Wicked Waiver Adds

Well, well, well.  For some strange reason you found your way back here.  Thank you. This is a follow up to “Wicked Early Adds” which you can get on Sunday evenings.  Enjoy, or don’t that is up to you.

QB Adds:
Mark Sanchez – PHI – Foles is done for the season with his injury and Sanchez will be Fantasy Relevant in the Chip Kelly Offense.  This is not the hapless Jets.  Grab him

Kyle Orton – Buf – Bills are coming off a bye and for some reason I see this guy is on every waiver wire still.  Orton is going to produce in that offense as the Bills are for real.

Ryan Tannehill – MIA – Tore it up.  He is surging.  If you didn’t listen last week, well maybe you should this week.


QB Playoff Stashes:

Tony Romo – DAL – He may have been dropped, his schedule is great, he will be back.  Whether or not he can stay on the field, that is another question.

Brian Hoyer – CLE – Guess who will be back soon?  Gordon will be.  Hoyer will have him in the fantasy play off and may be the weapon he needs to step up a notch, at the very least watch how he does the next few weeks.  Hoyer has quietly been playing very well.


RB Adds:
Alfred Blue – HOU –  If  you didn’t hear Foster is hurt again.  I know, big surprise huh?  Well I would pick this guy up, just in case, well you know, just in case Foster doesn’t play.  I would pick him up and hold him even if Foster does play.

Charles Sims – TB – He will get some opportunities this week.  I still like Rainey to keep his starting role, but you never know..

Joique Bell– DET – Coming off the bye.hasn’t been great but may turn it around.

Tre Mason – Rams – He is obviously the winner of the starting role.  It may not be pretty but he has to be owned.  If he can dominate the carries he will produce like a RB2.

Lorenzo Taliaferro – BAL – If you are desperate this guy will get the short yardage and goal line work.

PPR RB Adds:

Theo Riddick – Lions – If Bush is out Riddick is the guy in Detroit.  I think he has the most upside of the three Detroit RBs.

Bryce Brown – BUF – HE will be taking over the Spilller role no matter who is the starter in Buffalo.


WR Adds:
Martavious Bryant – Pit – This guy is still out there?  I have seen it myself.  I can’t believe it.

Eric Decker – NYJ – Percy Harvin will help some players produce.  Decker is one of those players. No more double coverage, lots more fantasy goodness.

Mike Evnas – TB- Looks like he is back in the picture this week.  Might be a nice add and hold.

Greg Jennings – MIN – .I can’t believe I am saying add him, but add him.


TE Adds:

Mike Rivera – OAK– Two weeks in a row of production and LOTS of targets cannot be ignored.  I like him better in PPR.

Colby Fleener- IND- Maybe add if you are desperate, I am in one league.  He is part of the offense in Indy just not a consistent part of  it.


Merrily Down the Streaming Def Adds:

Dallas– They get Jax week 10

Baltimore– Get the Titans

Pitt– Get to play the vaunted Jets


Dump that Bitch: The players that you have been wondering why you keep around as they never do anything for you.  They just keep taking up space on you bench or starting lineup.

Wes Welker – DEN – Now he is hurt so it is even easier to drop him.  I know you loved him before, so did I. Heck everyone did.  But sometimes you just have to move on.

Zach Stacey – RAMS– Didn’t get a touch and lost his spot to Tre Mason.  Just let him go and move on, there will be others.

Keenan Allan – SD – If you insist on owning someone that is this bad for you, I cannot help you anymore.

Ben Tate – CLE –  He was such an attractive add at one time.  Everyone wanted a weekend with Tate, and he teased us, then WHAM!  He starts laying on the couch eating bons bons.  WTF I didn’t sign up for this, I’m outta here.



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