Market Watch: Week 1

I think it’s safe to say that the emotional rollercoaster that is fantasy football is alive and well. A full Sunday spent with my roommates cheering, cursing, and shaking our heads at the television. Studs are injured, some sleepers boomed while others busted, and we are reminded again that this game relies on luck as much as it does skill. Now, it’s time to reflect on the past few days of football and look at fantasy impacts moving forward. This series will give a quick buy, sell, or hold rating for a handful of players who were a surprise each week, whether for better or worse.

Before we dive into the highs and lows of the week, there is one point I cannot reiterate enough, do not overreact. It has been one week, and it’s simple to panic or get excited about players. Now is not the time to be trading your studs for cheap, no matter how poorly they did.


TJ Yeldon impressed me in his rookie debut, but didn’t generate a lot of hype, which makes him a great buy candidate. Out-snapping fellow running back Allen Robinson and rushing for 4.2 yards per carry, I think he’ll be a solid RB2 sooner than later.

It’s now or never to jump on Ameer Abdullah. After a great first touch that ended in a 24 yard touchdown, he recorded 4 yards per carry the rest of the game on limited touches. More encouraging is that Joique Bell didn’t get much attention at all, and I see Abdullah going nowhere but up from here.

I think Brandon Marshall will be this year’s most underrated fantasy asset. He’s been written off just be going to play for the Jets, but he’s still the top receiver in town. With over 60 yards and a goal line touchdown in week 1, this may be your last chance to grab him for a low price. He has a tough matchup next week, but after that his upside is something you can’t ignore.

You’ll see Donte Moncrief, Chris Johnson, and Terrance Williams emerge in these coming weeks due to injuries by T.Y. Hilton, Andre Ellington, and Dez Bryant, respectively. Look for Williams to be the best long-term fantasy option, and Moncrief and Johnson will quickly lose relevancy once the starters are back and Dez looks like he’ll be out the longest. If your team is shallow in a position, these players are worth a waiver claim or even a trade.


You may be able to sell Sammy Watkins and convince your league mate that they’re getting a steal buying him on a low, and I recommend it. Watkins is a great athlete on a bad team, and it’s easy to get attracted to his upside without realizing that he had nine games last year with less than seven points. After a zero point outing this week, he looks like more of a liability than an asset.

James Jones looked impressive and may be good trade value because of the offense he plays on, but look at the fact that Randall Cobb wasn’t at 100% and Jones caught two touchdowns on just four catches, which simply isn’t sustainable. I don’t see him as much more than an underwhelming flex option most of the rest of the season.

Tight ends like Tyler Eifert, Delanie Walker, Travis Kelce and pretty much anybody not named Greg Olsen were a hot asset this week. That being said, I’m selling any tight end for the right price. As a whole the position is too inconsistent and unpredictable for me to not shop options when they’re at a peak.

I’m surprised that LeSean McCoy could even get any lower in my rankings, but he continues to worry me. With 17 rushes he still only posted 41 yards, and had two touchdowns taken by Karlos Williams and Anthony Dixon. You may be able to get some good value from a hopeful owner, and that’s the route I would take.


Carlos Hyde looked incredibly impressive against the Vikings, but can he keep it up? Hyde was running smart and well, but the San Francisco offense isn’t nearly as dynamic as Minnesota let them look. I’m not comfortable with Hyde on either side of a trade this coming week, so we’ll have to wait and see.

The Broncos offense look absolutely pathetic this week against a stout Bills defense, but as an owner I wouldn’t be worried. I’d still be confident with Demaryius Thomas as the top receiver on my team, and Peyton Manning and CJ Andersen don’t excite me, but I’m not any more worried about them as I was at the beginning of the year. That being said, there’s a big difference between “not worried” and confident, and I’m not confident about those two and don’t want to jump on trades for them.

Lastly, hold your studs. No matter how poorly Odell Beckham Jr. did or how well Forte played, one week is not enough time to get a good look at how your studs will be doing throughout the year. Don’t make any trades you wouldn’t have made last week.

fantasyreaList Writer: Blake LaBathe



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