Don’t sleep on your Draft!

Fantasy Football is almost here and it is never too early to prepare for the draft. Everyone knows the elite players, but you need to know some sleepers too so you could get the edge in your league.

The thing I love most about sleepers, is you could draft some valuable players in the mid to late rounds. So I’m going to give you my list of sleepers based on the ADPs (Average Draft Pick) of the players displayed in NFLFantasy, Yahoo Fantasy Football and ESPN Fantasy Football.

  • Ryan Tannehill (MIA-QB): Tannehill was the 8th most productive QB in fantasy football last year. This year he will have more weapons like: K.Stills, D.Parker, J.Landry and J.Cameron, so he will exceed his last year’s performance for sure.

NFLF ADP 63.33, Yahoo 94.4 and ESPN 107.4: ADP average 88.37 (August 17th).

He will be a top 7 QB and you can draft him in the 9th round.

  • Brandon Lafell (NE-WR): He was a top 25 among WRs last season, with 953 yards, 7 TDs and only four games below the 50 yards receiving.

NFLF ADP 81.83, Yahoo 105.3 and ESPN 101.9: ADP average 96.34 (August 17th)

You can get a top 25 in the 10th round of your Draft! Low cost for a very nice Low WR2/Flex option.

  • Martavis Bryant (PIT-WR): This Pittsburgh second year WR is a very nice target for Big Ben. Not only is he fast, but big too (6ft 5in) and last season he averaged 54.9 yards per game with 8 TDs in only ten games!

NFLF 127.32, Yahoo 48.2 and ESPN 90.5, so his average ADP is 88.6 (August 17th):

That means you could get him int the 9th round as your WR 3 or 4 with the potential to be a WR2/Flex option.

  • Charles Johnson (MIN-WR): The Viking’s Offensive Coordinator N.Turner said that Johnson is “far and away our best receiver” which means he will get the targets (unless M.Wallace is able to make a remarkable season). Plus he showed good chemistry with Bridgewater and with Peterson on the mix, the Vikes passing game could be nice.

NFLF ADP 127.47, Yahoo 110.8 and ESPN 117.8: ADP average 118.69 (August 17th)

Draft a potential Flex/WR3 in the 12th round.

  • Tre Mason (RAMS-RB): With the arrival of rookie T. Gurley to Saint Louis, everyone is assuming that he will get the starting job. However there are three things we need to serious consider: training camp will show us who will be the real starter, Mason was really good last year; among the best 25 RB in fantasy football in just eleven games played, and that the rookie from Georgia is coming back from a serious injury. So T. Mason has the potential of a RB2/Flex option. 

NFLF ADP of 112.9, Yahoo 119.7 and ESPN 108.1: ADP average 113.5 (August 17th)

He could be yours on the 12th round.

  • Victor Cruz (NYG-WR): Cruz had three very good seasons (2011,2012,2013) but last year got injured and only played 6 games. Obviously I’m not saying that he will take Beckham’s place, but with all the attention on OBJ, Cruz could put up the numbers of a solid Flex option.

NFLF ADP 120.64, Yahoo 107.8 and ESPN 114.1: ADP average 114.18 (August 17th)  

So draft Cruz in the 12th round!

  • Reggie Bush (SF-RB): The situation with the 49ers’s offensive line is well known and the presumed starter C.Hyde could have his struggles. So if the young RB doesn’t get the job done, the coaching staff might turn to the veteran Bush and that could mean some fantasy points for your team. I don’t love this pick, but it’s a cheap one so you could afford using a very late draft pick on him

NFLF ADP 143.3 , Yahoo 120 and ESPN 133.3: ADP average 132.2 (August 17th)

You can get Bush in the final rounds.

  • Cody Latimer (DEN-WR): The Broncos reported that E.Sanders will be working the slot in three WR formation. That means Latimer will see much more snaps in the Denver’s offense and might be a second choice for Manning which is enough reason for me to see some fantasy potential in the Indiana product.

NFLF ADP 136.68, Yahoo 128 and ESPN 139.7: ADP average 134.79 (August 17th).

You could get him in the early 14th round with a Flex/WR3 potential.

  • John Brown (ARI-WR): Last season this WR had a decent rookie year with an average of 43.5 yards per game, but I’m betting that this year C.Palmer will finish the whole season. This Arizona offense could get really hot with it’s nice running game and three good weapons at WR which could open a lot of room for Brown. He is small, but he’s fast and also a big playmaker.

NFLF ADP is 128.21, Yahoo 118, ESPN 134: ADP average 126.7 (August 17th)

You could draft a WR3 with Flex/LowWR2 potential in the 13th round!

Players to watch for: Travaris Cadet (NE-RB), Malcom Floyd (SD-WR), Marvin Jones (CIN-WR)



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