Should You Stop Playing Fantasy Football?

I know the idea of quitting fantasy football seems crazy. It is similar to the feeling of quitting a job. But maybe it is time to finally stop playing. It can be a very frustrating experience and you must be dedicated to be able to win. Fantasy sports are always a roller coaster of emotions, when you win it is great but when you lose it feels like everything has gone wrong. The idea of going undefeated or winning a championship and then never playing again seems fantastic. I don’t know if I could ever stop playing fantasy football realistically. It has been so long since I haven’t played it’s tough to remember back when I did not. I do believe there are certain situations that some fantasy football players should walk away from. Whether it is playing in a certain league or ever again.

• If your team has gone undefeated you should stop playing fantasy football. I hate to tell you this but I don’t think this will ever have this happen again. Even if you win another championship, you were not undrafted. You have accomplished the highest point of fantasy football. Everything else you do will just be disappointing.

• Have you been playing for five years or more and never made the playoffs? If this has happened to you and you don’t really enjoy fantasy football you should probably quit. There isn’t a point if you don’t win or have an interest in it.

• Fantasy football can ruin regular football. Instead of just watching the games, you might get preoccupied with certain players scoring. It is difficult to appreciate good football anymore and it becomes blurred with a bunch of different players that you need to score.

• Sometimes people will play in a league that they don’t like, is poorly organized, or you know cheating is going on. I know many leagues like this, but for some reason a lot of the people stay in the league. Don’t stay in a league that is unfair just because it has a few friends. You should start your own league or find a different one to join.


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