So If You Did Not Make The Playoffs…

It happens to all of us, at some point in fantasy football we don’t make the playoffs in our league. It’s sad, embracing, and unfair. Missing the playoffs is such a disappointing feeling and people do not see the struggles your team had. If you drafted a player like Adrian Peterson it would be extremely tough to make the playoffs. Drafting Peterson this year is like maxing out all your credit cards, it is impossible to rebound for that year. One of the worst parts is that most people who don’t play fantasy sports won’t even understand. You will also be mocked and criticized for a year by the other members in your league. There might even be a punishment in your league if you finish in last place. Something I have done is lie about making the playoffs, it is fantasy after all. Do not lie to anyone who knows someone else in the league, you could easily be caught lying. For people who are outside of your fantasy life, lie all the way since what they don’t know doesn’t hurt them. Here are some of my tips for how to cope with not making the playoffs this year.
• Deal with missing the playoffs like stages of grief. There will be denial, anger, sadness, and finally acceptance.
• You can play on a site that just has daily games and still have some fantasy enjoyment that way.
• Write a list of players that burned you this year, and vow to never draft them again. This should help with the process of acceptance.
• Revenge is some of the best motivation; let the other members of your league mock you for now. Next year change your strategy and get into the playoffs.
• Cheer against your arch rival if they made the playoffs. It not only keeps you involved in fantasy it gives you a rooting interest. After all misery loves company.
• Start thinking about next year and scouting players. You will have a head start against everyone else in your league, and be on the path to winning.
• Try to find some of the best advantages of not having fantasy football for a few weeks. You will now be able to cheer for your favorite NFL team without trying to calculate if it will ruin your fantasy week. You can also just be a fan of football, sometimes fantasy football makes me not be able to appreciate how great the game is.


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