Happy Halloween TRICK or TREAT Addition


Fantasy reaList TRICK or TREAT Addition




 Kelvin Benjamin will finish as a TOP 10 Fantasy Receiver (TREAT)

 The Carolina Panthers have one of the easiest schedules heading forward being apart of the struggling NFC South. There toughest match-up ahead would be against the Minnesota Vikings who average 17th vs the pass. He has shown tremendous potential and consistency when Cam can find him. I expect Kelvin to stay on track and if you can go out and acquire him do so looking at BIG 2nd Half.

Cam Newton will finish as a TOP 3 Fantasy QB (TRICK)

 Believing Cam Newton will have a Superman second half is a TRICK don’t believe it. Even though, I touched on how weak the Panthers schedule is I am not sure that will make a difference for Cam. Lately Newton’s poor play has less to do with the difference and more to be about his overall mechanics. Many experts have pointed out he doesn’t look comfortable. Newton has not been getting his feet underneath his throws and looking to run more often than not. Newton has all the potential to finish in the TOP 3, but he has A LOT to figure out and I do not see him finishing ahead of the likes of Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, or Peyton Manning. DO NOT BELIEVE IT IS A TRICKKKK.

RG III will be a TOP 10 Quarterback (TREAT)

 With Several division games coming up consecutively that will give RG III some comfort knowing the defenses he will be up against. RG III was quoted saying “I am done worrying about being a normal quarterback.” For fantasy owners that should be like music to your ears. The Redskins offense has looked like they have been putting things together in Griffin’s absents averaging roughly 400yards/game. I think Griffin has a lot to prove and has the potential to finish within the TOP 10 this second half IT’S A TREAT!!

Ahmad Bradshaw will continue his consistent play (TRICK)

 Bradshaw has had a strong first half providing owners with some consistency at the RB position, which has given Fantasy owners fits this season. However, I don’t look for that same consistency to continue, but he is still worth owning because of how weak the RB position can be and how tough it is to find consistency. But, when looking at the numbers 6 of his 8 TDs coming via the pass and with Reggie Wayne coming back and Donte Moncrief finding a role within the offense predicting touches through the air for Bradshaw. Expecting consistent points for Bradshaw is a TRICK!!!

HAPPY HALLOWEEN all and keep your questions coming our team is here to help Week 9 is right on the horizon!



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