Fantasy Football Has Ramifications Too

An interesting situation played out earlier this week that changed many fantasy football leagues. Aaron Rodgers kneeled down on the last play of the game; this was counted as a four yard loss. In standard leagues that is .4 points taken away. This impacted many games, some were playoff games. Teams that thought they barely won suddenly lost. This is like being left at the altar for fantasy players. You thought you had it all; you were going to win the championship or in reality buy a house after the wedding. But your plans were spoiled. That often happens in Fantasy sports and of course reality too. The rule is terrible I think (unless it helps me). Quarterbacks are kneeling to run time off the clock. They shouldn’t lose those points, it’s not a failed rushing attempt. It is like banks charging overdraft fees, they don’t need to. Here is a list of fantasy rules and real life situations that match.
• When a touchdown pass counts for four points instead of six. This is like your boss giving you a paycheck that is only for half the time you work. Four points is the amount in some standard leagues, but I believe it should be six.
• When your player returns a kick for a touchdown but you don’t get anything. That situation is similar to when you were really young and sure you were going to get a really great gift that you wanted all year. Then it is not there, but you can’t say anything or you will look ungrateful.
• When you go to change your lineup but right before the game locks and you can’t. This is when you go to buy something on sell, it’s a great deal but of course it’s out of stock.
• You think you’re about to pull off a monster trade, then suddenly the person doesn’t want to do it anymore. That is like when you keep texting someone you are going to get together soon and they keep agreeing but it never happens. That is extremely frustrating.
• When you drop a player, then another team adds them and they do great the rest of the year, it’s even worse in a dynasty league. This is like breaking up with someone and then they get married and have this amazing life. Even if you are happy with your life there is still some jealously.
• The wrong amount of yards is entered on the live scoring, and for a minute you think you just got a ton of points. But then it is corrected and it is only a few yards. That’s like foods being brought right past your table at a restaurant, you thought it had to be your food but the waiter walks right by.
• A good deal for you gets vetoed by the other members of your league. This is like when you were getting ready to go out in high school and your parents said you couldn’t because you didn’t do your chores.


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