QB Start or Sit Week 8

Here’s a list of QBs that you need to start or sit this week. I´m not going to talk about some QBs that you need to start every week no matter what, A.Rodgers, P. Manning, A.Luck.


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M.Stafford has been strugguling a bit and until Megatron is back he is a QB2, so you better sit him unless you don’t really have a choice.

M.Ryan has no OL, no running game, he is not playing in Atlanta and facing the toughest defense against QBs, so sit him.

R. Wilson is a must start every week, so he may not be on this list next week.

C.Newton has been inconsistent, but this week he has a decent matchup (yes against SEA). So you can start him but don’t expect a huge game.

J. Flacco is a guy that a lot of people like but I can’t trust him: he’s only had 3 out of 7 games with more than 15 fantasy points! Yes he has an easy matchup, but I only see him as a QB2. So you could start him w/caution.

A.Dalton is another guy that’s stuck in QB2 status with just 2 games with more than 1TD. If you add the tough matchup and AJ Green inactive you have to sit him.

R.Tannehill has three good games in a row and facing the Jaguars. So you can start him with confidence but please don’t start him over an elite QB.

A. Smith may have a good game against a weak defense, however I’d only start him in 2QB leagues or if you have Kaepernick on bye.

Yeah I know J.Cutler had a horrible game against Miami and this week the matchup might even be worst, but he put up good numbers against good DEFs like Buffalo, 49ers or Packers. Other than last week, he has been very consistent, so start him w/caution.

T. Brady: 9 TDs no INT and more than 120yds in his last 3 games makes him a must start.

K. Orton has the best matchup this week, however his team might struggle against a good NYJ defense against the run and 2 inexperienced RBs. So unless you are in a very deep league, 2QB league or really desperate sit him.

G. Smith with a good running game and the presence of P.Harvin might get more points and may put in his best game of the season. However he had just one game above 15 points, so he still has to sit almost every week.

M. Glennon with 3 of 4 games played with more than 15 fantasy points and a very good matchup against Tampa Bay makes him a solid QB2. You could start him this week.

R.Fitzpatrick? No thank you, just one good game all season (maybe 2 because he had 1 rush TD against NYG). I will sit him this week, and every other week as well.

N.Foles is a QB2 because of his inconsistency and his 10 turnovers in 6 games. So sit him this week and if he has a good game you may want to trade him away for another, more solid, QB.

C.Palmer with 6TD/1 INT and more than 250 yards in his 3 games played makes him a solid start against a weak Philadelphia defense against QBs.

Big Ben is a player that I can trust when he has a good match up. This week he faces the second toughest defense against QBs, so I would sit him.

D.Brees had a very solid game against the best defense in the NFL, so start him every week.

The QB situation in Washington is a total mess, so please sit all 3: RG3, K.Cousins and C.McCoy

T.Romo is a top-ten QB so far and since week 3 he has scored 12 TDs and just 3INTs. He has a very nice matchup against the Redskins, so you better start him.


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