What We Learned on Week 6?

What we learned on Week 6?

In case you slept through the weekend and didn’t see any football, here are the cliff notes to Week. A weekly player analysis to help you figure out what to do with some of your players this week.



Dalton: Looks like this time is for real, he has an amazing 14 TDs and just 2 Ints, also averaging 293 yards per game. With those stats he is the second best player in fantasy and best at QB. Plus he might have the best RB duo in the NFL, a very good TE, an elite WR and two good WR to complement.

P. Rivers: He will throw the ball like crazy every game no matter the situation or opponent. He averages 42 pass attempts every game and has no signs of slowing down. In past years, he struggled to take care of the football, but this season he has thrown only 1 interception and has 1 lost fumble.

Running Backs

Ingram: He is very involved in the Saints offense and gets the goal line carries which is very valuable. However he hasn’t been very effective and that could cause him to lose some carries in favor of K. Robinson and even CJ Spiller.

C. Ivory: If he can stay healthy, Ivory could end up as a top 5 RB this season, especially because of all the disappointments and multiple RBBC in the league. There are not a lot of true featured backs right now, but Ivory is one of them.

G. Bernard: Last year I was stubborn about Gio and Hill ended up taking the job, but Bernard has shown his talent, consistency and a good care for the ball. He could be the guy to own in the Bengals backfield, since he has yet to have a game with less than 8 points and he is 9th among RBs. Plus he has 18 more touches than J. Hill.

C. Johnson: He is clearly the starting RB in Arizona out touching both D. Johnson (4) and Ellington (2) with 15 last week. However he struggled to produce and if this become a trend, Ellington could start to take over his job. Try to sell CJ2K now while he still has value.

D. Woodhead: The little guy in San Diego is maybe one of the most reliable players in fantasy with a very high floor but not a lot of upside. He doesn’t run the ball much, but gets a nice amount of targets by the pass-yards leader in the NFL.

D. Murray: He now has two games with 18 fantasy points with 243 total yards and 2 TDs in the last couple of games. Since he complained about his role in Philly, Murray has 42 carries in two weeks and onlyFreeman has put up better points than him. If you were patient on him, here is your reward, but be aware of any injury and it is clear that R. Matthews will get his touches as well.

R. Hillman: The Bronco’s offense is still a mess with a very inaccurate and misreading P. Manning. Some people are even talking about benching him, while that should or shouldn’t be the answer, the Broncos need to know that they need to run the ball more. At this point CJ Anderson is droppable, he just doesn’t fight for the extra yards like he did last year. Hillman is taking his chance and has looked way better using his speed and elusiveness to make people miss. Plus he showed skills running between the tackles and now has two games with 110+ yards.

L. McCoy: He is the featured RB in Buffalo and if he stays healthy we can expect RB1 numbers every week. The Bills need to win games to fight for a wildcard spot but they need to run the ball to succeed.

L. Miller: After a very slow start, Miller got his confidence back running all day vs the Texans. The Dolphins first win since Week 1 and looks like the new HC came with a change of attitude as well.

Wide Receivers

M.Bryant: He was one of the most hyped players in the preseason and this week showed everyone why by posting 137 yards and 2 TD with a third string QB ! He was fast taking advantage of his size to beat defenders. Maybe he won’t repeat this performance but I think 75 yards per game and a TD every 2-3 games is very realistic and helpful for your team.

A.Jeffery: Thank fantasy gods for bringing back Jeffery to the field. He played like a WR1 and while he stays healthy he will reward his owners every week.

J.Brown: Along with M.Bryant this was one of my favorite sleepers (based on ADP) before the season started. Well now he is earning more looks and his production has increased even with Floyd in the mix: 46 yards and 1 TD, 45, 62, 75, 73 and TD, 196. These are great numbers for a guy that you may have drafted as a WR3 or WR4, so he is still a very solid flex option.

S.Smith Sr: After two slow weeks due his injury, the veteran WR came back big and at the same level as his 2 games previous injury. Without T. Smith there, he is getting all the targets, let’s see how much he can keep this pace.

M.Jones: This young WR is underrated (9.6% owned in nfl.com). I know he plays on the same team as AJ Green but he is getting a lot of love from the best QB in fantasy this year! In six games he has three with 11+ points, one game with 61 yards and two very poor games with less than 2 points. He could be a little unpredictable but he has huge upside and you should grab him before someone steals this guy.

T.Benjamin: This guy is pure consistency. He has all six games above 7.5 fantasy points and three with 10+ points. He is the 7th best WR in fantasy so far and he is a reliable start every week.

E.Decker: Another WR that has been very consistent: four games played, four touchdowns, 9+ fantasy points in every game. He is TD dependent and clearly behind Marshall, but he is still a flex option with  medium ceiling and a medium floor.

Tight Ends

J.Thomas: In barely his second game this season he received 78 yards and scored a touchdown. He is a big play-maker and if he can stay healthy, a reliable TE1 to start every week.

J.Graham: He had a big game this week for the third time this season. While he could keep the pace (we know what he is capable of doing), I’m still not convinced that he is the best fit for the Seattle system. So if I had him on my team I’d try to trade him for a guy like Barnidge (and another player) or A.Gates if possible.

fantasyreaList Writer: Aldo Muriá


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