Mailbag Week 2

Peyton? Murray/AP/Forsett/CJ? top 3 QBs? Mariota? Mia or Stl? Your questions answered here.

What’s the deal with Peyton? (@Heresgriffy)

Peyton Manning usually stunning us opening day, was less than stellar. Putting up a weak 4.9 points in standard leagues. If you own him, like me, there was a bit of panic.

Should we be worried? Yes. You should be concerned to the point where you are considering other options. Although, I would not recommend dropping him. That would be what I call a panic drop. Consider your options at starter for week 2, let Manning ride the bench until he shows he isn’t too old for this.

I don’t want this to become a waiver segment, I will however throw out a couple names to help you get past this low point for Manning (hopefully). I will be handing the starting job to Carson Palmer this week, a few other options include: Bradford, Foles, Smith and Mariota.

Peyton may not return to his former glory, I would not give up on him yet though. I believe he still has something left. Its Peyton Manning guys, He will be back. Just give him time in this new offense.

Should we be worried about Murray, Peterson, Forsett and Anderson? ()

You may be an owner of one of these guys (Murray, Peterson, Forsett, Anderson) and be thinking you drafted a 2015 bust. There is reason for concern, but not for all 4 of them.

Adrian Peterson only received 10 carries week 1. I have no idea what Minnesota was thinking on that one. Very poor coaching in my opinion. Peterson who only managed 31 yards, Looked tough. He carried piles and ran hard. He looks motivated. If he gets the carries (I think he will), he will have no problems improving his numbers very quickly.

Demarco Murray while putting up 14 points still falls into the “let down” category for me. Murray had an odd night, only 9 yards rushing, yet 2 touchdowns (1 rushing, 1 receiving). Murray had just over 1 yard per carry. That’s horrible. I expect Murray to improve. If he isn’t scoring touchdowns, his value will drop. I would still give him the start but keep a very, very close eye on things in the Philly backfield.

Justin Forsett, 43 yards on 14 carries, also 4/7 receiving for 13 yards. Obviously those numbers are not amazing, but this game (Denver vs Baltimore) was a defensive beat down. I am surprised Forsett even got what he did. I personally feel that Forsett’s numbers are promising, he has one of the top offensive lines in the league, getting the majority of touches and is still a pretty explosive back. I wouldn’t worry much about Forsett going forward.

C.J. Anderson, 12 carries for only 29 yards. The reason for the lack of carries was injury, he got rolled up on. Hillman ended up getting the same amount of carries but gained 41 yards. That is not great news. Especially since C.J. might be limited or not even play at all in Thursdays game. You should monitor his practice time, while finding a possible replacement. I would be very worried if I owned C.J Anderson. This is how Ball lost his job last year, would hate to see it happen again. I would be snagging Hillman now if I owned Anderson.

Who are your top 3 QB’s going into week 2? (@bentley_estell)

Based on week 1 performance, week 2 matchup, and overall offensive ability. My top 3:

  1. Andrew Luck

His numbers weren’t stunning week 1 but they were good enough, considering the matchup. This week he plays the jets, a tough matchup but not as tough as the bills. Luck passed the ball 49 times last week! That is what fantasy owners want to see. If luck finds his rhythm I could see him going for 20-25 points this week. Even with Hilton banged up.

  1. Tony Romo

Tony Romo could be the hottest QB in football right now, yes he had 2 picks but neither were really his fault. The cowboys wanted to be a running team. I believe they realize now that they won’t have what they had last year. They will need to rely on Romo more and that might not be such a bad thing. With Dez out Romo played his best, which is odd. So I’m not too worried there.

  1. Drew Brees

Drew Played a good game last week, Without the INT it would have been a lot better. He is going up against a not so great TB defense this week. Cooks, Colston, and Coleman are all fitting in nicely and I expect them all to be a large reason why Brees will succeed this week.

Is Mariota worth it?

This is something I have been discussing on twitter and in life. Everyone seems to be hopping on the Mariota bandwagon. I am a bit skeptical. Yes the 4 TDs were great but I don’t believe that is sustainable. He won’t throw 4 TDs every week. Without those TDs, His numbers are just, 13/16 for 209. That isn’t very promising. While I believe he is a good bench pick up, I would not start him over the majority of fantasy QBs. He is more of a stash, wait and see kind of guy. That is how I see it.

Dolphins DST or Rams DST? ()

Let me start by saying, each of these are great plays this week. But Who will be better?

The Dolphins put up 16 points against Washington last week! They have an easier matchup this week, the Jaguars. In week 1 the Panthers put up 21 points against the Jaguars. The Dolphins have a huge opportunity here against the young QB Blake Bortles, I think you want to get your piece of the pie.

The Rams have what is essentially the best defensive front in all of football, they put up 15 points against the Seahawks! I expect them to play well this week. Playing a gun slinger in kirk cousins, who could throw either 4 picks or 4 TDs. You never know with him.

It’s a tough call but I would trust the Dolphins more this week. Bortles has never really found his stride in the NFL yet, leaving big opportunity for the Dolphins this week. While cousins, could go off at any time on the Rams. He has potential to throw for 400 yards on any given day if he has his stuff. Final answer from me is, Dolphins.

Send us your questions to be featured in our mailbag…….

fantasyreaList Writer: Ben Goold


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