Are You A Real Fantasy Football Player?

We all are passionate about fantasy football; all of us spend a lot of time on it. But are you a real fantasy football player? To really be good at fantasy sports, you have to dedicate a lot of time to it. I spend a lot of time on fantasy sports; I just used an hour yesterday trying to predict if I’d make the fantasy playoffs in one league. It is fun but can be frustrating. I am a very competitive person. I think most people playing fantasy football are. Sometimes in life, people know very little about something but act like experts. Like someone who had a glass of wine in Paris thinking they could own a vineyard. Fantasy football is a lot like that, some people who watch football think that they could dominate fantasy football easily. But it is much more complex than that. Just because you know a little bit about a subject doesn’t mean you are an expert. Even if you have done something a long time, success is not simple to find. This is a list of things that suggest you probably aren’t an expert at fantasy football and might not even be a real player.
You aren’t an expert at fantasy football if…
• If you pick players on your favorite team. This does not always apply, if you’re a Packers fan and you drafted Aaron Rodgers, Nelson, or Cobb then this does not pertain to you. If you drafter a player in round five from the Raiders, Jaguars, or Rams you should reconsider your drafting process.
• If you draft defenses early. I understand where you were coming from, the Seahawks and Bengals looked great. But they have been disappointing and the best option is to stream a defense. At least early on in the season because of injuries and there will be some surprise defenses. Hold off on defense until one of the final rounds.
• If you label a certain player “untradeable” you are making a mistake. Certain players you should be hesitant to trade but always be willing to listen to an offer.
• If you don’t use the auction draft model. Many people don’t use it, in some leagues I don’t. But you should try it because it’s much fairer because everyone can bid for each player. It leaves less up to luck. I recommend you at least try a mock draft.
• If you use projections as your base for starting and sitting players. You should instead do research or check rankings. Decisions can be tough, but don’t just use projections because they’re very random.
You aren’t a real fantasy football player if…
• If you draft almost every player on one team. It might be fun to cheer for and seem simple, but this is a big mistake. Do not put all of your eggs in one team’s players.
• If you don’t know the rules of league. You must know how many teams are in your league, roster size and most importantly the scoring rules. You can’t win a game you don’t know the rules to.
• If you veto trades because you think it improves another team. Don’t veto a trade unless it is clear collusion. It is wrong to stop a deal because someone got a good deal, do your work and get a good deal for yourself.
• If you use auto draft. Unless something very bad happened, auto draft is never an excuse. It is the best day of fantasy sports, you have to show up!
• If you don’t check the fantasyreaList for great advice then you aren’t a real fantasy player.

Hopefully you don’t do any of these things, but if you do try and make a few changes and you are well on your way to being a real player. Best of luck this week and for the entire season!


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