Mailbag Week 6

Would you rather have Doug Martin or Arian Foster for the rest of the season? * I Lost Charles, what course of action should I take?  * At this point in the season, would you rather start Lynch or Yeldon? * Should I trade Lacy for Lynch? * Christine Michael, Is he a possible sleeper pick up?

Would you rather have Doug Martin or Arian Foster for the rest of the season? (@AlexKahn28)

Martin, making a vicious comeback. Or Foster, a star with major injury problems? Starting with Martin, I knew this guy would make some sort of comeback this year, it just started later than I thought. He is on most of my fantasy teams and I am extremely excited about what he can do after his week 5 performance. I wrote back in week 1 that Martin will be a guy for Jameis Winston to rely on, no doubt he has become that, and will be a feature guy in that Tampa Bay offense.

Foster. Extremely valuable in PPR, he is a 5-10 reception a game type running back. Also valuable in standard because of his big play ability. Though the question becomes tougher to answer in standard. I think the difference really is that the Texans as a team, rely on Foster more than anyone, when he is healthy. Martin, while reliable and a key component to the development of Winston, hasn’t become the player that Foster is for his team.

I Love Doug Martin but even with Foster’s injury risk, I would choose Foster.

I Lost Charles, what course of action should I take?  (@HickNeath) (@mattDNBwaters)

Whenever any of your key players go down first step is, figure out who the backup is. In this case it’s Knile Davis. But wait. Charcandrick West, not Knile Davis, filled the void left by Charles in week 5. So who should you pick up? Well both are solid pick ups. West for the moment though, is the hot back in Kansas City. West should be your #1 target, Davis your #2 and then anybody else on waivers who is getting touches. Head over to the waiver adds section for some helpful tips.

If you can fill the void left by Charles via waivers, you’re in god shape. Trading is a tricky business, be careful about trading when desperate. Always consult with someone before going through.

At this point in the season, would you rather start Lynch or Yeldon? (@_promigo)

At this moment in time Lynch owners are still on edge, and looking for that big game to reassure them that Lynch is worth keeping. While Yeldon is an up and coming rookie who is seeing quite a few touches a game, but hasn’t done a lot with them. Although he has back to back 10+ point games. So for week 6 with Lynch returning, who is it going to be?

 Well I am going to have to say Yeldon, he has momentum, matchup, and touches going for him. He is poised to break out soon and it quite possibly could be this week against Houston. Lynch has a decent matchup against the Panthers, but it’s not great. He hasn’t produced since week 1, and really wasn’t getting a lot of touches either. I expect him to improve and surpass Yeldon eventually this season, but for now, Yeldon looks like the better play.

Should I trade Lacy for Lynch? I also have Forte and they have the same BYE. (@giants316)

I often hear people say when drafting a team, “I can’t draft him! He has the same bye week as this other player.” I tend to disagree with this strategy, if you can get a couple of top notch players, why would you pass it up because of one bye week? But, here we are discussing how to approach the dreaded bye week, where both your running backs are sitting at home.

Lacy and Lynch are both struggling. So, should you execute the trade? Well, how is your team doing? Are you 1-4? Or 5-0? I’m not saying you should just chalk the bye week up as a loss and accept it if your 5-0, it’s just a security thing. If you’re not desperate for a win I think you should be patient, check the waivers and roll with what you have. If your struggling though, realize that fantasy football is about making moves, when something isn’t working, be aggressive. You can’t be scared to make moves, otherwise you will find yourself sitting there saying, If I would have just done this, or that, I would have won! Evaluate your team’s performance, weigh all your options, and then decide.

This trade is risky, but if you’re a struggling team, maybe it’s time for a risk or two.

Christine Michael, Is he a possible sleeper pick up?

The Dallas Cowboys are struggling. What do you do when you’re struggling? You change it up. Matt Cassel is now the starting QB. Is more change coming though? Rumor has it that RB Christine Michael, along with LG La’el Collins could be starting after the Cowboys week 6 bye.

I think Christine Michael could be worth a stash if you have the room. Michael handled short yardage situations the past two weeks and if he ends up starting, that should translate into goal line carries. This of course would be very bad news for Joseph Randle owners, also for Mcfadden owners.

If you’re in a deep league, grab Michael now, if you’re in a standard league it isn’t urgent but keep your eye on any reports regarding Michael. If you have a free spot though, you might consider putting Michael on your bench in any case.


 fantasyreaList Writer: Ben Goold


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