Mailbag Week 4

Should I trust Andy Dalton? *LeSean McCoy went down, who should I replace him with? *What should I do about Justin Forsett? *Should I trade for Joseph Randle? *I have Lynch who is dinged up, should I grab Rawls or Jackson?


Should I trust Andy Dalton?  (@rodney_holman) (@Jenntl)

The past few weeks the gun slinger Andy Dalton has been on fire. Passing for 866 yards and 8 touchdowns, on top of that he has 21 rushing yards and a rushing touchdown. That adds up to a solid 70.74 fantasy points in NFL standard scoring leagues. These are numbers that make a case for Andy Dalton to be starting in every league. There is just one problem, its Andy Dalton, One of the most inconsistent starting QB’s in the NFL. At one point last season, Andy Dalton’s QB rating went from 79.1 (average), to 2.0 (Disgraceful), all the way up to 143.9 (amazing). This all happened in the span of 3 weeks. Talk about an emotional rollercoaster.

Knowing Dalton’s recent success and past reputation, is he trustworthy? He is not what you would call “reliable” or “trustworthy”.  He is however, a high upside player. Gun slingers always have very big potential for huge games. With all those outside weapons and confidence from recent success, it will be hard for Dalton to fail. Not to mention he plays the chiefs, they have allowed 826 yards and 9 touchdowns to opposing QBs thus far. Dalton is in line to succeed this week. If you’re in need of a QB at all, I would without hesitation, start Dalton this week.

LeSean McCoy went down, who should I replace him with? Should I grab his backup? (@RELLertainment) (@CalifaGreen)

McCoy has been struggling with a hamstring for all of this season. It is really only getting worse. While that is bad news, if you can score his backup I think you are in great shape. The bills have to run to succeed, obviously LeSean McCoy filled that need, but can Karlos Williams? Let’s take a look at his stats. On 24 carries he has 186 yards and 3 touchdowns. That’s one Touchdown in each game so far. Very solid and promising numbers right there. Even if you didn’t own McCoy, Williams is a great pickup. He can start right away, maybe even fill in for a bye week player.

If you score Williams, you don’t have much to worry about. He isn’t LeSean McCoy, but he still puts up starting numbers. If you miss out on Williams, you might want to consider a trade, or head over to our Wicked Waiver Add section.

What should I do about Justin Forsett? (@RELLertainment) (@mattyice_331)

I had high expectations for Forsett coming into the season. I thought he would be a solid RB2 to compliment your first round RB, you hopefully drafted. So far, that hasn’t been the case. Scoring just 16.5 points in NFL standard scoring through 3 games. Forsett has struggled early in games, causing the Ravens to abandon the run game. He is also losing goal line carries to Lorenzo Taliaferro. Bad news. Thing don’t get any easier next week against the Steelers. They have allowed an average of 67 rushing yards per game.

If you can, trading Forsett is ideal. Otherwise you’re really just going to have to hold onto him. I would not recommend dropping him. Though the odds are stacked against him, hopefully he picks things up soon.

Should I trade for Joseph Randle? (@joshharrelson) (@danramos06) (@mattyice_331)

Joseph Randle’s stock shot up when Romo went down. After a 3 TD performance, it is even higher. Brandon Weeden is too scared to throw the football forcing the cowboys to run. If the cowboys can run, they will. In the first half on Sunday they ran all over the Falcons. The second half was a different story, Atlanta adjusted and the Dallas Oline, from what I saw, did not counter those adjustments. That should be fixed with veteran Ronald Leary returning this week.

If you can score Joseph Randle at the right price, go for it. I would take Randle over Forsett at this point, Especially with Weeden at the helm.

I have Lynch who is dinged up, should I grab Rawls or Jackson? (@haterzluvme69)

Lynch is banged up, we are not sure if Lynch will play or not, but I’m going to suggest, if Lynch doesn’t play, that you grab Rawls. I’m sure you noticed that he put up 103 yards after coming into the game for Lynch. While Fred Jackson only received 2 carries for 13 yards. This probably came as a surprise to most but Rawls was so impressive you couldn’t take him out.

If Lynch is not ready to go Rawls is likely in line to start Monday night against Detroit. He is worth it for Lynch owners especially, even if you are just in need of a RB he is worth a look.

fantasyreaList Writer: Ben Goold


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