Week 12 Rewind – Week 13 Outlook

In week 13 the Football Nations eyes will be glued to quarterback showdown in Lambeau.  But, with the fantasy playoffs upon us and some teams needing to win to get in I will be focusing on what and who you need to watch for this week.



A lot of Fantasy Owners will be tuned in all day today glued to their sit for 8hrs of nonstop RedZone action because the playoffs depend on it.  I will be one of those owners myself playing in multiple leagues and with one league already clinching a first round bye, my other league is left in the balance because of the fantasy roller coaster this season. Running into opponents on the wrong weeks, getting plagued with “Kaepernick Fever”, but being able to deal for Peyton Manning weeks ago saved my season. Fortunately, I was still putting up enough points and wins, come week 13 to have a shot at the big dance and that is what it is all about.

Quarterbacks Week 13

Obviously, the nation will be force-fed the matchup in Lambeau between the #12’s Tom Brady and Aaron Rodgers, but for fantasy relevance that does us no good because if you own either they are already inked into your lineup.  Here are a few guys that could just save your season and have over achieving week 13’s:


Black Bortles 

Never have I once this year mad a recommendation to start Blake Bortles, but playing against a Giants team who’s defense just really is not that good.  My fantasy strategy is to avoid risk, but if you are stuck and happened to sit Kaepernick on Thursday night because you were smart enough to foresee the future and are dealing with a depleted waiver wire Black Bortles may be a good game time add, plug and play.

Eli Manning

Yes, if anyone is going to throw 5 INTs in a game against the Jacksonville Jaguars it would be Eli Manning.  However, because of such a favorable matchup, if I am in a situation where I may have Philip Rivers going into Baltimore and fortunate enough to have Eli on my bench I am playing him in a situation like this the matchup is just to good to pass up.

Andy Dalton 

Dalton has been a serious hit or miss this season, but if you have him on your roster and depending on your quarterback situation this week I think week 13 is a week you can start him with confidence even if your playoff life depends on it!  He is going into TB who has a secondary that is sub-par at best he and AJ Green should light it up and have a field day.

Running Backs 

Denard Robinson

Yes, I know another Jacksonville Jaguar, but playing at home against the sorry NYG it is a matchup that favors his skill set.  Robinson since getting the workload handed to him, he has been very fantasy relevant and if your fighting for the playoffs you are licking your chops with him in your lineup.

Matt Asiata / Ben Tate

Matt Asiata is once again fantasy relevant in week 13, but be cautious with Ben Tate on the roster.  With McKinnon Likely out and playing against the Panthers who are 8th easiest against the run by fantasy standards Asiata and Tate are both very intriguing plays this week especially for those owners fighting for that last playoff spot.  If i had to pick one my executive decision would be to play Asiata over Tate.  He knows the entire playbook and has had success already this season the Vikings don’t owe Ben Tate a thing he is basically playing for free (by NFL standards).

Wide Receiver 

Mike Evans 

Fantasy Owners Beware! I have talked this man a few weeks ago and even though I do believe he is the real deal i do not like him this week!  You should have better available options on your bench and I know it will be tough, but going up against Cincinnati could be a tough task for the young wideout I would be seeking alternatives if I truly needed a W this week! BUST ALERT WEEK 13**

DeSean Jackson

I am avoiding this man especially in must win circumstances.  He has a tough matchup this week against Indy and the only way he gets on the board is if Colt McCoy “balls out” and that seems like to much risk for me if I have a better option on my roster like a Mohammad Sanu or even a Keenan Allen i may be persuaded to go another direction rather than DJAX.  However, if you are able to make the playoffs DJAX has a very favorable playoff schedule and I do expect a serious bounce-back to finish his season.

Tight Ends

Travis Kelce

Travis Kelce is my Start Of The Week this week at the tight end position.  The KC Chiefs have the comfort of playing at Arrow Head this week against the Denver Broncos.  The Broncos have been suspect at defense as of late and ranking towards the bottom when it comes to defending against the tight end.  I would expect Kelce to be utilized early and often this Sunday.

To all of those fighting for a playoff berth GOOD LUCK! You can find my team on twitter so get your questions out before your fantasy season ends today!



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