DFS Week 8 Picks

Welcome to my weekly DFS value picks.  This is where I offer a list of players that according to their price and usage in their systems (targets and overall touches), are the best options to bring you high production at the lowest price, making them great value picks.  I will not be advising you to use the “Top Tier” players, as they are the players everybody knows about.  If you haven’t played DFS before, you want to pair a couple of these great value players with the more expensive players that you know will come through with great numbers week in and week out, to give you the highest point total possible and ideally give you a chance to win some cash!  Draft King prices are annotated by the DK next to the price  and FanDuel are FD. So with that being said, let’s get it started!

So how did you do this past week? Hope you all won some cash and had some fun. Below are the players that I advised for you to use last week broken down into “Hits” and “Misses”. There were 22 Hits and 11 Misses for those of y’all keeping score at home.


M. Lynch – 122RuY, 1TD M. Floyd(AZ) – 3Cths, 59ReY,1TD
C. Palmer – 275PaY, 2TD, D. Walker – 7Cths, 55ReY
P. Rivers – 336PaY, 3TD, 2INT L. Green – 4Cths,45ReY, 1TD, 2 2PTCVN
D. Carr – 289PaY,3TD D. Moncrief – 4Cths, 34ReY, 1TD
R.Fitzpatrick – 295PaY,2TD,29RuY C. Ivory – 41RuY, 2Cths, 12ReY, 1TD
L. Murray – 85RuY, 1TD, 1Cth
T. Gurley – 128RuY, 2TD,4Cths, 35ReY
D. Martin – 136RuY, 3Cths, 35ReY
L. Miller – 175RuY, 1TD, 3Cths, 61ReY, 1TD
D. Woodhead – 26RuY, 11Cths, 75ReY, 2TD
D. McFadden – 152RuY, 1TD,2Cths, 10ReY
M. Evans – 8Cths, 164ReY, 1TD
E. Decker – 6Cths, 94ReY
M. Bryant – 3Cths, 45ReY, 1TD, 13RuY
S. Diggs – 6Cths, 108ReY, 1TD
M. Crabtree –63Cths, 63ReY, 1TD


C. Kaeperncick – 124PaY
A. Boldin – 3Cths, 395ReY
J. Graham – 2Cths, 31ReY
L. Jones – 209PaY,1TD,2INT,1FMBL
Z .Mettenberger– 187PaY, 1TD, 2Int
J. Forsett – 36RuY,1TD, 3Cths, 8ReY
W. Snead – 3Cths, 25ReY
C. Michael – 18RuY, 1Cths, 2ReY
B. Marshall – 4Cths, 67ReY
L. Fitzgerald – 3Cths, 39ReY
M. Floyd (SD) – 1Ctch, 7ReY
J. Cameron – 2Cths, 23ReY


I like to say that the Misses didn’t perform bad, they just ran out of time to perform better. With that being said, let’s move on to Week 8!


Ryan Tannehill vs N.E ($5,600DK – $7,700FD) – N.E is 28th against the pass. Good chance that this game may be a shootout.


Lamar Miller vs N.E ($4,700K – $7,400FD) – How do you keep Brady off the field? You run the ball!


Jarvis Landry vs N.E ($6,200DK – $7,400FD) – Threat to take the smallest play to the house, may have some chances versus this secondary.

Rishard Matthews vs N.E ($4,300DK – $6,600FD) – If this game ends up being a shootout, Rishard should have a great opportunity to put up some numbers.


Besides Gronk, there isn’t any high value TE.


Neither defense are worth being used.



Matt Ryan vs T.B ($7,100DK – $8,000FD) – Not great numbers as of late, but that’s why many people may not play him. Going against the 29th ranked D versus QBs.

Drew Brees vs NYG ($6,700DK – $7,900FD) – Saints offense seems to be headed in the right direction. Has 300+ PaY in 4 of 6 games played.

Phillip Rivers vs Bal ($6,600DK – $8,500FD) – Going against the worst secondary in football and the Chargers can’t run. Still a very low price for his stats.

Andy Dalton vs Pit ($6,000DK – $8,100FD) – Coming off a bye week people may forget about Dalton. Has too many weapons to not give you value at this price.


Jay Cutler vs Min ($5,200DK – $7,300FD) – Call me crazy but against a good defense like the Vikings, with all his weapons healthy, I still feel like Cutler can go for 300PaY and 2 TDs.

Ryan Fitzpatrick vs Oak ($5,200DK – $7,400FD) – Oakland is the only defense allowing 300+ yards through the air per game. Fitz should have a solid game.

Teddy Bridgewater vs Chi ($5,100DK – $6,900FD) – Bears D is still bad, and TeddyB is playing pretty good. The value for the price is there.


Matt Forte vs Min ($7,300DK – $8,200FD) – PPR machine who touches the ball 20-25 times a game regardless of the opposition.

Mark Ingram vs NYG ($6,400DK – $8,000FD) – DMac ran very well against this defense last week. Ingram should be able to do the same.

Todd Gurley vs S.F ($6,300DK – $8,100FD) – Gurley’s price still down. Expect him to keep running wild versus a bad running D.

Justin Forsett vs Ari ($6,100DK – $8,100FD) – Going a bad rushing D and is involved in the passing game. Great value for the price.


Doug Martin vs Atl ($5,500DK – $7,500FD) – Over 130 total yards his last 3 games and with VJax out, he may see more touches.

Chris Johnson vs Cle ($4,600DK – $7,300FD) – Going against the 29th D against RBs, Johnson should see plenty of opportunities to give you value at his price.

Danny Woodhead vs Bal ($4,500DK – $6,100FD) – The Chargers can’t run the ball, so they throw A LOT. Woodhead had 11 catches last week!!! Great value play!

John Stewart vs Ind ($4,100DK – $6,600FD) – JStew is a workhorse back when healthy. Should see around 20 carries versus the Colts.


Darren McFadden vs Sea ($3,800DK – $6,400FD) – I know they’re playing Seattle, but the Cowboy’s OLine is really good, and at this price, could be a big money maker.

Antonio Andrews vs Hou ($3,300DK – $5,300FD) – Potential for 85RuY 2Cths and 1TD is there against Houston.


Keenan Allen vs Bal ($7,700DK – $8,000FD) – Going against a really bad secondary, Keenan Allen is on a historic catch rate so far this season, better play than other more expensive options.

Randall Cobb vs Den ($7,000DK – $7,600FD) – After a week’s rest, I see Cobb getting back to business this week.


Mike Evans vs Atl ($6,800DK – $7,800FD) – VJax is out, Evans may see 1,000 targets this week. Ok, maybe not 1,000 but I’ll settle for a lot.

Alshon Jeffrey vs Min ($6,400DK – $7,700FD) – Finally healthy and cause they are playing the Vikings, he may be lightly used. But has the potential to blow up against anybody.

Donte Moncrief vs Car ($5,500DK – $6,400FD) – PDorsett is out and Josh Norman may be shadowing TY. Moncrief should be heavily targeted.

Brian Cooks vs NYG ($5,400DK – $6,800FD) – The Saints looking like they are getting things together. I look for Cooks to build on his 6Cths and 84 ReY last week.

Eric Decker vs Oak ($5,300DK – $6,400$FD) – Just like every week, BMarsh should see the most defensive attention and just like every week, Decker should produce.

Martavis Bryant vs Cin ($5,300DK – $7,200FD) – 3TDs in his first 3 games back, with Landry Jones throwing the ball. Big Ben may be back this week, so the numbers may be huge!


Nate Washington vs – Tenn ($3,600DK – $5,400FD) – with Arian Foster out, the Texans may need to throw even more. Hopkins should be doubled teamed all game, leaving NWash with some opportunities at stats.

Mike Floyd vs Cle ($3,500DK – $4,900FD) – He is almost back to full health, and you can’t get cheaper than this for someone who is a threat to score at all times.


Martellus Bennett vs Min ($4,900DK – $5,700FD) – The Vikings aren’t too good versus TEs. Cutler should know that.

Gary Barnidge vs Ari ($4,700DK – $6,300FD) – Barnidge hasn’t disappointed in about 5 weeks, for the price I’ll bet on him going for 6 weeks.

Ladarius Green vs Hou ($3,000DK – $5,300FD) – With Gates being out, Green is back on the field and Phillip is slanging the rock like crazy. Great play for the price.

Austin Seferian-Jenkins vs Oak ($2,800DK – $5,200FD) If Evans is getting a lot of the targets this coming week, Jenkins should see a good portion of the rest. Dirt cheap.


Atl vs T.B ($3,400DK – $4,800FD) – D/ST going against Winston, I’ll take it.

STL vs S.F ($3,200DK – $5,100FD) – D/ST going against Kaepernick, I’ll take it.

Tenn vs Hou ($2,500DK – $4,500FD) – Tennessee held the Falcons to 10 pts last week, can’t wait to see what they do to the Texans.

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Good luck with your picks this week.  If I helped you win, you’re welcome!  If I helped you lose, you just didn’t use the right combination of guys I gave you.  HAHAHAHAHA #GetAtMe


fantasyreaList Writer: Javier Martinez


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