Wicked Waiver Adds for Week 7



Blake Bortles (43% owned in Yahoo) – 298 yards or more each of the last three games.  8 touchdowns and 4 interceptions in that time frame.  He has a limited running game on his offense and two very good wide recievers.  Definitely looking like a very nice bye week fill in, or full time starter the rest of the way.

Jay Cutler (36% owned in Yahoo) – Going into his bye week on week7.  No one takes more criticism yet seems to produce anyways as much as Cutler does.  The last three games he has 5 touchdowns and 2 interceptions and is throwing 40 or more passes a game.  There is production in that volume.

Brian Hoyer (6% owned in Yahoo) – This guy is finally named the starter, it is about time.  He has 7 touchdowns and 1 interception over the last three games.  With over 30 attempts each game and he has the guy who is currently the best receiver in the game to throw to.  A nice bye week filler for those needy QB people.  Maybe you would like to replace Peyton Manning?

I also have touted adding McCown as he keeps throwing and throwing in Cleveland


Stefan Diggs (6% owned in Yahoo) – WOW, 2 starts, 19 targets 13 receptions, 216 yards.  I think you can add and start him as he has taken the WR1 slot in Minnesota.  This kid can play.

Cecil Short (9% owned in Yahoo) – There is PPR gold in them there hills.  With Hoyer throing this guy the ball his production witll go up as the WR2 in Houston.  If you need a bye week fill in and play PPR, I recommend a plug and play here.

Brandon LaFell (50% owned in Yahoo) – Was the Pats WR2 last year, he should be playing in week 7.  Think you can get all his production or at least the opportunity for that from a waiver pick up.  If you have the sloot I would pick him up and see what happens.


James Starks (18% owned in Yahoo) – Must add as he is out producing Lacey in Green Bay.  I know. I know this is the most obvious add and you don’t need me to tell you.  But I had to have him in here.

Chris Thompson (7% owned in Yahoo PPR only) – Washington third down receiving back.  He keeps getting looks and the other running backs keeps failing to produce.  I would definitely consider adding him in PPR.

Branden Oliver (1% owned in Yahoo) – Taking over the Gordon role.  Let’s hope that doesn’t mean fumbles and lack of production.   Worth an add if you are Running back needy.   I would hold on playing him.

Darren MacFadden (31% owned in Yahoo) – If you play PPR this guy has taken over the passing down back role in Dallas.  That means he will be getting approximately 9 or 10 targets a game.  That is well worth a look and a play until Romo is back.

Obvious adds if unowned in your league, Ronnie Hillman, Christine Michael.


Ben Watson (10% owned in Yahoo) – He has now had one big game in New Orleans.  If you follow me on twitter then you know that I was higher on him than I was on Hill all through the preseason.  The guy can play, the question is will this production continue?

Ladarius Green (27% owned in Yahoo) – Even with Gates back there is too much talent to ignore here.  If you are TE needy I would look to add him.  They will be passing in San Diego and with the wide receivers all dinged up you can expect more two TE sets with gates and Green getting plenty of targets.

I would monitor Jordan Reed and Eric Ebron as well.  Both have been producing when healthy but will they play in week 7?


Washington – Playing exceptionally well as of late

Miami – The changing of the coach made a huge difference on both sides of the ball in Miami.  Lots of talent on this defense they will start to produce now.


fantasyreaList Writer: Michael Reedy



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