RB Start or Sit Week 8

RBs you need to start or sit week 8. RBs that you need to start every week no matter what A.Foster, M.Forte, L.Bell.


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With R.Bush injuried, J. Bell becomes the no.1 back in Detroit. Not only that, he is coming off 2 very solid games and is playing the worst defense against RBs, so he is a must start this week.

S.Jackson hasn’t been able to put significant fantasy points and against the Lions, I don’t think that will change, so right now he is just a Flex option, but I would sit him.

J.Forssett is 8th in fantasy points this season and has been very consistent. He is a solid High RB2 and deserves to  start.

Without AJ Green, G.Bernard may be less valuable because the defenses will be more focused on the running game. This week he is in a very tough matchup,  I’m not saying you should sit him but start him w/caution.

L.Miller has a good match up and a top-ten RB, so he is a must start this week.

D.Robinson had a good game last week and was a very hot waiver-wire pickup, however he is facing a good Miami defense, so I’d start him as a flex but w/caution.

Tre Mason really has a tough match up and is one fumble away of getting out of that lead role. So this week I’d sit him and wait for better a match up.

S.Vereen is a very important piece in that New England offense. He is a low RB2/Flex option and should start this week, but don’t expect a performance like the one that had last week.

C.Ivory is a guy that could help you at the RB2/flex option, and normally I would tell you to start with confidence but that Bills defense is very tough. They haven’t allowed a single rushing touchdown all season! I know he may be your second best RB, but if you can afford it, please sit him this week.

J.McKinnon looks like the featured back for the Vikings and has a very decent match up against the Bucs, so start him this week.

L.McCoy really has a tough match up, however he may be back and will put up a couple of big plays. So start him w/caution.

A. Ellington is  top-ten and very consistent.  Low RB1 with a decent match up: start him.

McFadden is productive when healthy and has a very easy match up, so he is a sleeper this week and might help you at RB3/Flex.

Ben Tate had one bad game last week, but this week he will help us forget that and he will deliver as a RB2, so start him.

A.Bradsaw is 6th among RBs and he has to start. Plus T.Richardson may not play and is officially questionable for tomorrow’s game.

E.Lacy has been inconsistent but not a mess. The problem with him is that the Packers really like to pass the ball. He has a decent match up and you may want to start him w/caution, but how I’ve already told you: if he has a good game trade him high.

This week Mark Ingram has a beautiful opportunity to put up a lot of points and have a huge game against the Packers because K.Robinson and P.Thomas will not play. So start him with confidence.

A.Morris has been a disappointment so far, and now he is just a low RB2/Flex option. I advise you to start him but expect limited production from him.


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