Top Fantasy Positional Rankings for 2015



Top 10 Fantasy QBs 2015

1. Aaron Rodgers – tough to make an argument on why he should be dethroned from this position Rodgers is still going to throw a ton they were able to bring back Randall Cobb, which is a huge factor in Rodgers remaining the Top QB to own in 2015.

2. Andrew Luck – if anyone could claim the number 1 QB spot on this list it would be Luck who comes in at number 2 on my list. He showed effective and efficient play through out the season last year and if you owned him you were loving every deep bomb and TY’s fantastic run after the catch ability. He is really starting to settle in as an elite QB and with the Colts going offensive minded early and often this offseason with Gore and Andre Johnson I look forward to the Colts trying to be an offensive juggernaut.

3. Russell Wilson – INT may be the first thing you think of when you think about Russell Wilson in 2015 thanks to Darius Butler, but Russell has a young arm and arguably the most athletic QB available. With the addition of Jimmy Graham I expect more red zone passing TDs in 2015. The emergence of young talents like Chris Mathews could give Russell what he has never had in Seattle a legit passing attack.

4. Peyton Manning – you cannot overlook Peyton he was clearly not 100% towards the end of 2014 leading to a significant drop off in the fantasy points department. Manning is still going to throw his share he still is loaded with talent on the offensive side even after losing JT. However, to keep manning healthier down the stretch I do expect DEN to lean on their backs a bit more than in years past

5. Drew Brees – Brees lost a lot with Jimmy being traded to the Hawks, but Brees always seems to overcome his short comings no pun intended (only stands at 6′ even). Bree and Payton will find and make play-makers on the offensive side of the ball and if drafting Brees I would look for nothing less than a solid season.

6. Ben Roethlisberger

7. Cam Newton

8. Tony Romo – the loss of Murray and that protection. To be able to hand the ball off at any given time and take away some of the load from Romo will hurt him slightly this year. But Romo is still fine and should be inside the top 10 QBs easily.

9. Matt Ryan

10. Matthew Stafford – Stafford had a down year, but I do expect a bounce back him and Calvin will get back on the same page. His touch down numbers were down, which led to his fantasy numbers to free fall like Lord Bran when pushed out of the tower! Stafford should be just fine and I see him inside the top 10 once again.

Sleeper Pick: Ryan Tannehill – he has to either put up or shut up this season he has shown exceptional growth, but he needs to take that leap like Luck and Wilson. He needs to change from being serviceable to an above average fantasy QB if I had to bet on one QB that may slip a bit and you could end up with a steal it’s Tanny this Miami offense could actually be fun to watch.

Top 10 Fantasy RBs 2015

1. Le’Veon Bell – yes he has a three game suspension as of now before the appeal, but the talent is to great to let that influence where you draft him.

2. Adrian Peterson – yes he is BACK! I am going as far as saying that he will finish as the number 2 best RB this season. The vikings have a young unproven QB and Peterson is still your perennial bell cow back and the purple people eaters will do what they know how to do best feed the rock to AP ALL DAY!!

3. Jammal Charles – it will be interesting to see how the addition to Jeremy Maclin will affect this Chiefs offense, but as long as game manager Alex Smith is under center no way I can see a healthy Charles dropping outside the top 3 in fantasy RBs

4. Eddie Lacy

5. Marshawn Lynch – No Comment, No Comment, I sit here inside the top 5 so I won’t get fined!!

6. Arian Foster

7. LeSean McCoy – Shady was not as good as he was in the past he didn’t look like he was that top-tier leading rusher we had seen in the past. Yes he did have his flashes and big games, but his inconsistencies led owners to dealing him away or just frustrated hoping for those home runs and big games! Some of this I believe had to do with Chiposophy, which weeded out McCoy on goalie duties and even Sproles bit into Shady’s touches on passing downs. Going to Buffalo where their offense should be focused around him he could have a potential comeback season as long as he is healthy and that Bills OL stiffens up under Rex Ryan.

8. Matt Forte

9. CJ Anderson

10. DeMarco Murray – if it wasn’t his move to Philly I would probably have Murray as my number 1 back, but with his move away from the star and that elite OL he will find a similar issue that affected McCoy last season. His touches will definitely be lower than 2014 with Ryan Mathews playing behind him along with Sproles who will almost always be on the field during passing downs. I still think he is too good to fall outside the top 10 if healthy I guess I would say just be wary here when selecting him do not expect a copy cat year from 2014 for Murray we will have to see what he can do in a completely new offensive scheme with Chip.

Sleeper Pick: Tevin Coleman – he was picked by Atlanta in the 3rd round out of Indiana had a solid 2014 for them also. Atlanta has not been a place fantasy owners have really looked for RB stability since Michael Turner. Tevin Coleman is a physical runner who can be an everyday back. He could have a solid season where you could grab this guy at a bargain obviously depending on his fantasy hype as we approach draft season. Tevin Coleman could be this years BOOM PICK!

Top 20 Fantasy WRs 2015

1. Antonio Brown

2. Calvin “Megatron” Johnson – Most analyst have Megatron back in the top 5, but last year was a fallacy and don’t buy that. Johnson was banged up for most of the season it led him to miss 3 games and was extremely limited in several more. He is at camp looking bigger, faster and back to his old self. He will challenge Brown once again and could retake his place as the most viable WR to own in fantasy!

3. Dez Bryant

4. Demayrius Thomas

5. Jordy Nelson

6. Odell Beckham Jr. – ODB makes it inside my top 10, but only at 6 because even though I believe he is an incredible talent and some may even go as far as saying he could be the next “Jerry Rice” I am not ready to cross that bridge yet! Some may say teams will continue to target and double and bracket him, but he is only scratching the surface and has a huge ceiling. However, drafting him in the 1st round could end up being an incredible risk because of the unknown with ODB and how the offense will develop with the a healthy Cruz dancing back onto the scene.

7. Julio Jones

8. Aj Green

9. Randall Cobb

10. Alshon Jeffrey – Should see an increase in targets with the departure of Marshall, but rookie running-mate Kevin White, Matt Forte, and Martellus Bennett should take enough pressure of Alshon to have another productive season.

11. Ty Hilton

12. Mike Evans

13. Kelvin Benjamin

14. Jordan Mathews – Other than ODB a rookie WR that had an impact on fantasy implications was Mathews. Maclin was the true #1 and performed at that type of level last season. Now can Mathews contribute the way Maclin did in this Chip Kelley offense he has shown he can be a big time NFL target when targeted like one!

15. Emmanuel Sanders

16. Brandin Cooks – With no more Jimmy G in New Orleans Payton and Brees will have to get creative in this offense to put up serious offensive production. Who will take up this Jimmy Graham targets especially in the redzone. I believe Cooks could be huge in this offense he is extremely talented with above average hands who will be a very viable fantasy WR especially in ppt formats.

17. Golden Tate

18. Keenan Allen

19. Martavis Bryant

20. Julian Edelman

Sleeper: Breshad Perriman – Drafted in the 1st round by Baltimore ultimately to replace the production of former Raven Torrey Smith. He has a sub 4.2 40 time stands at 6’3″ weighting in around 210 no question he looks the part, but if he can get on the same page as Flacco who loves to let it fly he will be the part very soon.

Bust: Jeremy Maclin – I believe this goes without saying if you are expecting similar numbers to a year ago you will be certainly disappointed the KC Andy Reid offense is nothing to the Chip Kelley high-octane offense that is ran in Philly. Malin will see a significant decline in production I look at him as a potential low-end number 2 WR at best in 2015.

Top 10 Fantasy TEs 2015

1. Rob “Gronk Smash” Gronkowski – Yes, we are all thankful that Gronk will be healthy once again and will not give up scoring fantasy TDs to continue his singing career alongside BIG PAPI!

2. Jimmy Graham

3. Greg Olsen

4. Martellus Bennett

5. Travis Kelce

6. Dwayne Allen

7. Jordan Cameron

8. Julius Thomas

9. Zach Ertz

10. Jason Witten

Sleeper: Owen Daniels – With his move over to Denver Owen Daniels’ fantasy value you would think would be sky rocketing, but it has done just the opposite. Daniels is just flying low under the radar. He is a pass catching tight end who is now teamed up with Peyton Manning hands down the best QB that he will have in his career. Not only does Peyton give him the edge, but he teams up once again with the Gary Kubiak so a familiar system and Peyton should be a comforting feeling for all fantasy owners that wait and bank on Daniels in 2015!

Top 10 Fantasy DEFs 2015

1. Seahawks

2. Bills

3. Dolphins

4. Jets

5. Panthers

6. Texans

7. Rams

8. Cardinals

9. Packers

10. Chiefs

Sleeper: Eagles


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