DFS Week 6 Picks

Welcome to my weekly DFS value picks.  This is where I offer a list of players that according to their price and usage in their systems (targets and overall touches), are the best options to bring you high production at the lowest price, making them great value picks.  I will not be advising you to use the “Top Tier” players, as they are the players everybody knows about.  If you haven’t played DFS before, you want to pair a couple of these great value players with the more expensive players that you know will come through with great numbers week in and week out, to give you the highest point total possible and ideally give you a chance to win some cash!  Draft King prices are annotated by the DK next to the price  and FanDuel are FD. 

So how did you do this past week?  Hope you all won some cash and had some fun.  Below are the players that I advised you to use during week 5, on the top 5 teams from 2 Draft Kings tournaments.    Each team had at least 2 and a couple of them had as many as 6!


1st place   2nd place   3rd place   4th place   5th place
D. Freeman S. Bradford B. Bortles B. Bortles J. Forsett
D. Lewis J. Forsett J. Forsett J. Forsett A. Robinson
J. Edelman A. Robinson D. Freeman D. Lewis
D. Freeman W. Snead W. Snead
G. Barnidge
D. Freeman




1st place   2nd place   3rd place   4th place   5th place
S. Bradford B. Bortles T. Taylor B. Bortles D. Freeman
J. Forsett J. Forsett T. Gurley A. Robinson J. Edelman
D. Freeman W. Snead J. Edelman D. Freeman
J. Edelman D. Freeman A. Robinson W. Snead
A. Robinson G. Barnidge
D. Freeman

There were some poor performances such as Matt Ryan, Randall Cobb and Charles Clay, but we gotta move on to week 6.  Pick well and good luck!



Drew Brees vs Atl ( $7,000DK – $8,300FD) – 300+ PY and 2TDs in 2 straight games.  Cheap top option.

Matt Ryan vs N.O ($6,900DK – $8,100FD) – N.O is ranked 30th against the pass, Matt Ryan can do some damage for cheaper than most.


Devonta Freeman ($7,000DK – $8,000FD) – Worried about T.Coleman coming back? 27 carries 153RuY and 1 TD last game.  Can’t beat the price for those stats.


Brandin Cooks vs Atl ($5,700DK – $7,000FD)  – 100ReY for the 1st time this season in their last game.  Once Drew and Cooks get synched, 7CTHS per game is not out of the question.

Leonard Hankerson vs N.O ($4,200DK – $5,800FD) – Battling injuries but if Julio is on the other side, Leonard will see single coverage all day.

Willie Snead vs Atl ($3,300DK – $6,200FD) – 12CTHS and 230ReY the last 2 weeks.  Brees will look his way often and he is dirt cheap still!


Jacob Tamme vs N.O ($2,500DK – $5,100FD) – 8CTHS and 94ReY last week, capable of putting up nice numbers in this offense with a real nice price tag.


Neither defense are worth being used.





Carson Palmer vs Pit ($6,600DK – $8,000FD) – High scoring offense with all his weapons healthy and the way to attack Pittsburgh is through the air.

Phillip Rivers vs G.B ($6,300DK – $7,500FD) – Gates is back and you know they will have to match G.B all day.  300PY and 2-3TDs is almost guaranteed.

Sam Bradford vs NYG ($6,000DK – $7,700FD) – The Eagles offense is starting to roll and if Colin Kaepernick can put up stats against this defense, you know Bradford can.



Joe Flacco vs S.F ($5,900DK – $7,800FD) – Strictly a contrarian play, for the price against a defense that struggles against the pass, it’s not a bad play.

Jay Cutler vs Det ($5,200DK – $7,500FD) – 2 straight solid weeks for Cutler and he may get Alshon Jeffrey and Eddie Royal back this week.  Could have a huge day.

Blake Bortles vs Hou ($5,200DK – $7,300FD) – Matt Hasselback carved up this defense last week.  I believe Bortles can do the same with his two young WRs and Julius Thomas should see more playing time.

Colin Kaepernick vs Bal ($5,000DK – $7,300FD) – Always a threat to give you points on the ground just as much as in the air, Baltimore defense allowed McCown to go for 457PY last week.  For the price, Colin could end up on a lot of winning teams!


Arian Foster vs Jax ($7,000DK – $8,500FD) – 28 touches last week, 9 of them being catches, PPR gold.  Should shred up Jacksonville’s defense this week.

Justin Forsett vs S.F ($6,400DK – $7,600FD) – Hampered by an ankle injury, if healthy should continue his great play as of late.  48 carries and 271RuY the last 2 weeks.


Dion Lewis vs Ind ($5,800DK- $7,200FD) – Threat for multiple catches, in one of the best offenses in football, great value.

Chris Ivory vs Was  ($5,100DK – $7,300FD) – Washington just got hammered by the Falcons on the ground.  In his last game Ivory rushed 29 times for 166 yards.  Low price for the volume.

Shane Vereen vs Phi ($4,200DK – $5,600FD) – With OBJ and Randle hampered by injuries Vereen had 8CTHS, 86ReY and 1 TD last week.  Should continue to get the looks this week.


Theo Riddick vs Chi ($3,300DK – $5,000FD) – Threat to have 5-7 catches a week, very low price.

Chris Thompson vs NYJ ($3,300DK – $5,100FD) – 3rd down and up-tempo back.  Real good value for someone that may have 4-6 catches.



Julian Edelman vs Ind ($7,600DK – $7,900FD) – PPR monster.  WR1 in one of the best offenses in football.

Brandon Marshall vs Wash ($7,100DK – $8,000FD) – At least 7CTHS and 100ReY his last 3 games.  Should be targeted often against Wash.


Jarvis Landry vs Tenn ($6,200DK – $7,300FD) – The Dolphins love getting the ball in his hands.  Chalk him up for 7CTHS weekly.

James Jones vs S.D ($5,800DK – $6,600FD) – All he does is score TDs.  And for the price always a great value.

Allen Hurns vs Hou ($5,000DK – $6,500FD) – With A. Robinson getting the top DB and Julius Thomas being back, Hurns gets a lot of great looks.  That will continue against Houston.


Eric Decker vs Was ($4,900DK – $6,100FD) – Marshall gets the defensive attention, Decker just produces against one-on-one coverage.  TD in 3 of his first 4 games.

Anquan Boldin vs Bal ($4,3000DK – $6,5000FD) – 49ers most trusted offensive player should produce good numbers for a low price, as Baltimore is 31st against the pass.

Marquess Wilson vs Det ($4,000DK – $5,400FD – If Alshon Jeffrey is out, Wilson will continue to get great opportunities. 12CTHS 165ReY 1TD in the last 2 games.

Jamison Crowder vs NYJ ($3,600DK – $5,500FD) – At least 6CTHS the last 3 weeks, could see another 8-10 targets this week.

Stefon Diggs vs K.C ($3,500DK – $4,500FD) – Charles Johnson and Mike Wallace are hurt, K.C is last against the pass.  Could have a nice stat line for a super low price.

Dwayne Harris vs Phi ($3,100DK – $5,300FD) – If OBJ or Randle miss the game, Harris is next up.  They will have to score with Philly.



Greg Olsen vs Sea ($5,500DK – $6,300 FD) – Did you see what Eifert did against the Seahawks last week?  Olsen could have a real nice day.

Travis Kelce vs Min ($5,000DK – $6,200FD) – With Jamaal Charles being out, Kelce should get more opportunities to make big plays.


Antonio Gates vs G.B ($4,600DK – $5,500FD) – Super low price for Phillip River’s top receiving option.  Should be trying to match points with G.B all day.

Julius Thomas vs Hou ($4,000DK – $5,200FD) – Just getting his feet wet last week, should play more this week and is always a threat to score a TD.

Larry Donnell vs Phi ($2,800DK – $5,300FD) – 6CTHS, 35ReY and 1TD last week.  Can do that every week and for the price, it gives you a lot of wiggle room to use the extra money elsewhere.


NYJ vs Wash ($3,100DK – $4,800FD) – Been preparing for Cousins for 2 weeks.  Shouldn’t be too hard.

Cin vs Buf ($3,000DK – $4,700FD) – Possibility of Tyrod Taylor missing the game, this defense has been hot as of late.

Min vs K.C ($2,800DK – $4,500FD) – No Charles, the offense falls on Alex Smith.  I’ll take it.

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Good luck with your picks this week.  If I helped you win, you’re welcome!  If I helped you lose, you just didn’t use the right combination of guys I gave you.  HAHAHAHAHA #GetAtMe



fantasyreaList Writer: Javier Martinez



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