WRs Start or Sit Week 8

WRs that you need to start or sit this week. WRs that you need to start every week no matter what, D.Thomas, D.Bryant, J.Nelson, A.Brown.


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G.Tate has been really good and has a nice match up in London. So make sure you start him as a solid WR2.

The situation in Atlanta is very risky, so I think that R.White is just a flex option and shouldn’t be started with high expectations.  J.Jones is someone who you can’t sit but if you need to start him, you really need to lower your expectations.

D.Baldwin is the no.1 WR in Seattle and is facing the 28th worst defense against WRs. You should definitely start him.

K.Benjamin has been very good and consistent but this week against the Seahawks, I think Newton may freak out against the secondary and try to make plays with his feet. So start him w/caution as a Low WR2.

S.Smith is a top 6 WR and a solid WR2 for your team, also that against Cincinnati you should start him. T.Smith is a very TD dependent  and this week I advice you sit him.

With no AJ Green, M.Sanu has a lot of fantasy value and should help you as your WR2. He has a very nice match up and has to be started.

M.Wallace is a top-20 WR with a good QB and with 5 TDs in his 6 games. Against a weak Jaguars team, you should start him as your WR2/Flex.

B.Quick had 2 really bad games the last two weeks, and although his QB has been spreading the ball around, he might help you at the Flex option, but I would try to sit him.

B.Marshall and A.Jeffery make a very good WRs and this week against the patriots, D.Revis won’t be able to cover both and will maybe alternate, so I’ll start them this week.

B.LaFell is a guy with a lot of big play potential and this week I consider him a sleeper that you may want to start w/caution as a high risk/reward bet.

J.Edelman has had just 3 good games all season long, so I really don’t like him and you should sit him this week.

S.Watkins is a guy that I really like as a low WR2/Flex option and you should start him against a bad NYJ secondary.

E.Decker will get less attention with Harvin on the field, so start him as a low WR2/Flex. I like P.Harvin in this NYJ team because Geno will be using a lot of screen and short passes in which Harvin is a specialist.  I’ll start him w/caution and I consider him a big sleeper.

With the injury and a very inconsistent season,  sit V.Jackson this week. Expect M.Glennon to target M.Evans more this week making him a sleeper.

D.Hopkins is a very underrated WR. He has only 2 games below 65 rec. yards and just 1 turnover with 3 TDs.  I still consider him a Low WR2 that you can start this week. On the other hand, A.Johnson has had just 2 big games and I would start him w/caution with very low expectations.

Because of the rookie QB situation in Tennessee, I advise you to sit every WR on that team.

J.Maclin has been consistent and is facing a very friendly fantasy defense this week (the 5th with more points allowed to WR), so you should start him.

The WR situation in ARI is also uncomfortable,  I’ll start L.Fitzgerald and M.Floyd (39 targets each all season long) as low WR2 options and J.Brown (33 targets so far) as WR3/Flex option.

With no R.Wayne playing, TY Hilton has more fantasy value (as if he hadn’t already a lot) and a must start.

In a high passing offense like Green Bay, D.Adams is sleeper that could fill a spot as a WR3. His weekly targets hasn’t been that bad: 7, 3, 3, 3, 4, 8, 1.

D.Brees really likes to spread the ball around and trying to guess causes me a headaches, so sit Colston, Cooks and Stills.

Dallas has a very good team, including the third toughest defense against WRs. Plus D.Jackson and P.Garcon have been stud/bust players. I would sit both of them, but maybe Jackson (because of his upside) you could start w/ a lot of caution.

T.Williams has been very consistent with just one game below 7 fantasy points. He is a very reliable Low WR2/Flex guy who should be started this week.


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