Start or Sit based on Matchups Week 6

Find out which defenses allow the most/least amount of fantasy points at each position and if they should be starting. We did the research for you and give you their start/sit grade. You’re player might be playing a defense that gives up a ton of points at that position, but is he worth a start? Scale as follows

Best matchups: 0/5 Don’t start; 1/5 Risky start; 2/5 Start with caution; 3/5 Solid start; 4/5 Start with confidence; 5/5 Must start

Worst matchups: 0/5 Don’t sit; 1/5 You shouldn’t sit him; 2/5 You should give him a chance; 3/5 You should sit him; 4/5 You better sit him; 5/5 Must sit.


Best matchups QB

Player Opp Defense Def Points Allowed  Start  Analysis
T.Bridgewater  Kansas City Chiefs  22.23  2/5 Start w/Caution  He has been very inconsistent but he is a mobile QB that could sneak in a rushing TD and connect with his WRs vs a weak Chiefs defense.
C.Kaepernick  Baltimore Ravens  21.86  3/5 Solid start  He has struggled against tough defenses but had solid performances against easier ones. His team is desperate to get a win and they could force him to throw the ball more and move more with his feet, could have a decent game vs the Ravens that allowed QBs like Carr, Dalton and McCown to score 26+ fantasy points.
J.Flacco  San Francisco 49ers  20.49  2/5 Start w/caution  Flacco needs Smith Sr. and Gillmore to be productive, he has 2 games in a row with less than 211 yards only 1 TD and 1 interception. You can’t count on him running for TDs every game.
P.Manning  Cleveland Browns 20.1  2/5 Start w/caution  Once an elite and must start every week, Peyton has looked bad this season. He already has three games with less than 9 points and has more interceptions than touchdowns. I hope he isn’t your only QB and if he is, try to find someone more reliable on the waiver wire.
B.Bortles  Houston Texans 18.6  4/5 Start w/confidence  Sixth among QBs and has five games in a row with 16+ fantasy points. With a good RB, 2 very good WR and an elite TE he could end up as a top15 QB this year.


Worst Matchups QB

Player Opp Defense Def Points Allowed  Sit  Analysis
J.McCown  Denver Broncos 7.86 3/5 You should sit him  It`s hard to go against a player who in only three full games is the 11th best QB. But this week he really has a tough matchup and could hurt your team, unless you don’t have any other choices, keep him on the bench.
K.Cousins  New York Jets 10.07 5/5 Must sit  He hasn’t score multiple TDs and could be without Jackson again. Plus plays against the second best defense against QBs coming off their bye week.
R.Wilson  Carolina Panthers  12.84 2/5 You should give him a chance  The Seahawks offensive line hasn’t been able to protect Wilson very well. However, he still has running ability and is a very mobile QB. As long as he doesn’t lose the ball, he could give you 15 fantasy points.
P.Rivers  Green Bay Packers  13.4  2/5 You should give him a chance  He leads the NFL in passing yards, but  already has 7 turnovers. As usual he will throw the ball a lot and this week he could throw even more to catch up with the Packers.
M.Vick  Arizona Cardinals  13.48  4/5 You better sit him  The Steelers will run the ball a lot until Big Ben comes back. I still can’t trust Vick and you shouldn’t either.


Best matchups RB

Player Opp Defense Def Points Allowed  Start  Analysis
CJ Anderson  Cleveland Browns  26.88  1/5 risky start Anderson is 57th among RBs. Behind guys like A.Andres, J.Starks, B.Powell and A.Ellington (just 2 games played). In his best game he recorded 70 combined yards and averages 4.28 fantasy points per game. He has a good matchup, but at this point he is even a droppable player.
R.Hillman  Cleveland Browns  26.88  2/5 start w/caution Has been more dynamic than his teammate Anderson, however he needs to show more so I could really trust him. But at least he has some upside.
E.Lacy  San Diego Chargers  25.98 3/5 solid start  Lacy has only two games with 9+ fantasy points so far, but he has been dealing with an injury and I’m hoping that’s the reason why the Packers are limiting his snaps and touches. This week he has a very good matchup and would be a must start if it wasn’t for his inconsistency.
A.Foster  Jacksonville Jaguars  23.64  5/5 must start He looked well against the Colts and this week he didn’t miss a single practice, he is ready to go.
J.Forsett  San Francisco 49ers 23  5/5 must start After a slow start he has two straight games with 120+ yards and is the main asset of the Ravens offense. Keep an eye on his status though so you don’t get a donut in case he doesn’t play.
TJ Yeldon  Houston Texans  22.3  2/5 start w/caution He gets a lot of touches every week and is 6th among RBs with more carries and touches. Only thing is, he wasn’t able to practice at all this week. If he plays just temper your expectations.

Worst Matchups RB

Player Opp Defense Def Points Allowed  Sit  Analysis
J.Stewart  Seattle Seahawks  9.9  3/5 you should sit him Without D.Williams on the mix he is the guy in Carolina and I think he has been underrated. He hasn’t had a game with more than 62 rushing yards but no less than 50. So the consistency is there and if he scores he could really help you. He is still a good flex, but you need to know that that Seattle defense held RBs like Lacy, Forte and both Bengals RB to less than 11 points.
A.Morris  New York Jets  11 4/5 you better sit him  If someone knows who will be starter and will have the workload this week in that Washington backfield please let us all know.
C.Ivory  Washington Redskins  12.58  0/5 don’t sit him  He is the key piece in the Jets offense. He runs hard, that’s why he’ll get a lot of carries and should be very productive. With both Marshall and Decker in the mix, he can avoid stacked boxes and make big plays.
R.Jennings  Philadelhia Eagles  12.68  3/5 you should sit him  Every time he plays is a toss-up. Although he has his touches guaranteed, Jennings has only two games with 7+ fantasy points. Vereen is stealing receptions and A.Williams goal line carries, but he still has big play ability and upside left.
C.Johnson  Pittsburgh Steelers  12.86 2/5 you should give him a chance  With Ellington back he could start losing more carries this week even with the starting role in his name.
A.Ellington  Pittsburgh Steelers  12.86  2/5 you should give him a chance  With that 63 yard TD, he showed how much upside he has and why he was the starter. This week we could see a RBBC in Arizona with a decent amount of touches, so Ellington could do some damage.


Best matchups WR

Player Opp Defense Def Points Allowed  Start  Analysis
M.Wallace  Kansas City Chiefs  36.82 2/5 start w/caution  Wallace is without a doubt the first option for Teddy and he still has a lot of speed and upside. Plus the Kansas secondary looks really bad.
A. Boldin  Baltimore Ravens  30.84  1/5 risky start  Very inconsistent player this season (3.6 points,12,1.6,1.2,16.7) but the 49ers will try everything to get their first win since Week 1. They could try a lot of deep passes, so if you want to gamble with a high risk high reward player, Boldin is your guy.
O.Beckham  Philadelphia Eagles  29.7 5/5 must start  Must start every week if healthy.
R.Randle  Philadelphia Eagles  29.7  2/5 start w/caution  If Beckham doesn’t play or if is unable to finish the game, then Randle could sneak in a TD and 50 yards.
D.Harris  Philadelphia Eagles  29.7  1/5 risky start  He is a very risky start, but he has 2 straight games with 50+ receiving yards and has 1 TD.
J.Edelman  Indianapolis Colts  29.5  5/5 must start  This little guy is consistent: 99.7 yards per game and in his worst game he received for 85 yards. Must start every week.
K.Aiken  San Francisco 49ers  28.12  3/5 solid start  Smith Sr. is questionable but he said his back didn’t respond the way he was hoped. Next in line is Aiken and he already has three games with 76+ receiving yards.


Worst Matchups WR

Player Opp Defense Def Points Allowed  Sit  Analysis
T.Benjamin  Denver Broncos  13.12  2/5 you should give him a chance  Benjamin is a very important part of that successful passing Browns offense. Even though I really hate his match up, I like his upside and he could be a WR3 this week.
T.Ginn  Seattle Seahawks  15.24  4/5 you should sit him  He is facing the Legion of Boom and Cam loves to throw the ball to his guy Olsen. If he doesn’t score a TD, could be a long day.
R.Cobb  San Diego Chargers  15.66  0/5 don’t sit  No way I’m sitting Aaron Rodgers’s top target.
James Jones  San Diego Chargers  15.66  0/5 don’t sit  He is 4th among WR and has been very consistent with the best QB throwing him the ball. Enough said.
K.Allen  Green Bay Packers  16.84  1/5 you shouldn’t sit him  He could have a big game this week because the Chargers will probably be playing catch up with the Packers. Also Rivers is the leader in total thrown yards this season.
J.Matthews  New York Giants  18.8  2/5 you should give him a chance  He now has three straight games with less than 5 fantasy points and Bradford has been spreading the ball a lot. Matthews is a safe bet but he has a low ceiling and is just a flex option in case you have someone on a bye week.


Best matchups TE

Player Opp Defense Def Points Allowed  Start  Analysis
J.Gresham  Pittsburh Steelers  14.56  0/5 don’t start  There are 52 TE with better numbers than Gresham this season. Palmer prefers to throw passes to his RBs and WRs over his TE. I’m sure you could find someone on the waiver this week.
B.Celek/Z.Ertz  New York Giants  13  1/5 risky start  Same situation in Arizona. Bradford has better options at WR and RB so far.

Worst Matchups TE

Player Opp Defense Def Points Allowed  Sit  Analysis
J.Graham  Carolina Panthers  3.15  4/5 you better sit him Just 2 games with 4+ fantasy points? And having the worst matchup possible? No thanks.
H.Miller  Arizona Cardinals  3.26  4/5 you better sit him  He really doesn’t have much upside and misses his pal Big Ben, it’s hard to trust this veteran in the fantasy world.


fantasyreaList Writer: Aldo Muriá


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