Last minute Draft help: Veteran ADP Changes

I promise you that this will be the most half-assed draft-prep article you will read this year.

This is a little (read:  a lot) late but I made these great Charts to show you how the RB and WR studs have been drafted that last few years. Problem is, I had shit to do this weekend, and forgot to write anything about them. Therefore, in an effort to not let these fine charts go to waste, I will throw them out into the world, and give you a few takeaways.

WR at the TOP-TIER

rising starts

  • All of the Receivers being drafted as elite, only Odell Beckham does not have 3 years being drafted as fantasy starter.
  • On the hole, Elite Receivers stay fairly constant from year to year.
  • Jolio Jones has been taken in the 2nd round pretty much every year. Looking for a safe & elite WR1 to grab early?
  • AJ Green could fall to the late 2nd/early 3rd round despite being a 1st round contender for the last 2 years. Players get hurt, so he will probably still be great.
  • This is the first year in 5 years that you can expect to grab Megatron in the 2nd round.
  • What two Elite Receivers have not spent at least 3 years being drafted in the early rounds? ODJ and… Antonio Brown.
  • The only Receiver to be a possible 1st round pick for 3 years in a row? Dez Bryant.


WR who fell from grace & Vincent Jackson


  • The only former elite to drop out of the top-tier this year is Brandon Marshall. He could be a huge steal in the 4-6th round.
  • Keenan Allen had a great rookie year, then was drafted right outside of the elites. Very similar to Mike Evans and Odell Beckham… maybe we are being a bit bullish on those guys.
  • Never an exciting pick, Vincent Jackson has consistently been a mid-round WR2. Need a safe bet in the mid rounds? Pick him up.
  • Every year, someone holds out hope for Fitzgerald and Cruz, and every year they fall further down the board.


RB ADP over the years

all RBs

  • Despite some consistency from Charles, Lynch, Peterson, and Forte… There is a good deal of movement from year-to-year for Stud RBs.
  • The Straightest line on this chart? Frank Gore.
  • Guys who had one off season plunge their ADP before returning to stud-ranks:

o   Lamar Miller

o   DeMarco Murray

o   Shady McCoy

  • No one likes Alfred Morris despite always finishing in the top-15.
  • Key takeaway from this chart: It’s a crapshoot.


Bonus Image:

Want to see how all the WRs I profiled match up?

all WRs


fantasyreaList Writer: P. Christian Swafford



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