Wicked Awesome Adds for Week 8

The waiver wire has been a very good place to pick up a tight end this season and that does not change this week.   I think some of you need to start cutting bait on a few of the big name quarter backs that are not producing and look at the options here.  Remember brand names do not compare to actual production.   I would pay close attention during the bye weeks as well for the players teams drop.  I picked up Amari Cooper in one  league as he was deemed expendable in order for that team to pick someone up and fill their starting lineup.

Also feel free to add guys that are actually on their bye week if they are available, people tend to skip them in the waiver process as they do not see immediate value.  Look down the road and build your team for the long haul.



Brian Hoyer (16% owned in Yahoo) 1346 yards, 11 TDs and 3 interceptions.  As an actual starter he has over 270 yards per game and 3 TDs per game.  If his name was manning you would already own him.  Pick this guy up.

Derek Carr (35% owned in Yahoo) 1460 yards, 11 TDs and 3 interceptions.  He just tore up the San Diego D and will continue to drop the long ball into the hands of Cooper all season.  I would add him.

Kirk Cousins (7% owned in Yahoo) He throw almost as many INTs as TDs.  8 interceptions and 9 touch down.  He also has 1737 yards.  Another guy who has much better stats than most brand names.  HE is on a bye this week which give you time to add and hold while others won’t.  He is coming off of a 33 completion, 317 yard, 3 TD game.  A very nice future play if you are hurting at QB


Nate Washington (4% owned in Yahoo) 9 receptions, 172 yards and 2 TDs in his first game back.  Please add me is what he is calling to you.  I would listen if I were WR needy.

Robert Woods (5% owned in Yahoo) On a bye this week but he is looking like the beneficiary of a receiving corps lacking bodies. Make the Bills lack of WRs something beneficial to you. Add Woods.

Danny Amendola (12% owned in Yahoo) Two straight weeks of 9 targets in the Pats offense.  That would equal production for any wide receiver.  Amendola took those looks and turned them into 15 catches, 191 yards and a TD.  Looking pretty good Danny, nice to see you healthy.

Rishard Matthews (59% owned in Yahoo) – How he is not 100% owned is just blowing my mind.  I play PPR and in 1 week he lacked production, every other week he has double digit scoring.  He makes the most of his catches and can run after the catch. He is a must own if available.


Darren McFadden (34% owned in Yahoo)  I mentioned him as a PPR play after Dunbar went down.  Now he owns the Dallas backfield.  Great production at a cheap price. I would and have picked him up to ride the DMC train for as long as we can.

Alfred Blue or Polk (14% owned in Yahoo) – I am not jazzed about either guy.  Someone has to run the football in Houston.  If you want mediocre production from splitting time take a run on one of these guys.

Ryan Mathews (49% owned in Yahoo) – He is getting a lot of production out of limited touches.  If you are RB needy I would add him while he is on his bye week.  I think the eagles will be getting him more touches soon after that 6 carry 97 yard and 1 TD game.


Jordan Reed (58% owned in Yahoo) – Carrying the Washington passing game. First game back from injury 11 receptions 72 yards and 2 TDs.  Even though it is his bye week he is a must add if you are in need of a good TE.

Eric Ebron (22% owned in Yahoo) – Another guy first week back from an injury 5 targets, 5 catches, 89 yards and a TD.  I would say he needs to be owned.  This guy has been getting it done in Detroit where no one seems to be getting it done.

Ladarius Green (47% owned in Yahoo) Whether as your hand cuff to Gates or a stand alone TE, I love Green.  He has seized his opportunity this season and is coming into his own.  4 receptions, 45 yards, a TD and 2 two point conversion receptions last week. Me likey, me likey a lot.


Vikings (30% owned in Yahoo) The Vikes get the Bears.

Bengals (22% owned in Yahoo) The Bengals get the Steelers.


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