A Gadfly’s Look at Week 1: A Meditation

Now is not the time to panic.

Repeat after me…

Now is not the time to panic.

Is Peyton Manning your only QB, and Andy Dalton starting to look good?

Is your backfield is focused around Frank Gore, Andre Ellington, and Doug Martin?

Was the highest scoring member of your team this week the Jet’s DST?

Now is not the time to panic…

I am saying this to myself as much as I am telling you. I needed a few days to truly get my head together. Week one is that strange time where we learn how the last few months of speculation actually turned out. Actually we are not even there yet, but the puzzle is beginning to unfold.

Now I am sure you are currently searching the waiver wire trying to fix a hole, or just thinking about how much you hate Eddie Royal. These are fair reactions. But remember how after four long weeks last year, we all thought that Brady was done and Jeremy Hill was just a twinkle in Marvin Lewis’s eye?

Take a deep breath and remember to look at the big picture, things change and progress. Don’t worry about your studs. Sure, some of the big guys will flame out, its a part of life… urg, I mean, fantasy football. Also remember that every year, out of the ashes, someone like Brian Quick or Phillip Dorsett will rise and bring new life to your team. You should react, but do not overreact.

I want you to take a minute from staring into the hollow abyss of fantasy help and think about why you love football.

Here, look at this for a while…

Or this…

Or this…

one more oldie but a goldie…

Now here is a static picture if you just hate seeing gifs that you can’t stop at the top of your screen…

I want you to look over your roster and think about every way it worked out for you.

Were you one of the lucky ones to pick up Adbullah, Woodhead, or Keenan Allen? Better yet, maybe you were the lucky bastard who grabbed Carlos Hyde. Good on you!

I lucked out in my big money league with grabbing Arian Foster in the 8th round. Maybe instead of thinking about if Ronnie Hillman is worth more of a bench spot than Kendall Wright, I could just revel in the fact that next week verses the defending champ, I can roll-out a Beast with Antonio Brown and Cobb. Hoo-wee… I feel better already.

Not that I said that…

I am dropping like 4 guys immediately. Fuck you, Eddie Royal.

fantasyreaList Writer: P. Christian Swafford


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