Week 11 Rewind – Week 12 Outlook


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Week 11 was a wild one with the backups sitting front stage good bad or indifferent a lot of backups saw some face-time in week 11! Led by Jonas Gray, Alfred Blue, Drew Stanton and much much more. The Broncos got hit with some heavy injuries which partly added to their collapse on sunday, which also lead to some backups trying to steal some of the limelight.  For obvious reasons I will not be talking about your “Elite” Rodgers, Manning Megatron, etc… If those guys are on your roster they are starts week in and week out…


Jay Cutler

Cutler had lost everyone’s respect, which he very well should have after those miserable display of football many had ever seen.  Jay “Jekyll & Hyde” Cutler was on display again, but fortunately for fantasy owners the performance was more than bearable.  He finished as the 2nd highest scorer behind Aaron Rodgers.  Now in Week 12 Cutler I believe will continue this success for at least one more week with a weak matchup vs TB and should be looked at as a very viable start.  Although, I believe his season will continue to be hit or miss, but not nearly as bad as he has been in the past.

Ryan Mallett

Mallett had his first start in the “Brady Backup Bowl” against Brian Hoyer.  Mallett was not spectacular he didn’t light the place up, but he showed a sense of confidence on the field.  He was not afraid to make mistakes and throw the deep ball which he did on occasion.  Mallett more times than not showed of his NFL arm strength and completing two TD throws.  He made a mistake in the game throwing a pick and we all saw how one of his touchdowns should have been picked, or at the least knocked down if it wasn’t pass interference by the official. http://www.houstontexans.com/news/article-2/Mallett-scores-2nd-TD-before-halftime/430e9937-0ad8-4681-8339-dfef081be275?campaign=hou:fanshare (fast forward to 0:25). Mallett is a good add if you are hurting at QB with Foles injury or any other reason with some very favorable matchups ahead.

Running Back

Jonas Gray

The story of Sunday was Jonas Gray thanks to a stat correction the former practice squad RB finished with 201 yards rushing and 4TDs.  It was tough to predict the New England backfield with Ridley and I am not going to sit here and say Gray makes things easier.  Bill Belicheck couldn’t care less about Fantasy Sports like we do! His game-plan changes week to week than any other coach in the league.  He plays the match-ups and does care who his “best players” are he uses a plan that is set to attack the opponents defense.  If i had to take my best guess it would be that Vereen sees more touches this week than Gray based on the fact the DET is #1 against the run and they are vulnerable when spread out which will mean Vereen is on the field often.

Giovani Bernard 

Bernard is back at practice this week.  Jeremy Hill has been a more than viable fill in for Bernard, but with Bernard’s return on the horizon Hill’s value drops for now until a role in the offense with Gio back is established.  I would not fear playing Bernard he is great in ppr formats and standard he is hands down the best back even with Hill’s recent success.

Latavius Murray

Murray looks like a monster in the “Black HOLE” standing at 6′-3″ and weighing in at 225 that gives him AP type size and the man runs a 4.38 40 that is speed in the likes of Jamaal Charles.  He has the physical tools, but putting it altogether is another thing.  I think Murray is more of a deep league add/flier. He is still only a No.2 RB on a bad OAK offense so that hurts his fantasy value.  However, if you want to stash him I would not be against that.  OAK tried hard to get him involved early in the THUR night game where he had 4car for over 100yds and 2 scores he has the talent, and will succeed if the touches are there.

Wide Receivers

Mike Evans 

Evans Has produced big numbers in the latest weeks.  Evans has and will continue to be a target monster on a bad Tampa Bay team he is starting to pay dividends to fantasy owners and what better time than late in the season to help you with a playoff push I am rolling with Evans if I own him.

Jordan Matthews

It seems that the NFL right now seems to be a rookie show case!  The WR position was loaded this year and we are seeing that all over the league now.  Matthews has become one of Sanchez favorite targets and he has all the intangibles to be a great number 2 wr opposite Maclin.  Matthews is only owned in 62% of leagues that number needs to be much higher BUY IN!!

Jarvis Landry

Yes yes, the Miami Dolphins may not be that offensive juggernaut, but Landry brings in targets like a number one wideout lately.  Maybe not in standard leagues, but in PPR format this guy may be worth an add for owners because the way he is being targeted and used in the offense 9rec 70yards and a TD is not out of the question on any given Sunday and that is a pretty good day in PPR formats.

Tight Ends 

Colby Fleener

If Colby Fleener is available in your league and you need a tight end you need to grab this man especially with D Allen’s injury.  Playing JAC this week he is a Fantasy Start!! Dwayne Allen had scored in every game this year but 2 games going into week 11.  Andrew Luck utilizes the tight end position period that’s why you need to get this man.

Jacob Tamme 

Jacob Tamme had is opportunity to be a starter already when Peyton first came to DEN.  People were saying that the chemistry they had built-in Indy would carry over.  However, we have all seen how that played out and I am not buying in leave this man on your waiver wire he just is not all that good in this system he seems to get lost.





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