High School Never Ends!

Everybody knows the feeling of school and what it is like. There are bullies, the kid who answers every question, the athlete, nerds, shy people, and the class clown. I’m sorry to say but there are these same type of people out in the world, and that includes fantasy football. You probably know the group of people you play with well and they are your friends. If you play in the same league for a few years, you will start to notice patterns develop with these players. They will probably draft the same every year. In terms of winning, most of the teams will fluctuate but there will be one or two teams that are always in the playoffs and a few that never are. Just like school, the players in your league have a label or reputation. You might not have realized this until now, I never really thought about it before. In all of the leagues I have played in for a while, people fit into these categories.
The kid that answers every question in class – The person who always seems to find the best player on waivers.
The school bully who everyone is afraid of – The guy who is always writing smack talk no matter what.
The child who is quiet in the library, and you think you might know their name? – That’s the person who always makes the playoffs, the one you can’t quite figure out.
The starting quarterback, who plays almost every sport – This is the person in the league everyone likes and wants to be.
The person who is nice enough, but is disorganized, never gets their work done and is barely passing – This is the person who never wins, but is always back the next year for some reason.
The kid that always tells the teacher when someone does anything wrong – This is the fantasy player that vetoes every trade, just because it doesn’t seem “fair”.
The person who was always sick at school and missing time – Any fantasy player that doesn’t adjust their lineup for their team’s bye week.
The child in school who gossiped about everyone but tried to act a different way – This is the person in your league who always seems to be on the better end of a trade and can’t be trusted.


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