Start or Sit based on Matchups

Find out which defenses allow the most/least amount of fantasy points at each position and if they should be starting. We did the research for you and give you their start/sit grade. You’re player might be playing a defense that gives up a ton of points at that position, but is he worth a start? 

Best Matchups QB

Player Points Allowed (Def) Start Analysis
A.Dalton 25.04 8/10 He is the third best QB in fantasy so far, he has a great WR, a solid TE and one of the best RB duos in the NFL. Unless you own A.Rodgers or M.Ryan, you should start Dalton this week.
B.Weeden 24.72 1/10 I really hope he isn’t your only QB, unless you are in a 20+ teams league, please sit Weeden until further notice.
M.Ryan 21.02 9/10 Well he is a QB1 and last year he was the 7th best quarterback in fantasy. Now he has 4 great targets: J.Jones, R.White, L.Hankerson and D.Freeman. Plus the Texans defense could only really stop J.Winston, while Mariota and Newton had very good games.
E.Manning 20.58 7/10 Struggled vs Dallas on Week 1, but he has two good games in a row (with 19 points) and he has been clicking with Beckham and Randle. I’m a bit worried about the running game against this tough Bills defense, but he managed to have a good game last week when his 3 RB rushed for 84 yards combined.
M.Vick 20.52 3/10 He hasn’t played a whole season since 2011 and last year he looked out of shape and he said that he didn’t studied the playbook. So I wouldn’t start him, unless you’re playing in a very deep league.

Worst Matchups QB

Player Points Allowed (Def) Sit Analysis
T.Bridgewater 4.8 9/10 Unless you’re really hurt at QB, don’t start Teddy under any circumstances. He has just one game with 200+ yards and only 1 TD and is facing the toughest defense against QB this year.
R.Tannehill 9.32 3/10 Hasn’t been great, but he hasn’t been awful either. This week he is a QB2, but I would expect a decent 15 fantasy points from him this week.
N.Foles 11.11 8/10 Although he has only 1 interception, he only has 2 touchdowns. Arizona absolutely dominated the 49ers passing attack last week and I can’t expect less from this great Cardinals secondary.
C.Palmer 11.42 3/10 Come on you can’t sit Palmer with 9 TDs and 267.6 yards per game, with a very nice WR core and three good RB (counting A.Ellington on the mix). Plus B.Arians won’t slow down in case they blow up the Rams as we could see last week vs the 49ers.
J.McCown 12.68 7/10 He did well against the Raiders, but I wouldn’t trust him even to finish the game as the starter, so please bench McCown.

Best Matchups RB

Player Points Allowed (Def) Start Analysis
A.Foster 33.37 10/10 Everything indicates that Foster will play for the first time this season and he couldn’t have a better matchup to gain confidence after another injury. He is a solid RB2 with, of course, the potential to put up RB1 numbers this week.
I.Crowell 26.2 5/10 Last week had a good matchup and he couldn’t do anything about it, he is playing in an unpredictable offense and he isn’t reliable at all. However he is the lead RB in Cleveland and if he scores a TD he could give you flex numbers.
M.Gordon 25.7 8/10 He has been very consistent but haven’t score once nor passed the 100 yards mark. But this week he could do more vs a weak Browns team. Plus if the Chargers take an early advantage they’ll probably run the ball more to manage the clock giving Gordon more carries.
J.Stewart 24.77 6/10 It’s hard to trust a guy with an injury history like Stewart’s who hasn’t been able to put great or even good numbers while healthy. This week has a nice matchup but he is no more than a RB3/lowFlex option for me.
E.Lacy 23.73 10/10 Last Monday played limited and he looked like a beast. He is a must start every week and has a very good matchup.

Worst Matchups RB

Player Points Allowed (Def) Sit Analysis
J.Bell 9.83 9/10 With 63 total yards he looks more and more like the RB2 in Detroit, and has touch matchup.
A.Abdullah 9.83 4/10 I still like his upside and his versatility. If this week Stafford can give his WR the ball, there is no doubt he will look for the rookie to catch short passes. If you need him he could help you as no more than a flex option.
J.Forsett 9.9 5/10 Hard to make an argument to defend Forsett so far, but this week they’ll face the Roethilsbergerless Steelers and if the Ravens manage to have an early advantage, Forsett could have a significant amount of carries, what he could produce out of the is another big question.
D.Murray 10.13 6/10 If we subtract his 2 TD, Murray would have7.5 fantasy points in 2 weeks. He hasn’t been productive at all, is dealing with a hamstring injury and his teammate Matthews made quite an impression last week. With all that being said, Murray is no more than a flex until I see some reaction from the former Cowboy.
R.Matthews 10.13 4/10 He looks like the best RB in the Eagles’s backfield and if Murray struggles early, Matthews could get the heavier workload.
J.Hill 10.93 7/10 I can’t trust Hill anymore, he has been absolutely outperformed by fellow Bernard and needs to have a huge week to make a statement and earn a starter spot.
G.Bernard 10.93 3/10 He is the most reliable RB in Cincinnati mainly because he can catch the ball and has been more effective running the ball.
L.Bell 12.37 0/10 There is no chance to sit the last year’s second best fantasy RB.

Best Matchups WR

Player Points Allowed (Def) Start Analysis
AJ Green 44.07 10/10 Must start every week.
M.Jones 44.07 6/10 He has been consistent and has Dalton’s confidence and a lot of talent. Since he has Green and Eifert before him (in terms of targets) I like him as a WR3/flex option this week going forward.
A.Brown 38.27 9/10 He was last year’s best fantasy WR, however I am worried about that Roethilsberger’s injury. I’m not expecting a huge 20+ points game, but I think a 10-15 points is a realistic projection.
O.Beckham Jr 32.2 10/10 Must start every week.
R.Randle 32.2 5/10 He is Eli’s fourth option in terms of targets, but he had a good Week 3 and without V.Cruz in the mix he could put up nice points against Buffalo. However he isn’t a consistent player and you should start him with caution.
R.Cobb 30.83 10/10 Must start every week.
James Jones 30.83 8/10 LowWR2/Flex option just because he has a lot of chemistry with the NFL’s best QB: A.Rodgers.
P.Garçon 29.1 5/10 He has a lot of targets, but he can’t make a lot happen: 27 targets, 17 reception, 9.5 yards per reception and just 1 TD.

Worst Matchups WR

Player Points Allowed (Def) Sit Analysis
M.Wallace 8.13 8/10 His best game he scored 6.3 points. He faces a tough Denver defense and the Vikes need to run the ball a lot to win.
T.Benjamin 14.23 4/10 He has been consistent, has a lot of upside and it’s like the only receiver in that Browns offense. Still a solid flex option this week.
Larry Fitzgerald 14.37 1/10 Sitting Larry? No way, until he slows down I wouldn’t sit him at all.
J.Brown 14.37 4/10 Brown has been a bit disappointment especially after all that preseason hype, however he is just one TD catch to score 15+ points. You need to know that he is high reward but not a lot of risk kind of player.
D.Hopkins 15.17 2/10 He is almost a must start every week, plus this Sunday Foster maybe back and that will open the door for a big game for Hopkins.
C.Johnson 15.4 2/10 He has a slow start, but I still clung to the idea that he is an elite WR that could perform even against a tough Seattle secondary.
G.Tate 15.4 8/10 No upside, no touchdown, no nothing. G.Tate hasn’t been nearly what a lot of us expected and he is falling apart along with that Lions offense. Sit him to avoid disappointment.

Best Matchups TE

Player Points Allowed (Def) Start Analysis
M.Bennett 20.17 9/10 Culter’s injury have really affected Bennett’s production, but this week has the best matchup that a TE could ask for. It will be very concerning if he doesn’t bounce back this week.
J.Witten 14.93 8/10 Last week had his higher receiving yards this year without T.Romo. He is a reliable TE who Weeden will look for in short passes and maybe he could sneak a TD.

Worst Matchups TE

Player Points Allowed (Def) Sit Analysis
H.Miller 1 8/10 Unless you have Gronk or Walker on their bye week, you better sit Miller this week with the worst matchup and without his starting QB.
J.Reed 2.83 2/10 Had a tough matchup last week and he came through. Reed has great catching skills and upside, and looks like the best option for Cousins. I’d still like him this week as a TE1.

fantasyreaList Writer: Aldo Muriá


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