Mock Draft 2.0


Welcome to the 2015 fantasy football Mock Draft 2.0.These are all mocks of 12-team standard league using the snake draft method.

I have supplied drafts that cover each of the 12 draft positions. Each position has its own strategy, so it’s important to know your position before your actual draft. This way you can practice and establish a strategy that works for you.

A couple basic rules I follow when drafting:

  • I like to draft the best player available for the 1st 5 round regardless of position
  • I normally don’t draft QB’s before the 5th
  • When drafting a QB you are not 100% confident in, I usually like to have a backup
  • I never build a team around a TE (stay away from Gronk in the 1st round.)
  • Always pick defense and kicker in the last 2 rounds, no matter how good they were the year prior

Outside of those basic notes everything is up to you. Find your draft position below for your specific mock draft.

If you have any questions please let me know through twitter or email. @The_FF_Baller

Draft position # 1


Draft position # 2


Draft position # 33

Draft position # 44

Draft position # 55

Draft position # 66

Draft position # 77

Draft position # 88

Draft position # 99

Draft position # 1010

Draft position # 1111

Draft position # 1212



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