Wicked Early Adds for the Playoffs

QB – Both of these are must adds
Colt McCoy – Big game in week 13, could be a playoff hero if you are hurting

Ryan Fitzpatrick -Huge week 16 makes him someone people will add so I had to include him.  I wouldn’t waste my waiver move though.


Eddie Royal– In PPR he has done well the past two weeks.

Stedman Bailey – Getting looks and producing for the Rams

Javaris Landry – Has not played yet this week but has been good enough for me to tell you to get him again.


LeGarette Blount – Revival begun
Carlos Hyde – San Fran told you to get him last week if you are hurting at RB
Daniel Herron – He is the man to have in Indy



Jordan Reed – Available in 2 leagues I am playing in now.  With McCoy at QB I would add him

RAMS – Probably be would be my number 1 add this week

Green Bay –

Baltimore – Jax week 15

Tenn – Jax week 16


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