Week 8 Rewind – Week 9 Outlook & Trade Targets

Week 8 was the week of the passer as 5 QBs finished with over 350 yards passing and all QB totaling a collective 52 touchdown passes.  Therefore, I would like to crown week 8 the Week Of The Quarterback.  I will explain the key take aways from week 8 along with what to look for in week 9.  Trade Targets will also be discussed for those of you needing some fantasy support to either shake things up or dump depth to make a big run in the second half.


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Kyle Orton

Put up huge fantasy numbers in week 8 finishing inside the top 5 in quarterbacks.  For those of you desperate at quarterback I would be cautious in plug and playing Orton he had his big numbers based on a sorry NYJ secondary and big plays from the likes of Sammy Watkins.  Orton’s schedule is not all that frightening so stashing him with some favorable match-ups should definitely be considered because he has shown consistency when the match-up was in his favor.


Newton looked super two weeks ago he is a lot less than super once again.  If you drafted Newton as a starter and have not yet found a viable replacement it may be time to make a move. Granted i don’t think Cam’s struggles are all on him, his offense is just not as good as it was even a year ago.  Newton has favorable match-ups on the horizon however, his inconsistencies make it difficult to advise and be confident in playing him in any league.

Matthew Stafford / Andy Dalton

Both players had a middle of the road performance in week 8, but expect to see both players regain some consistence in the coming weeks.  Dalton and Stafford should be getting back their big number one targets back healthy which makes them even more enticing as fantasy starters.

Running Backs

Mark Ingram 

Marky Mark was on full display in week 8 rushing for 176 yards and a touchdown.  Yes, Green Bay’s run defense is not premier, but Mark looked like his old self before his hand injury which is comforting for fantasy owners.  I was all-in on this guy to start the year and it is just proven my point with little stats to base my gut instinct on. Using the eye test and seeing how hard and determined he was running made me a believer in such a weak running back class to start the year. Ingram’s schedule does not look flattering, but from what he has done he deserves the benefit of the doubt if I have him I am playing him until I see something I don’t like.

Lorenzo Taliaferro

For those fantasy owners on the brink of a mental fantasy collapse don’t buy into the fantasy numbers of Taliaferro.  If you are a Forsett owner absolutely grab him as a handcuff, but to rely on short yardage touchdown runs is to high risk for me I am looking for better options unless desperate.

Charles Sims 

If you haven’t heard of him yet look into him before its to late.  His long-awaited return from a fractured ankle has picked up speed over the weeks and the rumors are only continuing.  Some people are saying that Charles Sims could have a very prominent role in the Bucs Backfield.  Rumors are swirling to comparisons to Matt Forte because of the Lovie Smith style offense.  My advice would be if you have the room and can afford to stash him he is not a bad deep flier which could pay dividends if desperate at RB.

Wide Receivers:

Sammy Watkins

Watkins is the real deal point-blank he is the number one target in Buffalo as well he should be and with some favorable match-ups on the horizon if I have him I am excited.  Watkins has shown that he is an elite receiver someone who is a good route runner and a player that can make the big play as well.  Owners this is not a sell high candidate I will be riding this young star out.

Martavis Bryant 

Nobody is perfect myself and my team included.  I know I was bug on Marcus Wheaton along with a lot of others.  Wheaton just sweats talent he has that top end speed and looks the part of a big play wide receiver.  Unfortunately, I may be slipping of the Wheaton band wagon I am going out there and going to tell all if I am owning any wide receiver on Pitt roster it is going to be Bryant > Wheaton!!

Julian Edelman 

Edelman has recently been giving fantasy owners headaches. Most drafted him because this is a man who should be in the 90-100 rec category at year-end unfortunately he has only 5 rec in last two weeks.  I am not out on him completely he played a big role in last years matchup against DEN and with the emergence of Lafell and good play of Gronk will only open things up for him.  I have Edelman as a week 9 fantasy sleeper and I expect him to wake up, take it for what its worth.

Tight Ends:

I usually list a few key players from the tight end position, but this week I will break down the tiers of tight ends because week after week it seems to be more of the same:

Tier 1 Must Starts:

Jimmy Graham

Rob Gronkowski

Julius Thomas

Tier 2 Quality Starts

Antonio Gates

Martellus Bennett

Jordan Cameron (if healthy)

Jordan Reed

Tier 3 Average Starts

Dwayne Allen

Heath Miller

Travis Kelce

Zach Ertz


This is my new addition to my weekly round-up and Outlook I will try to touch on 2 or 3 Players that you should try to add before the coming week.


He has been out 3 weeks with his ankle injury and has a coming bye in week 9.  The majority of owners with Calvin could be struggling in need for a shake up.  If you are going to steal Calvin there may never be a better time.  I don’t need to tell you what a 100% Megatron would bring to your roster in week 10, but even an 80% Megatron could bring benefits to your roster.  You may still need to give up a little value based on the name but a desperate owner should be willing to listen.  At this point in the season there are teams that can with stand a bye week others that can’t.  If you are a team that you believe could with stand a Calvin Johnson bye week it is a must you do a roster analysis.  Look at your roster vs the owners get in touch with them and the KEY will be to offer “depth” player that the other owner can plug and play week 9 easing the blow to them as a Calvin owner hopefully they will cut there loses and you will get a top quality WR for the second half.

Brandin Oliver (SELL)

If you can sell Brandin Oliver and can afford to do so now Mathews return is on the horizon and being able to swap a player like Oliver to a desperate owner for a player like Mike Wallace could be beneficial I love Mike Wallace as a buy heading forward

Ben Tate (BUY)

This move right here could be fantasy at its best if Tate can boast solid numbers for the next couple weeks I think he could be a great buy low candidate now and a great sell by week 11-12

Colin Kapernick (BUY)

If you have a bye week coming up and need a quick QB replacement Kapernick has looked average all year for the most part and he looked dreadful in week 7 against DEN however, i think he can still be used as a viable starter and he may not take much to acquire making him a good buy low candidate.

LeSean McCoy (BUY) or (SELL)

Chances are if you drafted McCoy with your first pick you may not have great RB depth, but depending on your situation if you can afford to move him for some key parts to fill weaknesses I don’t think his name is untouchable.  With RB being so difficult to judge week in and week out this year, there will be owners looking to land this big name especially if they are sick of playing RB roulette.   I also have him as a buy because I know how difficult it is to find two quality RB to start week in and week out and he can definitely be a significant upgrade on your roster just given the flat-out potential.

Thank you for reading the WEEK 8 Round-Up Stay tuned for WEEK 9 Rankings and don’t forget to follow our team for all the latest fantasy advice #fantasyreaList Team



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