The Fantasy Football Roller Coaster

Fantasy football is a game of choices, much like life. In fantasy football you make most of your choices on draft day. You make choices of how to spend your time, where to live, who to be friends with and date. Sometimes these decisions work out (dating the chef and drafting Andrew Luck). But if instead you date the person who claims to be a model, and drafted Adrian Peterson well it was too good to be true. Fantasy sports are fun, but you will usually end up disappointed because only one team wins. But the reason we play is because when we are that one team, it’s a great feeling. But the highs and lows of a season are endless, and while it can be frustrating it is also addictive. The inspiration for this article came from something that happened to me recently in one of my fantasy matchups. I was playing the best team in the league and was down by six points, had Travis Cadet left and they were done. Cadet got 6.7 so I won! But then on Thursday everything had changed, I saw there was a stat correction. A fumble was added for Jamaal Charles which is negative two points for me, I had now lost. This had never happened to me before. Please feel free to leave in the comments your toughest loss. Because this happened to me, I am going to compare some fantasy situations to what they would be equivalent to in life.

• Winning your fantasy championship, by going undefeated. Equivalent: Winning millions of dollars from the lottery. I wonder what’s more possible?
• Your player going on season ending injured reserved. Equivalent: Going to prison. At least if it’s a running back or wide receiver.
• Getting into the playoffs by winning in your final week. Equivalent: Getting a gift card to your favorite restaurant.
• Not getting any of your wavier claims. Equivalent: Dropping your phone in the toilet.
• Beating your rival in a big fantasy football game for your team. Equivalent: A free vacation.
• Being the highest second highest scoring team and losing. Equivalent: Getting a divorce AND losing the home.
• Spoiling someone’s fantasy season when you’re out of contention. Equivalent: Getting revenge on an ex that treated you badly and knew.
• Losing on a stat correction after you thought you won. Equivalent: Death.

Obviously these are exaggerated and meant to entertain, but this is useful to show someone who knows nothing about fantasy sports. Hopefully this can enlighten them about the emotions of fantasy sports and how important it is to us. Later this week on the fantasyreaList we have weekly rankings, start or sit, and a matchup preview for all of this week’s game. Also tweet us with any fantasy questions.


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