Mailbag Week 8

With all Joseph Randle’s issues, is Christine Michael more valuable? * Who is the better sleeper? A. Andrews, C. Sims, or K. Robinson? * Matt Ryan or Ryan Tannehill? * Should I avoid the Green Bay passing attack this week? * Should I bench Latavius Murray?



With all Joseph Randle’s issues, is Christine Michael more valuable?  (@giantas316)

Christine Michael was supposed to be the feature back Sunday, turns out Mcfadden was instead. Randle thought he was a solidified starter, he just lost his job. The Dallas Cowboys have made a mess of their backfield. They have a bunch of high potential players that continue to perform on a mediocre level. With that said, is Christine Michael still valuable in all this?

We can’t know for sure what running back will take over for Dallas in the long run, but at least for now it looks like Mcfadden is in line to see the highest volume. If Michael gets hot, there is no doubt Dallas will ride the hot hand. With one less Running back in the picture this week, Michael is more valuable. How much more, is yet to be seen.

Michael has major risk factor as nobody knows what to expect from Dallas. He is a desperate start.

Who is the better sleeper? A. Andrews, C. Sims, or K. Robinson? (@davis1142)

None of these are starters, but all of these are fairly productive. Charles Sims being the most of the three. I would choose him. He consistently puts up 100+ yards when facing defenses similarly ranked to Atlanta. Doug Martin is obviously the lead dog, but Sims consistently gets touches. Especially in the passing game.

If you need a sleeper in a deep league, take a look at Sims. Solid player with a solid matchup.

Matt Ryan or Ryan Tannehill? (@davis1142) (@darnellbright44) (@brycewalker1)

Two great matchups this week. Tannehill vs New England (6th worst against QBs) and Matt Ryan vs Tampa Bay (2nd worst against QBs). So who to start? My pick is Ryan Tannehill. His new Coach is using him correctly. He’s executing at a high level, the offense is just clicking. That is not the only reason though. As you know, the Patriots had a stout secondary last year. Now, it’s less than stellar. Last year, Tannehill while at New England, still managed 346 yards and a TD. That is promising considering the secondary isn’t even close to what it was.

Matt Ryan and Ryan Tannehill are both solid plays, I like what the Dolphins are doing, I would choose Tannehill.

Should I avoid the Green Bay passing attack this week? (@d_rizzle2012)

Green Bay has one of the best offenses in the league, due in large part to Aaron Rodgers. But they face an extremely tough defense in Denver this week.

I really don’t see how anyone could sit Aaron Rodgers, the guy is amazing. So let’s move onto the wide receivers. Who is the best of the 3? Adams, Cobb, or Jones? Obviously Cobb is the #1, but that doesn’t always mean he will produce the most. Denver will be focused on him. Opening the door for Jones and Adams, but that door won’t be all the way open because the Denver Defense has multiple top 10 defensive backs. So it will be very tough to know who will get the most action, Jones could get overlooked, or maybe Adams.

If you can, avoid the GB wide receivers. I like Jones to slip through and maybe score a TD. Cobb always has potential. Adams hasn’t done much, I don’t expect a breakout game in his return. Be careful with these guys this week.

Should I bench Latavius Murray? (@davis1142) (@stekakeu) (@toddro6295) (@d_rizzle2012) (@dbaumannjr92498)

Murray has been a fairly consistent running back this season, but is he worth it against the Jets? I would say no. The Jets are the worst possible matchup for a running back right now. They scared the Patriots so bad they basically ditched the run game before it had a chance. Murray hasn’t done well against tough matchups. This could be an off week for Murray. I like Murray most of the season, but not this week. Nobody is a great play against the Jets.

If you have a starter on your bench. Play him over Murray, or maybe even a sleeper like Sims. Murray is extremely dangerous this week. If you’re forced to start him, just hope for a TD.


 fantasyreaList Writer: Ben Goold


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