5 Most Exciting Handcuff Situations

The 5 Most Exciting Handcuff Situations – # 5 will surprise you (this is a BuzzFeed joke, in case you are not quick on the draw)

There are some handcuffs that you should get – if you get Jamaal you should probably get Knile. However, if you get a bench full of RBs who are worth a damn, it might not feel necessary. There are a few players where you would be absolutely stupid if you waste a high level pick without picking up their security blankets.

Lets talk about some interesting Handcuffs this year…

  1. Jeremy Hill and Giovani Bernard

The Bengals arguably have the best backfield in football (Eagle’s fans – just wait a min), but it’s one of those situations that causes headaches in the fantasy world.

The Situation: The Bengals like to run the ball and they are good at it.

The Delimma: There are two RBs worth starting on their roster, Hill and Bernard.

The Solution: If you draft Jeremy Hill, be sure to draft Bernard too.

Last year, Hill took over as the Bengals’ early-down back after Gio Bernard suffered a hip injury in Week 8 last season. Hill looked dominant down the stretch, but Bernard showed he was still productive in a complementary role once he returned from injury. Bernard could theoretically vulture points or just take the starting job back at some point in the season. As it goes in fantasy, nothing is ever curtain.https://goo.gl/t72Ag1

The only way to sure up those RB fantasy points in Cincy (and there will be lots of them) is to have Bernard on your bench so that you can adapt your “fantasy” situation to the “real” situation as the year progresses. Jeremy Hill is considered one of the last Top Tier RBs coming on the board this year; and you will probably need to spend a 2nd round pick to get him, maybe a 1st round pick. Bernard is probably going to cost you 6th round pick, which is by far the most expensive handcuff this year. If you want to avoid the headache of dealing with a committee, go with Forsett or Gordon who are more secure in their roles. Cincinnati’s backfield is one of the safest bets you can make, but you must be willing to make the investment.

Note: In some mock drafts, Hill has been slipping to the 3rd round. If this happens in your draft, I would highly advise you to pick him up. That is a Black Friday value.

  1. DeMarco Murray and Ryan Mathews

The Eagles have a very similar situation to Hill-Gio, but where the Cincy backs are two fresh youngsters, the Philly backfield is… well, not full of spring chickens. Both Murray and Mathews are capable backs who have proven their worth in the NFL. However, no one expects either to stay healthy over the course of the year. The Eagles are going to produce tons of rushing yards and more than likely, someone will make it through the year. Mathews is cheap enough to be a 9th round steal, but if you are the possibly lucky sucker to grab up Murray in the 2nd, you should be grabbing Mathews in the 8th.

  1. Arian Foster and Alfred Blue

So now that the damage is done, it seems that Foster has found his new home… the 8th round. I don’t think that Foster is for all fantasy owners, but he can serve a purpose – Kicking ass in the twilight of the season. I think the 8th round is a fair price, but securing Houston’s backfield means spending two picks around the same time to pick up two unexciting prospects.

If you are picking first or last in draft – so you have back-to-back picks – it would be a smart investment to pick up both guys if they are available. Regardless, owning the Texans RB situation will be rough this year, but that is what the mid rounds are made for – High Risk/High Reward.

  1. Justin Forsett and Lorenzo Taliaferro/Buck Allen

Another weird RB situation is in Baltimore. Forsett was amazing last year, a strait up stud. He earned his early round status, but there is a couple of problems. First, he is a 29-year-old one-hit-wonder. Also, he is a 29-year-old one-hit-wonder who is 5’8 & 195 lbs (ie. There is no way he survives an entire years workload). Personally, I hope he proves the haters wrong and kills it the whole year long, but the word on the street is he’ll break down sometime and one his backups will take his place.

One more wrench in machine: Lorenzo Taliaferro and Buck Allen look practically like the same damn player. Both clock in at 6’ and some change, 220 lbs… you know, bruisers. If you want to cuff someone to Forsett, it should probably be Taliaferro. Taliaferro understands the system, and he looked good on film last year. That being said, as a Forsett owner, you should keep an eye on Allen.

  1. Jordy Nelson/ Randall Cobb and Davante Adams

Handcuffs apply to running backs generally, but Green Bay has a unique receiver situation. Just by virtue of lining up on the outside, anyone playing WR1 or 2 in GB turns into a top-20 receiver. You can make a similar argument for Indy or Denver, but neither have such a clear cut replacement for their studs. If Cobb or Nelson goes down, mark my words, you got an every-week starter in Adams. If you pick up Nelson or Cobb, picking up Adams in the 9th or 10th round can be a two-sided win for your team:

Scenario 1: You own Nelson/Cobb, and he goes down. Now you got a replacement that will instantly produce.

Scenario 2: You own Nelson/Cobb, and [the GB receiver you do not own] goes down. Now you have two fucking Green Bay receivers that you can use to destroy all others.

Note: Do not draft DeVante Parker (MIA) by mistake. Well, he might work out as well, but it does not do what I just suggested.


Draft smart and … Murphy’s Law.


fantasyreaList Writer: P. Christian Swafford


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