Mailbag Week 1: The 5 Most Asked Fantasy Questions

  1. Will Doug Martin Make a comeback this year?

Let’s go back to the 2012 for a moment. It’s 2012 Doug Martin is a young running back who explodes onto the scene with 1,454 yards on 319 attempts along with 11 TDs. But then, in 2013 and 2014, together he didn’t even reach 1,000 yards. That has detoured fantasy owners this year, until he put on a pretty good show this pre-season. His coaches praised him and gave him the starting job.

So does this mean martin will have a comeback year? I think yes, his team needs him. They have a rookie quarterback in Jameis Winston, who through his learning will need someone to rely on. I think Martin can be that guy for Jameis.

In conclusion, Martin is going to be given a good opportunity, if he takes advantage is yet to be seen. I would bet my money that he does, He will prove to everyone that he is still that guy from 2012. The Muscle hamster.


  1. Is Devante Adams worth a start?

Short answer is yes, let’s go more in depth with that though. First of all Adams has MVP Aaron Rodgers throwing him the ball.  Who in his last 3 games against Chicago has put up monster numbers. Take a look: Pass yards, 953. Pass TD’s, 12. INT’s, 2. That’s big time!

Now let us take a look at what Adams has going for him. First Rodgers LOVES the guy saying, “In my mind he has humongous upside – and he’s starting to reach that upside.” That’s pretty encouraging.

Second He Gained rapport with Rodgers late last season, putting up 121 and 117 yard games against the patriots and cowboys.

Third he’s going up against the Bears, the Bears defense has been in a down fall the past few years. Aside from a young stud in Kyle Fuller, the team doesn’t look to be improving on that side of the ball.

So With Nelson gone for the season and Cobb nursing a shoulder, Adams could very well start at your WR 2 or even WR1 spot this week. Keep your eye on this kid!


  1. Matt Ryan or Andrew Luck?

In my opinion this is a no brainer Andrew Luck every week right? Wrong. So many people have asked me if they should start Matty ice over Luck because of the matchups. I insist Luck is a must start, they disagree. So let’s dive into the matchups.

First off Andrew Luck vs Buffalo. Buffalo Has a strong D this year, they are stacked on the line with Mario Williams and Kyle Williams. I expect them to slow down the veteran running back Frank Gore. Looking at the secondary now, They field an Above average corner in Gilmore but after that it doesn’t look good. That’s because Leodis Mckelvin broke his ankle last season and hasn’t recovered. On to the safeties, I would classify this group as average. I like Corey graham and his play style but he’s not a star. Aaron Williams really isn’t that great either. So what’s the problem so far? The Colt’s Offensive line is not the greatest in the league but they are pretty good. If they can win in the trenches. Luck will dominate this game.

Next up Matt Ryan vs Philly. Philly seems to be severely underrated in the fantasy community. When Philly added Byron Maxwell to the mix, I was thinking this team was going to be dangerous. One of those trap games. But then they got rid of Brandon Boykin. This is where I get nervous, the cornerback position. Can Walter Thurmond and Nolan Carroll step up? Maybe, but they might not have to. This combination of Linebackers and Defensive line is very good. I think there defense is BETTER than the bills. They are so stacked at linebacker, they have 5 linebackers capable of starting. Barwin, Graham, Alonso, Kendricks and Ryans. Add in a stout defensive line equipped with the following, Cox, Thornton and curry. You’re in for a tough day if you’re Offensive line isn’t the Dallas Cowboys. The Falcons offensive line is nothing to be proud of.

In conclusion, I find the Bills defense is overrated and the Eagles is Underrated. Luck is your man. Matt Ryan will be good but not as good.


  1. Who is the top running back in fantasy?

Let’s narrow this down to the top 2 and discuss. Adrian Peterson vs Le’veon Bell.

As you know, Bell has been suspended 2 weeks damaging his value. Is he still worth it? Let’s look at last year’s stats.1,361 Yards, 11 TD’s and 854 receiving yards. That’s outstanding. Although I would argue not sustainable. If bell is put through that much work this season, he won’t hold up. The Steelers know that. They also know they don’t have to rely solely on Bell. They Have the Dynamic Passing/receiving Group of Big Ben, Antonio Brown and Martavius Bryant. I think they won’t use bell as much, still enough to draft him Top 2 or 3.

Will AP comeback strong? The Vikings season is banking on it. He knows that, he’s very confident in his interviews. I am hoping that carries over to the playing field. But we don’t know for sure. Just how good was AP before he got suspended though? In his 2 seasons prior to the 2014 he rushed for 3,363 Yards, scored22 rushing TD’s on just 627 carries. That’s not outstanding that’s stunning, this one player can single handedly win your league. And that type of player needs to be on your team.

In conclusion, Adrian Peterson is the best running back of this generation and needs to be on your team.


  1. Who will be the Lead back in Dallas?

Dallas has a messy backfield filled with potential. They have Joseph Randle who seemingly scored a TD every time he touched the ball last season. Then there is Darren Mcfadden, a bigger back with great ability to change direction. He’s done absolutely nothing with the career killing raiders for the past few years. He is looking to revive his career in Dallas.

Randle last year averaged around 7 yards per carry behind the brute that is the Dallas Cowboys line. Obviously he won’t replicate that, he very well could be a 5 yard per carry type of guy. He is seen as more of a change of pace back. Dallas seems to be convinced otherwise and intends to give him the first opportunity against the Giants.

Mcfadden, ended the pre-season with a great game, furthering the confusion. He really looked good and forced Dallas to have to consider him for the starting role. He will see his carries week 1 but I don’t see him getting as many as Randle.

In conclusion nobody really knows who will lead Dallas this season, including Dallas. They are going to be experimenting week 1 and Randle is up first. Randle should get the most carries this week. I would start him over Mcfadden this week. However I will be keeping a VERY close eye on this situation.


fantasyreaList Writer: Ben Goold


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