Start or Sit based on Matchups Week 5

Find out which defenses allow the most/least amount of fantasy points at each position and if they should be starting. We did the research for you and give you their start/sit grade. You’re player might be playing a defense that gives up a ton of points at that position, but is he worth a start? 


Best Matchups QB

Player Opp Defense  Def Points Allowed  Start  Analysis
J.Cutler  Kansas City Chiefs  23.39  7/10  The Chiefs haven’t been able to keep a QB below 18 points in standard leagues. Cutler could take advantage of that and has a better performance if Jeffery comes back. Plus the Bears QB has great stats vs Kansas City in 4 games: 1083 yards, 8 TDs and 4 INTs.
S.Bradford  New Orleans Saints  22.13  2/10 Had a nice game last week, but he has three games with fewer than 15 fantasy points. He has a nice matchup but I can’t trust him until he shows some consistency.
B.Weeden  New England Patriots  20.13  1/10  Oh man, this guy keeps appearing on this list and I hope he isn’t your starting QB.
M.Mariota Buffalo Bills  20.01  9/10  I’m impressed with this rookie: with just three games played he is a top 15 fantasy QB with 833 yards, 8 TDs and just 2 INTs. Plus he has a running ability that could turn out into a rushing TD and six extra points.
P.Manning  Oakland Raiders  19.33 7/10  Peyton has been very inconsistent: two games with 18+ fantasy points and the other two with 9 or less points. He might be a matchup based kind of player and this week you could start him with confidence.


Worst Matchups QB

Player Opp Defense  Def Points Allowed  Sit  Analysis
D.Carr  Denver Broncos  7.37  6/10  I like Carr as a long season option, but this week he is facing an impressive Broncos Defense. I’d be surprised if he can score 12+ fantasy points and if he does I would start him every week going forward with confidence.
A.Rodgers  St.Louis Rams  12.56  0/10  Come on, must start every week.
M.Stafford  Arizona Cardinals 13.02 5/10  Two bad matchups, two bad performances, however he still has a good RB core and one of the best WR in the league. He wouldn’t be my first option, but he could be a QB2 this week.
A.Dalton  Seattle Seahawks  13.3  4/10  Dalton has been very good so far in four games with 18+ fantasy points, 9 Tds and just 1 interception. He faces the Seahawks but not in Seattle, so I expect 15 points from him that could help you win this week.
M.Vick  San Diego Chargers  15.07  9/10  He looked uncomfortable on the field vs the Ravens and the only thing he has is his running ability. I still wouldn’t start him at all.


Best Matchups RB

Player Opp Defense  Def Points Allowed  Start  Analysis
A.Morris  Atlanta Falcons  28.58  7/10  Morris got a hit on his value after Week 2 and 3 when he had less carries than the rookie M.Jones. However this last week he outnumbered Jones by 10 carries and rushed for 62 yards. At this point he’s a RB3 with RB2 potential, but there are still two things that really concern me: his team has been bad and they could quit the running game sooner than later every week, plus he could be a fumble away from losing a significant amount of touches in favor of Jones. However he has the best matchup and he should be able to have decent production.
L.Bell  San Diego Chargers  27.3  10/10  Must start every week.
D.Lewis  Dallas Cowboys  25.38  8/10  I know it’s hard to trust a New England RB, but D.Lewis has been very productive running and receiving. His limited participation against the Jags was because the Pats were winning huge very early in the game. Unless a Bellitrick happens, he’s a reliable flex option in 10 team leagues and arguably a RB2 in 12+ teams leagues.
L.Blount  Dallas Cowboys  25.38  5/10  I really don’t trust Blount because looks like his production depends on the game’s situation: if the Pats are in a tight game, Blount could warm the bench all sixty minutes. But if they’re trying to eat the clock, he could have another monster game. This is really a toss up.
J.Forsett  Cleveland Browns 23.88  8/10  Many owners were relieved after last TNF game when Forsett ran for 150 yards and had 27 carries. The Ravens know that he is their best weapon now that Smith Sr is out. Hopefully it could last all season long and the little guy could regain his RB2/1 status.
F.Gore  Houston Texans  23.4  5/10  The veteran has just one game with more than 7 fantasy points. At this point the Colts are so desperate that they are checking out A.Bradsaw to potentially sign him soon. Maybe you don’t have any other options but you should really temper your expectations on Gore every week.


Worst Matchups RB

 Player Opp Defense  Def Points Allowed  Sit  Analysis
D.Freeman  Washington Redskins  9.23  1/10  This guy has been outstanding and he could end up as a top 10 fantasy RB this season. He has been very explosive running and catching the ball in a very dominant way. Even with Coleman back, Freeman will get a lot of touches and this week he could have more receptions against a tough Washington rush defense.
T.Coleman  Washington Redskins  9.23  8/10  I was very high on this kid, but Freeman has absolutely stole his starting job. This week he has a very tough matchup and he is coming of a rib injury.
J.Hill  Seattle Seahawks  9.78  4/10  Last week he only had 9 carries and that situation probably would be the same for now on until he starts producing like a real RB1. This week he plays the Seahawks, but he still has the goal line carries and if he scores he could help you a lot.
G.Bernard  Seattle Seahawks  9.78  2/10  Very consistent and all four games with 8+ points. He has been productive running and catching the ball. I still like him as lowRB3/flex option this week.
M.Gordon  Pittsburgh Steelers  12.33  7/10  He has the touches but not the production nor the scores. Until he has his breakout game (if he does) he is a player to start on bye weeks only.
D.Woodhead  Pittsburgh Steelers  12.33  1/10  Top 11 fantasy RB after four weeks. He produces every game catching the ball and Rivers really trusts him, excellent flex option every week.
M.Ingram  Philadelphia Eagles  13.15  2/10  He is really involved in the Saints offense (78 total touches) and he finds a way to produce every week.
I.Crowell  Baltimore Ravens  14.65  8/10  Has been productive but inconsistent as well (2 games with 12+ points and the other 2 with fewer than4), this week faces a tough matchup and if the Browns can’t keep up with the Ravens, maybe they turn their heads into Duke’s direction in short passes.
Duke Johnson  Baltimore Ravens  14.65  5/10  I like this rookie going forward especially in PPR formats. This week he could get a decent amount of targets and could help you in the flex option in case you have some players on bye.


Best Matchups WR

Player Opp Defense  Def Points Allowed  Start  Analysis
A.Jeffery  Kansas City Chiefs  40.33  8/10*  If he is good to go I’d start him with confidence. He has a nice matchup and we all know what he is capable of. The only thing that concerns me is his injury, but seems like the Bears have been cautious with him which is good for him.
E.Royal  Kansas City Chiefs  40.33  7/10*  Just as Jeffery, he is a conditional start. He depends on his teammate status, if Alshon is out then Royal is a great flex option, but if he plays then Royal is no more than a WR4.
T.Benjamin  Baltimore Ravens  32.75  7/10  He has been consistent receiving every game, with at least 45 yards and already 4 TDs. With McCown throwing the ball, the Browns offense has looked like a pro team (not the best though), so in a nice matchup I’d start Benjamin.
K.Wright  Buffalo Bills  30.15  6/10  He has some chemistry with Mariota and he is the 27th best WR with one less game. I didn’t like him at the beginning of the season but I like his ability to play in the inside or outside because that gives Mariota the opportunity to find him open constantly (20 targets in 3 games is something that I can take).
T.Williams  New England Patriots  29  3/10  I loved him after Dez got injured, but without Romo the Cowboys just don’t want to take a shot and throw 7+ yards passes. So I’d stay away from him until Tony is back. I’d even consider starting Beasley over Williams.
W.Snead  Philadelphia Eagles  28.53  5/10  We all know that Brees likes to spread the ball and hasn’t made a WR a top 15 in some years now, but he always finds one guy he likes and gets him a WR3/WR2 status. This year Snead could fill up that spot: he averages 60 yards per game and has 1 TD.
B.Cooks  Philadelphia Eagles  28.53  3/10  The only thing I like from Cooks this year is his upside, but until he does something meaningful I’ll be keeping him on the bench.


Worst Matchups WR

Player Opp Defense  Def Points Allowed  Sit  Analysis
A.Cooper  Denver Broncos  13.83  3/10  I know he has the Broncos, but he is the best WR in Oakland and has been dominating defenders so far. The thing that I don’t like is the fact that Carr will be under a lot of pressure, but I still think that Amari has at least flex status this week.
M.Crabtree  Denver Broncos  13.83  8/10  I don’t trust him yet and he has a bad matchup.
AJ Green  Seattle Seahawks  13.85  2/10  He is a must start every week but temper your expectation this week vs the Seattle Seahawks.
M.Jones  Seattle Seahawks  13.85  6/10  He is a boom or bust kind of player so it’s a gamble every week. But if Dalton can’t find Green he won’t hesitate to find Jones.
A.Brown  San Diego Chargers  14.55  2/10  Last week he missed Roethilsberger, but after that loss I’m pretty sure the Steelers will build their game plan around Bell and Brown. So he should have a good amount of touches to make something happen.
M.Bryant  San Diego Chargers  14.55  7/10  He is the deep threat in Pittsburgh and without Big Ben I’d keep him on my bench.
T.Austin  Green Bay Packers  16.78  5/10  With Gurley on the field they should target Austin more and I trust his explosiveness. To beat the Packers the Rams need to play excellent on defense and take advantage of every opportunity on offense, so I think the Rams will find ways to get Austin the ball.
James Jones  St.Louis Rams  16.93  3/10  Still a WR2 every week, wouldn’t sit him unless I have two elite WR ahead of him.
R.Cobb  St.Louis Rams  16.93  2/10  9 targets per game and A.Rodgers throwing the ball, enough said.


Best Matchups TE

Player Opp Defense  Def Points Allowed  Start  Analysis
O.Daniels  Oakland Raiders  18.7  8/10  No TE has had less than 14 fantasy points vs the Raiders, plus the Broncos have been targeting Daniels in the red zone.
Any 49ers TE  New York Giants  13.73  1/10  If it’s Davis or Celek who start the game I wouldn’t start any of them. There are better options on the waiver for sure.


Worst Matchups TE

Player Opp Defense  Def Points Allowed  Sit  Analysis
G.Barnidge  Baltimore Ravens  0.78  5/10  The Ravens defense have contained TEs like Daniels, Miller and Eifert. However I trust Barnidge this week with McCown and him building some rapport.
J.Hill or B.watson  Philadelphia Eagles  3  9/10  There is not enough proof to trust any of the Saints TEs.

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