DFS Week 7 Picks

Welcome to my weekly DFS value picks.  This is where I offer a list of players that according to their price and usage in their systems (targets and overall touches), are the best options to bring you high production at the lowest price, making them great value picks.  I will not be advising you to use the “Top Tier” players, as they are the players everybody knows about.  If you haven’t played DFS before, you want to pair a couple of these great value players with the more expensive players that you know will come through with great numbers week in and week out, to give you the highest point total possible and ideally give you a chance to win some cash!  Draft King prices are annotated by the DK next to the price  and FanDuel are FD.

So how did you do this past week?  Hope you all won some cash and had some fun.  Below are the players that I advised for you to use last week broken down into “Hits” and “Misses”.  There were 22 Hits and 12 Misses for those of y’all keeping score at home.

D. Brees – 312PaY, 1TD   E. Decker – 4Cths, 59ReY,1TD
M. Ryan – 296PaY, 2TD, 1F   G. Olsen – 7Cths, 131ReY, 1TD
D. Freeman – 100RuY, 2TD, 8Cths, 56ReY   T. Kelce – 5Cths, 88ReY
C. Palmer – 421PaY, 1TD, 2Int   A. Gates – 9Cths, 95ReY
P. Rivers – 503PaY, 2TD A. Hurns – 2Ctch, 30ReY, 1TD
J. Flacco – 343PaY, 2TD, 2Int J. Jones – 2Ctch, 30ReY, 1TD
J. Cutler – 353PaY, 1TD, 1Int C. Ivory – 146RuY, 3Cths, 50ReY, 1TD
B. Bortles – 331PaY, 3TD, 3Int B.Marshall – 7Cths, 111ReY, 1TD
C. Kaepernick – 340PaY, 2TD A. Boldin – 5Cths, 102ReY
A. Foster – 53RuY, 5Cths, 59ReY, 1TD S. Diggs – 7Cths, 129ReY
J. Forsett – 62RuY, 7Cths, 39ReY J. Landry – 3Cths, 42ReY, 24RuY, 1TD
B. Cooks – 4Cths, 41ReY D. Lewis – 21RuY, 3Cths, 18ReY
W. Snead – 4Cths, 55ReY S. Vereen – 1Cth, 6ReY
L. Hankerson – 4Cths, 37ReY T. Riddick – 28RuY, 3Cths, 50ReY
J. Tamme = 3Cths, 32ReY C. Thompson – 12RuY, 6Cths, 26ReY
S. Bradford– 280PaY, 1TD, 3Int J. Crowder – 4Cths, 40ReY
L. Donnell – 3Cths, 29ReY D. Harris – 2Cths, 18ReY

I like to say that the Misses didn’t perform bad, they just ran out of time to perform better.  With that being said, let’s move on to Week 7!



Colin Kaepernick vs Sea ($5,000DK – $6,900FD) – Over 250PaY and 2TDs the last two weeks.  Cheapest price for a QB and can get points on the ground as well.


Marshawn Lynch vs SF ($6,900K – $8,200FD) – Seahawks may try to get back to Lynch this week, as SF is 28th against the run.  Not too bad of a price for 20+ touches potential.


Anquan Boldin ($4,500DK – $6,300FD) – Seattle still tough against the pass, but Boldin has 13Cths, 209ReY and 1 TD the last two weeks, Colin should continue to look his way.


Jimmy Graham vs SF ($5,400DK – $6,300FD) – SF is horrible against the pass and Graham had 7Cths and 120ReY last week.  Getting him the ball may become a priority to keep the ball moving.


Neither defense are worth being used.





Carson Palmer vs Bal ($6,700DK – $8,200FD) – High scoring offense with all his weapons healthy and the way to attack Baltimore is through the air.

Phillip Rivers vs Oak ($6,500DK – $8,000FD) – Rivers attempted 65 passes last week!  65!  Potential for a shootout vs Oakland is there, should see another 300PaY and 2TD this week.



Derek Carr vs S.D ($5,300DK – $6,700FD) – I love players coming off bye weeks, because people may forget to play them.  Nice weapons around him, and really cheap.  Shootout potential against Chargers is there.

Ryan Fitzpatrick vs N.E ($5,200DK – $7,100FD) – Real nice option for the price and matchup.  Potentially having to come back againt the Pats who are not great against the pass.

Landry Jones vs K.C ($5,100DK – $6,000FD) – If Ben sits, Landry would have Antonio Brown, Martavius Bryant and Leveon Bell to throw the ball to against the 30th ranked secondary.

Zach Mettenberger vs Atl ($5,000DK – $5,900FD) – If Mariotta sits, strictly contrarian pick.  Has nice weapons around him and may be throwing from behind against Atlanta.



Justin Forsett vs Ari ($6,100DK – $7,100FD) – Arizona’s defense is good, but so is their offense.  The best way to keep them on the sidelines is to give Forsett the ball.  11Cths the last two weeks, nice PPR play as well.

Latavius Murray vs S.D ($6,1000DK – $7,000FD) S.D is last in the league vs the run.  Latavius should see ample opportunities.



Chris Ivory vs N.E ($5,800DK – $7,800FD) – Ivory is on a tear, and the Jets may try to keep Brady on the sidelines by giving the ball to Ivory early and often.  Ivory has 312RuY the last two games.

Todd Gurley vs Cle ($5,000DK – $7,400FD) – 305RuY in his first two starts and now gets the woeful Browns defense who are 27th against the run.

Doug Martin vs Wash ($4,900DK – $7,200FD) – 44 carries 229RuY and 3TDs his last two games, Martin will continue to be depended on as Winston gets more comfortable.

Lamar Miller vs Hou ($4,600DK – $6,700FD) – Miami’s coaching change equaled to a win and 21 touches for Lamar.  The touches should continue the rest of the year.

Danny Woodhead vs Oak ($4,600DK – $6,000FD) – Gordon may be in the doghouse after two fumbles last week.  That means Woodhead should see a lot more touches and his weekly potential of red-zone touches and 5Cths per game for the price is really good.



Darren McFadden vs NYJ ($3,100DK – $6,000FD) – 3rd down back now that Dunbar is out, Darren had 9Ctchs in his last game.

Christine Michael vs – NYG ($3,000DK – $5,600FD) – If he ends up starting, this may the last time this season we see a starting RB with 20 touch potential at this price.



Brandon Marshall vs Wash ($7,800DK – $8,200FD) – 100ReY his last 4 games and 1TD in 3 of his last 4.  PPR Monster, against a bad secondary and possibly playing from behind.

Larry Fitzgerald vs Bal ($7,400DK – $7,800FD) – While John Brown got the shine last week, a lot of people may go his rout this week.  Fitz should put up real good numbers this week and may be less owned than Brown.



Mike Evans vs Wash ($6,400DK – $7,500FD) – Evan’s talent has to shine through at some point right?  He comes pretty cheap for his potential and Washington isn’t the greatest against the pass.

Eric Decker vs N.E ($5,300DK – $6,200FD) – Has scored a TD in every game he has played in.  Against the Pats he may see a lot of opportunities as they should be concentrating on slowing down Marshall.

Donte Moncrief vs N.O ($5,200DK – $6,500FD) Luck has targeted Moncrief more than Hilton when he has played and against the Saints, he should have more opportunites to put up nice numbers.



Martavius Bryant vs K.C ($4,700DK – $6,900FD) – Enjoy the low price while you can, cause in the next few weeks his stock will sky rocket, especially when Ben comes back!

Michael Crabtree vs S.D ($4,3000DK – $5,900FD) – Amari may get a lot of the attention and the Raiders may need to throw in this game.  Crab should get some good opportunities.

Willia Snead vs Ind ($4,300DK – $6,500FD) – Great receiving option for Drew Brees against a bad secondary and a very low price.

Stefon Diggs vs Det ($4,200DK – $5,800FD) – Seeing just as many targets as Wallace and has a nice thing going with Bridgewater, 13Cths and 216ReY the last 2 weeks.

Mike Floyd vs Bal ($3,600DK – $4,900FD) – Looking like he is getting things together and is playing against a bad secondary, should be nice value for his price.

Mike Floyd vs Oak ($3,200DK – $5,400FD) – Keenan Allen and Stevie Johnson are banged up.  That leaves Floyd as the only healthy WR, could have a nice day.



Antonio Gates vs Oak ($5,000DK – $5,800FD) – Oakland is dead last against TEs.  Should see A LOT of targets this week.



Delanie Walker vs Atl ($3,900DK – $5,500FD) – Nice safety blanket for whoever is playing QB for the Titans and Atlanta is not good against TEs.

Jordan Cameron vs Hou ($3,300DK – $5,500FD) – Julius Thomas carved them up last week and Cameron can do the same.

Ladarius Green vs Oak ($2,9000DK – $5,100FD) – If both Keenan Allen and Stevie Johnson sit, Ladarius may be used as a WR this week.



Atl vs Tenn ($3,300DK – $4,700FD) – Could feast on a back-up or young Qb trying to throw to get back in the game.

Pit vs K.C ($2,600DK – $4,600FD) – Without Charles and possibly Maclin, this offense will look horrible.

STL vs Cle ($2,800DK – $4,500FD) – STL at home is a different animal, they could shut down the Browns.

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Good luck with your picks this week.  If I helped you win, you’re welcome!  If I helped you lose, you just didn’t use the right combination of guys I gave you.  HAHAHAHAHA #GetAtMe


fantasyreaList Writer: Javier Martinez


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