Wicked Wonderful Adds for the Playoffs

Here are some really solid moves for you to make with the playoffs approaching.  I HIGHLY recommend my TE add if you are hurting at that position and let’s face it most of us are.

QB – With no injuries at QB I would not recommend starting one of these guys over your stud QB but you might want some insurance in the playoffs.

  • Colt McCoy – Big game in week 13, could be a playoff hero if you are hurting.  The Redskins are throwing the ball a lot.  I like him if you are looking to roll the dice on someone in the playoffs.
  •  Kyle Orton – The buffalo QB has some nice match ups coming, I like him a lot this week.  I would not start him over a stud.
  •  Ryan Fitzpatrick -Huge week 16 makes him someone people will add so I had to include him.  I wouldn’t waste my waiver move though.

WR – Just like with the QB position you more than likely do not need help here but just in case look at these guys.

  • Stedman Bailey – He is simply producing since he has become the Rams WR2.  He is getting a lot of looks and I recommend him as a pick up especially in PPR.
  • Javaris Landry – This guy is a must have in PPR for the playoffs.  I recommended him last week, I have been playing him for 2 weeks. If you are hurting at WR he is the band aid you are looking for to heal your wounds.
  • Eddie Royal– If you are desperate for WR help, Fast Eddie has been doing well in PPR the past couple of weeks.  The Chargers will be throwing the ball too.

RB- The position is absolutely CRAZY

  • LeGarette Blount – His revival begun, he is going to get some touches in New England.  What those touches are is certainly a guessing game.  I would only play him in desperation.
  • Carlos Hyde – I told you to get him last week if you are hurting at RB, he will almost be usable.
  • Daniel Herron – If he is still available this is the guy you want to pick up and should be the top priority in the waiver claim.  He should already be owned in your league but if not go get him

I would add if I had space the following as well: Knile Davis, Latavius Murray, Marion Grice

TE- Only one guy worth grabbing here

  • Jordan Reed – The Washington TE is available in EVERY league I play in.  If you do not have Graham or Gronk take a look at this guy.  McCoy likes him and has made him the primary target in both of the games the QB has had significant playing time.  If this is a position of need for you, you have to have this guy for the playoffs.


  • RAMS – Long is back in the line-up and this team is coming on strong.  If available I would pick them up now
  • Baltimore – Jags week 15 need I say more.
  • Tenn – Jags week 16.  That is championship week.  If you are streaming and have the slot your bench you may want to grab them now.

Dump that BITCH! – Don’t know who to clear off the bench to make space look at these names that are doing nothing for you

  • Frank Gore – If you trust him I have some beach from property in New Mexico I need to talk to you about.
  • Wes Welker – I think I said add him recently?  WOW, not a good move.  Let this little man go, just gently nudge him out of the nest.
  • Marques Colston – Completely TD dependent, Dropping balls all over the place, lots of other options in New Orleans.  Drop him, Drop him, DROP HIM!!!   NOW!!!

Good luck in the playoffs everyone!!!


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