Wicked Waiver Adds

Josh McCown


Josh McCown (2% owned in Yahoo) – Let’s remove the name of the player and the team and look at just the stats.  Because I get it Browns and McCown (they rhyme) together sounds like a losing prospect.  Who threw for over 340 yards and had 2 TDs in each of the last 2 games?  THIS GUY!!

Jay Cutler (26% owned in Yahoo) – Has KC up next and just threw 2 TDs and 281 yards last week.  A nice add as he seems to always produce more than anyone think he does.

Nick Foles (12% owned in Yahoo) – 3 TDs last week. Green Bay is up next, the Rams will be throwing as they try to come from behind.

Blake Bortles (18% owned in Yahoo) – has 996 yards and 6 TDs on the season.  IN Robinson and Hurns he has two good weapons and a limited running game at his disposal,  Bortles will be throwing so you could do worse.


Leonard Hankerson (20% owned in Yahoo) – 29 targets and 17 receptions and 2 TDs.  Clearly the second option in the Atlanta passing attack.  He won’t be completely consistent but could help you if you are WR needy.

Kamar Aiken (2% owned in Yahoo) – Steve Smith is out for week 5,  Aiken is the new WR1 in Baltimore, where Flacco has been throwing the ball a LOT.  Week 4 brought him 5 receptions for 77 yards and a TD.  If Smith is out he is worth a plug and play.

Eddie Royal (39% owned in Yahoo) – 7 receptions for 54 yards and a TD in week 4.  If you kept him on your roster you are thinking “WOW, he finally did something”.  If Jeffreys is out again in week 5 I would have a speculative add here as he will probably have value.  (see Cutler above)

Willie Snead (5% owned in Yahoo) – Targets have been 6-7-6 the past three weeks.  This guy is getting looks in NO and producing now that Brees is back in the lineup.  Add and hold in PPR.

Others to watch – Allen Hurns (will be a hot waiver pick up, but every WR2 that aces Indy goes off.  Nate Washington should be pretty good next week)


Ronnie Hillman (36% owned in Yahoo) – He is going to get more touches in Denver.  This is looking like a split between Hillman and Anderson moving forward.  Hillman offers the big play ability and needs to be owned.  With that I will add I do not love either Denver RB right now.  Add and stash.

Rashard Jennings (71% owned in Yahoo) – Finally produced this past week.  With this I am going to say he needs to be owned but again I don’t trust any of the Giants backs as long as they keep the 3 headed monster going.

Duke Johnson (32 % owned in Yahoo) – Has been getting more and more involved in Cleveland the past 2 weeks.  I honestly think if you play PPR he should be your number 1 add.  That McCown guy will be throwing a lot and this guy had 10 targets in week 4.  Looking like a nice flex play the rest of the way in PPR.

Antonio Andrews (9% owned in Yahoo) – Performed as the lead back in week 3, that alone means he should be added.  He certainly can’t be worse than Sankey.  Can he?  I doubt it.  I say add him.


Antonio Gates (55% owned in Yahoo) – he is back just in time to help the SD passing game.  You know he will be involved and hopefully still strong form his PED use.  Add him and play him.  Remember also that Oakland is on the menu soon which means a HUGE day for him in week 7.  Great to have you back, you big lug.

Gary Barnidge (11% owned in Yahoo) – two weeks in a row of 6 receptions and  TD.  Lots of targets coming his way as he is involved heavily in the passing game.   I am shocked that has name is even mentioned BUT, I can’t ignore production and neither can you.  At the very least add this guy and hold him.  This production cannot be ignored.

Charles Clay (70% owned in Yahoo) – His high ownership means he is not shocking anyone.  He should be owned in 100% of leagues though.  Seriously the guy said he would produce in the preseason, he said they will be running plays for him, he was not lying,  Own him and start him as a TE1.

Richard Rodgers (17% owned in Yahoo) – He is involved in one of the best offenses in the league and that should make you consider him as at least a bye week fill in.  I think he will be up and down for the season but he really should be owned through the bye weeks.

Owen Daniels (55% owned in Yahoo) – he has Oakland next.  I don’t think I need to say anything else, plug and play next week.


Ney York Giants – Has SF next week and they give up the most points to DEF


Tampa Bay


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