option for bye weeks. Ellington is a top 10 RB and he should be on your lineup every week. M. Floyd looks like the most consistent guy among WRs in ARI, but still not very reliable, he is a high WR3/Flex.

I’ve told my followers that I don’t trust any Raiders player, but there is a player that maybe worth keeping and eye on: D.McFadden. He was very productive in past seasons but has a history with injury, however he could help you on bye weeks as your flex.

E. Sanders has been very consistent, however his targets had decreased since D.Thomas came back so he is now just a Flex guy. W. Welker belongs on your bench until he shows that could have more than one good game. Hillman wants the #1 RB spot in Denver and while Ball is out he should start as your low RB2.

Kaepernick is having a good season as a top 10 QB, so you can start him with confidence. F. Gore is capable of getting points but is not a must start. The WRs are very unpredictable since Kaep has 4 good targets: S.Jonhson, Crabtree, Boldin and Lloyd. Lloyd is the one I like most because he is the deep threat. Kaep couldn’t compete 2 deep passes that should have ended in long rec TDs for Lloyd.

D.Hopkins is the #1 WR in Houston and he is a solid WR2 for your fantasy team. A.Jonhson has had 2 solid games, but he has been inconsistent so try to sell high this week.

Big Ben is a QB2 that could help you in bye weeks or in 2 QB leagues.  Lower your expectations with him.


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