Your Fantasy Family and A preview of the three Thanksgiving games

It is almost Thanksgiving, a day filled with family, food, and football. Everyone has stories about their family, and enjoys it. That is a lot like fantasy football. All fantasy players have certain people they draft almost every year and players they like more. Everyone also has family members that fit generic molds, whether it is the crazy uncle, the mean in law, or the cat loving aunt. Below I compare some stereotypical family members to fantasy players this season. After that is a preview of the three games tomorrow. Happy Thanksgiving everyone!
• Your Grandfather is Peyton Manning. He is nice to everyone, and your entire family respects him. That is Peyton Manning as a fantasy football player, he is great almost every week and even if you don’t own him you still appreciate him.
• Your suspicious cousin is DeMarco Murray. They aren’t very dependable, but all of the sudden they have all of this cash but not a good job. You can’t help but ask yourself if they deal drugs. DeMarco Murray is the same way this year, he is usually hurt and has never been great. This year he has been great, but why?
• Your uncle’s on again off again girlfriend is Demaryius Thomas. Sometimes she seems okay, but when you think you can trust her she lets you down again. Demaryius Thomas started slow, but the week you play him he seems to just go off.
• The person in your family that you like more than everyone else and have bonded with is Anquan Boldin. You always laugh at the same jokes, and are just like two peas in a pod. Anquan Boldin is like this, because he is undervalued. Boldin is usually consistent but because he isn’t a superstar people pass him over.
• Your relative that is always spoiled and complains until they get what they want is Montee Ball. A lot of people have a relative who is always complaining and just craves attention. Montee Ball this season has been awful. Ball is not spoiled but before the injury he was not doing well, even though he was drafted high and got a lot of hype.

Chicago Bears at Detroit Lions
Fantasy Relevance: 5 – Jay Cutler is a bad option this week in a tough matchup. I would start Ryan Tannehill, Eli Manning, Philip Rivers, and Mark Sanchez over Cutler. Matt Forte is a must start running back, it’s a tough matchup but he’s still great. Brandon Marshall and Alshon Jeffery are top fifteen starts this week. Martellus Bennett is still a top ten tight end this week. I have some worries about the Bears offense, and if it can do well this week. I would avoid the Bears defense even though the Lions offense has been bad lately. The Lions have a lot of offensive weapons and can do damage.
Matthew Stafford is a top ten start this week. I think he will have a bounce back game, I see this game being high scoring (at least for the Lions). Joique Bell is a running back two or flex play. Reggie Bush is expected to play, but I would try to avoid him. I don’t see him getting a lot of work and just can’t be trusted right now. Calvin Johnson is still a top five receiver, and I think he will have a big game. Golden Tate is a wide receiver two , and around the top twenty. The Lions is around the top ten but I like them this week. I see Cutler throwing interceptions and getting sacked.
Philadelphia Eagles at Dallas Cowboys
Fantasy Relevance: 6 – Mark Sanchez is around the top ten this week, and I like him. I see the Eagles offense doing well in a game that should be higher scoring. LeSean McCoy is a top ten start; he will not be as good as last week but still a good option. Jeremy Maclin is a top fifteen receiver this week and a borderline number one option. Jordan Matthews is a wide receiver two or flex play. I would avoid Zach Ertz unless you’re in a very deep league. The Eagles defense is outside the top ten this week, and I would look for another option.
Tony Romo is a top ten option, he should do well this week and I would strongly consider starting him. DeMarco Murray is one of the best running backs this week and he is a must start. Dez Bryant is a top five receiver this week. Terrance Williams is a wide receiver three, and is more of an option in deeper leagues. Jason Witten is a top ten tight this week, I think he is a solid option. I would avoid the Cowboys defense because this game should be high scoring.
Seattle Seahawks at San Francisco 49ers
Fantasy Relevance: 5 – Russell Wilson is a top ten start this week, the matchup is tough for him but I think he will get some points running. Marshawn Lynch is a top ten start this week, I think the Seahawks will try to run it a lot and it will be effective. Doug Baldwin should only be considered in deeper leagues as a wide receiver four. The Seahawks defense is a top five start this week and should do well in what I believe will be a low scoring game.
Colin Kaepernick is a bad start this week and I prefer Josh McCown, Joe Flacco, and Alex Smith. Frank Gore is a low running back two or flex play. Anquan Boldin is a flex receiver this week, and I think he will have some success. I would avoid Michael Crabtree, Richard Sherman will be against him a lot and I don’t see that working out well for Crabtree. Vernon Davis should be avoided in most leagues, this is a tough matchup and he has been a bust this season. The 49ers defense is a top five start, and I think they will do well because this game is going to be very defensive.


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