Weekly notes: Who is who? Week 8

Weekly notes to help you to hit the waiver wires, execute trades and set your lineups for week 9.


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Guys you should have starting every week: A.Luck, P.Manning, A.Rodgers, D. Brees, M. Forte, A.Foster, A.Brown, Jordy Nelson, R.Cobb, D.Thomas, P.Rivers, D.Murray, G.Olsen,  Gronk, A.Gates.

P.Rivers is a QB that you can start every week no matter what. B.Oliver had a tough game against Denver, but he’s still been very productive and even with R. Matthews‘s returning (I hope you stashed him, if not do it now) he will be a solid Flex option. E.Royal looks back to normal as a non-relevant WR.  M.Floyd is a WR3 or Flex in bye weeks. K.Allen can get you the points if he gets the targets, I would sell high on him right now.

In 3 games R. Hillman has put up more than 10 points per game and 22.3 in one game (standard leagues). He’s a solid high RB2. E. Sanders is a top-10 WR who has had just one bad game, so you can play him as a WR2 who gets consistent numbers. W. Welker had just 1 good game, so he belongs to the waiver wire or at least the bench.

M. Stafford had another big comeback and is a top 10 QB. He’s a low QB1 because is still a bit inconsistent. Meanwhile G.Tate continues to put up huge numbers with his third 100+ yards and is a solid Low WR1. J.Bell on paper had everything to have a very good game, but he only managed 6.1 points (standard leagues), and as long as R.Bush is out he is a low RB2/Flex option.

M.Ryan has been struggling to throw the ball because of his weak OL and since week 4 he hasn’t been able to score more than 16 fantasy points. He’s on a bye next week, but after, he is facing Tamps Bay so he should bounce back. S.Jackson is clearly the no.1 RB in Atlanta but I wouldn’t have him more than a flex spot. I’m worried about the Falcons WRs, J. Jones has 3 really bad games in a row (for an elite WR) and it could be a good time to buy low on him. Only 3 good games for R. White makes him a low WR2/Flex option.

R.Wilson is a top 5 QB and a must start every week. Even when he has trouble passing the ball, he has the skills to make big plays with his feet. D.Baldwin is clearly the first WR option and he probably won’t give you a ton of points every week but could be a safe Flex option.

With only two good games on the season C.Newton hasn’t helped a lot to his fantasy owners. His running threat still keeps him at a low QB2 option. J.Stewart had another solid game that could of been bigger if he had scored, but with D.Williams coming back his value drops. K.Benjamin is a top 12 WR and CNewton has shown that he trusts the rookie, so he is a solid WR2.

In my “Start or Sit” column, I didn’t like J.Flacco and he proved me right. He is too inconsistent and remains a QB2. J.Forssett continues to be very consistent this season with 85 combined yards, making him the 7th most productive RB this year. S.Smith has been declining since his 4 week hot streak, he is still a WR2 at most.

A.Dalton scored 2 rushing TDs this week, however he didn’t get any by air. He’s a QB2 and you can start him on bye weeks or 2 QB leagues. G.Bernard is still a top 7 RB and is a must start every week. M.Sanu keeps his great pace without AJ Green on the field and remains a high WR2 right now

R. Tannehill is a very good player that could give you solid points every week. L.Miller is still a high RB2. M.Wallace didn’t get any TDs just for the second straight game this season and got 56 yards, he is a low WR2/Flex option.

I was skeptical on D.Robinson but he got his second game in a row with 100+ yards, so he has earned a flex spot on your line up. Next week he is facing a soft Bengals defense and should perform.

T.Mason was supposed to be the guy for the St.Louis backfield, but they are a total mess. T.Mason 7 carries, Cunningham 5 and Z.Stacy 4, so there really is NO guy. Stay away from all Rams RB. With B.Quick out for the season, K.Britt and J.Cook will be more important and worth picking up.

Even in a big loss, J.Cutler managed to score 21 fantasy points this week. Yes he will throw INTs or FUM, but he will get TDs also, so he’s continues to be a consistent Low QB1. A.Jeffery, at least from a fantasy perspective, is the best and more reliable WR in Chicago.B.Marsall has only 3 games above 10 fantasy points! So if you ask me, I would trade him away for a guy more consistent with less “big name” power like E.Sanders, G.Tate, Maclin or even S.Watkins. M.Bennett has had 1 bad game, but is still a must start every week.

T.Brady is a must start no matter what!
The “Bellitricks” are back, just when we thought S.Vereen would be a safe start, the Patriots roll with J.Gray as their RB, I trust neither. Vereen at most is just a Flex option. On the other hand, B. LaFell is a guy that I like a lot and must be owned in every league as a Low WR2 on the rise.

K.Orton had a great game and is a great choice for bye weeks, so If you have T.Brady, A.Luck or Rivers pick up Orton for week 10. A.Dixon had 22 carries against a tough NYJ defense and he could be a Flex option when facing weaker defenses. I like the way S.Watkins is connecting with Orton and is right now a solid WR2.

M.Vick will be the starter for the Jets, so he is worth a depth spot in deeper leagues, bye weeks or 2 QB leagues. We all know we is a decent passer but his feet is what makes him valuable. C.Ivory has been running hard and scoring TDs (he scored the first RB TD against that Bills defense this season!) and is a solid RB2. P.Harvin will keep his flex status and may rise a bit depending on how that Jets offense decides to use him.

J.McKinnon has the most fantasy valuable in Minnesota and he put up another solid 83 yards rushing. He hasn’t reached the end zone yet, but he will and when that happens look out. He is a Low RB2/Flex (until he starts scoring).

D.Martin has been a complete disappointment, he left the game injured (again) and there are rumors of a trade, so he has no value until we know more. B.Rainey has been a productive backup but I want to see what he can do as the lead runner (RB3 status). Keep an eye on C.Simms in case Rainey doesn’t get the job done. V.Jackson might be traded away, so be aware of that and if it happens pick up M.Evans ASAP.

D.Hopkins is a WR that I really like, but because Foster gets all the opportunities to score, he needs long passing plays to get TDs. He must be owned in all leagues and is a WR2/Flex option.

N.Foles had a nice game this week and is a good QB2. L.McCoy was decent, with 83 rushing yards against the 2nd toughest defense against RBs, so be patient and play him against an average Houston D. Maclin is 5th among WRs and a must start every week.

C.Palmer had another 300+ passing yards 2TDs and no INTs game. Adding the fact that he has very good weapons, he is a reliable low QB1. A.Ellington is the other reliable player in Arizona, a solid high RB2 (just because he hasn’t exceeded 100 rushing yards). In regards to the WRs I just can’t trust any; last week, M.Floyd was the guy and this week, Brown and Fitzgerald were the ones to score all the fantasy points. All are at most WR3 or flex options.

McFadden had another decent game with 85 combined yards, making him the most valuable player for the Raiders. He is still just a flex guy in bye weeks or deep leagues.

B.Tate had a rough day, but he still managed to score a TD, he’s a RB2/Flex option. A.Hawkins is an inconsistent player that could be a flex based on match up.

A.Bradshaw had another great game and has been a top 5 RB. He’s been more productive than Lynch and Bernard,  so he is a high RB2. D.Allen had another game with a rec.TD, he has 6 TDs in the last 8. TY Hilton is the number 1 WR for the best player in fantasy football, so he is WR1 and must start every week.

D. Adams had a decent game and that makes 4 games in a row with more than 7 fantasy points. He is a good WR3 for deep leagues.

M.Ingram is clearly a guy that will be used a lot in the New Orleans offense. One week after coming back from injury he has 24 carries! And he produced: 172 yards and a TD,  so he is a solid RB2. J.Graham finally looked a bit like his old self, however keep an eye on his status for the short week game on TNF. I still can’t trust any Saints WRs: B.Cooks had his first good game since week 1; M.Colston has only one game with more than 10 fantasy points and K.Stills also has one game above the 10 points.

A.Morris had his 3rd good game of the season against a decent defense, so expect a nice game vs a softer Vikings defense. D.Jackson got 136 yards receiving, making him a WR2. That makesP.Garcon lose a bit of fantasy value making him in a WR3/Flex.

T.Romo was having an average performance until he got injured, so be aware of his status for next week. T.Williams had 69 yards, he is still a very good option for PPR leagues and a nice flex guy in standard leagues.


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