Wicked Good Waiver Adds – Week 2

QB – There were lots of injuries at QB this week.  You will be looking for a Romo replacement and possibly a Brees replacement

  • Carson Palmer – Palmer has 7 TDs and 492 yards in total, and plays in an offense where he is throwing the ball.  Even without the injuries he was a borderline must own here.  If I lost Romo or  owned Brees he would be my top priority.  I should have added this guy last week myself..
  •  Dereck Carr – Got dinged up in the first game but came back in the second game and threw for 351 yards and 3 TDs.   The guy will be throwing and doing well.
  • Colin Kaepernick -92 yards rushing, 500 yards throwing but only 2 TDs.  I think this offense throws more and Kap runs more.  A nice grab with some high value..

WR – If you listened to me you grabbed Moncrief here last week and got some production.

  • Travis Benjamin – Only 6 catches but 204 yards and 3 TDs receiving.  If you get return yards this guy is better, as he has another TD there.  Someone has to catch the ball in Cleveland and it is Benjamin.
  • Michael Crabtree – 17 targets and 14 receptions means if you are in PPR you need to be looking at this guy.   I had written him off for dead, I was wrong.  Crabtree lives!!!
  • Leonard Hankerson– If there is enough balls to go around in Atlanta he will continue to get his.  6 for 77 and a TD in weeks 2 makes him worth a flyer if you need WR help.

RB- What a disaster week 2 was at RB.   Did your team fall apart too?

  • Matt Jones – Washington is now a RBBC and Jones is producing.  He had a monster game week 2.  If you need RB help he should be your priority.
  • Dion Lewis – He is a Patriots RB which means he may never touch a football again.  But the production he has had the last two weeks makes him a priority add., especially in PPR.  Do you know his name now Rex?
  • John Starks – Lacey is dinged up and going to miss at least one week.  This guy, yes this guy always plays well when given the chance.
  • Damien Williams – Lamar Miller is dinged up and Williams performed well as his back up.

I would add if I had space the following as well Karlos Williams, I think I will keep throwing his name at you.

TE- Only one guy worth grabbing here

  • Eric Ebron – Looks like he is now a big part of the Lions offense.  9 catches for 92 yards and 2 TDs.  If you are TE needy, and most of you are, Ebron is you r guy.
  • Ladarius Green – if still available he is getting looks and SD and needs to be owned.  10 catches for 121 yards and a TD.  I would own and start this guy.


  • Denver – Who is the number 1 defense in fantasy?  Denver!.  They will be getting take aways all season.  Grab them now and look lke a genius.
  • NE – Has Jax if you are streaming and they are not owned.

Dump that BITCH! – Don’t know who to clear off the bench to make space look at these names that are doing nothing for you

  • Benny Cunningham – You know he will not be touching the ball in St. Louis any more
  • Duke Johnson – You know who got a lot of hype but never touches the ball.  Duke Johnson, that’s who.
  • Rueben Randle – Simply stated what ever you thought might happen if you own him is not going to happen.  Dump him and we will all feel better.
  • Kenny Stills –  If he managed to stay on your roster this long you have the patience of a saint.  Your wife or girlfriend probably walks all over you.   There will be no returns on this investment, dump him now.  Yes I mean now, don’t even wait for the waivers to process

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