Mailbag Week 7

Should I trade Eddie Lacy? * It sounds crazy, but should I sit Tom Brady vs Jets? * Better sleeper, Christine Michael or Theo Riddick? * Time to drop Peyton Manning? * Top Defenses this week?


Should I trade Eddie Lacy? (@e_josephkim) (@yalter7) (@giants316)

Eddie Lacy owners were hit with an unexpected surprise Sunday, as they watched James Starks run for 2 TDs, with Lacy on the sideline. Lacy was not listed on the injury report, yet coach McCarthy said he was limited during the game because he was banged up. He later noted that going forward, he will ride the hot hand between Lacy and Starks. Scary stuff for Lacy owners.

I don’t like this situation at all. Everything about it is sketchy. Not listing Lacy on the injury report is actually a violation of NFL rules. McCarthy is raving about Starks because he’s on fire. Get out while you can. I would be making offers everywhere. I’ve seen multiple people trading Eddie Lacy for Demarco Murray. I really like that Trade, Murray has been solid lately and has great matchups going forward. If you don’t get the right trade, make sure you pick up Starks. Deciding who to start will be difficult, but your chances are a lot better than if you only had one of the two.

It sounds crazy, but should I sit Tom Brady vs Jets? (@_jdubs_) (@d_rizzle2012)

Tom Brady is adding to his legacy this season, putting up great numbers thus far. 1,699 yards and 14 TDs. The problem though, is his matchup for week 7. The New York Jets. They haven’t allowed more than 12 fantasy points (NFL standard) to opposing QB’s. That is pretty much the definition of a bad matchup. I’m thinking he hovers somewhere around the 15 point range this week.

Sitting Brady no matter what is always a risk, so in order to do so you need to have the right backup. I would recommend starting a guy like Palmer over Brady this week, his matchup (BAL) is what I would call, a “5 star” matchup. It is very possible, because of deflate gate, you drafted a guy like Rivers or Roethlisberger (if he plays), both guys I would start over Brady. Even a guy like Bortles could serve you well this week as he has a good matchup against BUF, though I would consider that to be a more risky decision than the others.

So in conclusion, never count out Brady. But if you have a top backup that can almost guarantee you a strong outing, you should consider sitting Brady for this week.

Better sleeper, Christine Michael or Theo Riddick? (@giants316)

Christine Michael is pretty much being handed the keys to the Dallas Cowboys backfield. His opportunity is huge. He is the definition of a sleeper. If he is running well, he will get more carries and potentially have a huge game. If he struggles a bit, they might start mixing Randle and Mcfadden more. But I think he is at least worth a stash or flex play if you need him. Must pick up.

Theo Riddick is a great receiving back, and was thrown into the every down role after Abdullah was benched for fumbling. Riddick is a bit more risky than Michael as Riddick has a disgraceful offensive line. If he does end up starting he is worth a play for sure. His usage is just not clear. If you’re desperate the risk is worth it though. He is more than likely one of the best options on your waiver wire.

I would give Christine Michael the start over Theo Riddick. There is huge potential here.

Time to drop Peyton Manning? (@_mojeezy_)

I and many others have been disappointed by Peyton Manning. I understand he is old but man, he is throwing absolute ducks on the majority of throws. I really wish he was a top QB, but those days are over. Time to see Manning for what he is, an inconsistent, rapidly aging QB. Although, he does have a fairly high upside, he can’t reach it often enough.

Manning has been saved by his defense this season, but also, by his receivers. Thomas and Sanders have gone up and came down with countless bad throws, and that adds to Manning’s value. Not to say that Manning, doesn’t throw his occasional beautiful pass. It usually comes after a couple picks though. That is why I have dropped Manning and will be rolling with a combo of Dalton/Stafford going forward.

You too should consider dropping Manning. But realize the league you’re in, and if you can really afford to make the move. If someone is on waivers such as, Dalton, Palmer, Bortles, or maybe even Kaepernick or McCown at this point, you should pull the trigger. If the only available players are, Vick, Cassel, Foles, and Bradford, you should consider holding onto Manning.

Top Defenses this week? (@stekakeu) (@d_rizzle201) (@davis1142)

Many people, like me, are streaming defenses this week. Here are my top 5, minimally owned defenses based on matchup.

  1. Washington

Big sleeper here, Washington has scored 42 points (NFL standard) in the past 3 weeks. They play a rookie QB in Jameis Winston who has been very prone to mistakes so far.

  1. Minnesota

The Vikings defense has been slightly above average lately, but the really impressive games came early on against SD and DET. They play DET again this week and should get some Pick opportunities from the gun slinging Matthew Stafford.

  1. Tampa bay

Tampa Bay has had two stout performances this year against NO and JAC. They face Kirk Cousins and his carelessness this week. I expect this game to be about defense.

 fantasyreaList Writer: Ben Goold


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