Start or Sit based on Matchups Week 8l

Find out which defenses allow the most/least amount of fantasy points at each position and if they should be starting. We did the research for you and give you their start/sit grade. You’re player might be playing a defense that gives up a ton of points at that position, but is he worth a start?

Scale as follows

Best matchups: 0/5 Don’t start; 1/5 Risky start; 2/5 Start with caution; 3/5 Solid start; 4/5 Start with confidence; 5/5 Must start

Worst matchups: 0/5 Don’t sit; 1/5 You shouldn’t sit him; 2/5 You should give him a chance; 3/5 You should sit him; 4/5 You better sit him; 5/5 Must sit.


Best Matchups QB

Player Opp Defense  Def Points Allowed Start Analysis
Philip Rivers  Baltimore Ravens 21.59  5/5 must start  At this point Rivers is becoming a must start every week and he couldn’t ask for a better match up.
Eli Manning  New Orleans Saints 21.28 3/5 Solid start  Eli has two bad games in two difficult match ups, this week he could turn that around against a weak Saints defense that has allowed QBs like Palmer, Winston, Newton, Bradford, Ryan and Luck look good scoring at least 15 fantasy points.
Marcus Mariota  Tennessee Titans  20.56 1/5 risky start  Since his first three games, Mariota hasn’t been able to score 11+ points, plus he is dealing with an injury. If you don’t have any other choice roll with the rookie, otherwise I recommend you to find another option on the waiver wire.
Matt Ryan Tampa Bay Buccaneers 20.34  3/5 solid start  He’s had two bad games in average match ups, but I think he could bounce back this week against a weak defense. Plus, in his last three games at home vs the Bucs he has 7 touchdowns, 2 interceptions and an average of 265.6 yards per game.
Teddy Bridgewater  Chicago Bears 19.92  3/5 solid start  He has been up and down all season long and doesn’t really matter the matchup (he scored just 2 points vs the Chargers, but managed to score 15+ fantasy points against the Broncos). As long as they can establish the running game and he connects with Stefon Diggs, expect 15 points from him.

Worst Matchups QB

Player Opp Defense  Def Points Allowed Sit Analysis
Aaron Rodgers  Denver Broncos  8.51 0/5 don’t sit  He is an elite QB and you shouldn’t bench him ever. However, this week you may want to temper your expectations since he is playing on the road versus the toughest and most aggressive defense in the NFL.
Colin Kaepernick  St. Louis Rams 12.71  3/5 you should sit him  He only has three games with 11+ fantasy points. At this point you can`t trust him since he’s been very inconsistent and has a very tough matchup, but he still has a little upside.
Andrew Luck  Carolina Panthers  12.85  1/5 you shouldn’t sit him  Even though he hasn’t been able to get a win, he’s been great in the last two games in the fantasy world. It’s very likely that he keeps this pace since his team really needs to win. He has a lot of weapons to pass to and score touchdowns.
Derek Carr  New York Jets  12.99  5/5 must sit  The only QB to score 15+ points vs the Jets is the best player in fantasy: Tom Brady.
Jameis Winston  Atlanta Falcons 13.57  3/5 you should sit him  He has been inconsistent, but in the last couple of weeks with a good running game Winston has 506 yards, 3 TDs and no interceptions.


Best Matchups RB

Player Opp Defense  Def Points Allowed Start Analysis
Chris Johnson  Cleveland Browns  26.03  5/5 must start  Since he got the starting job he has 5 games with 70+ rushing yards and three with 100+ yards. He has 116 touches meanwhile Ellington only has 27, so CJ2K is the absolute starter and this week has the best matchup for a RB.
Justin Forsett  San Diego Chargers  25.66  5/5  The little guy from Baltimore already has four straight games with 10+ fantasy points, running like a true RB2.
Marshawn Lynch  Dallas Cowboys  24.07  5/5 must start  One thing: Beastmode in a favorable matchup, enough said.
Doug Martin  Atlanta Falcons  23.97  5/5 must start  He is the third best RB this season with three straight games rushing as an elite RB with more than 100 yards in each game.
Any Titans RB  Houston Texans 23.23 0/5 don’t start  If you know who the featured back will be this week, be my guest and risk it. Stay away from this backfield.


Worst Matchups RB

Player Opp Defense  Def Points Allowed Sit Analysis
Latavius Murray New York Jets  9.08 3/5 you should sit him  Murray is a productive runner that’s very involved in the Raiders offense, however he faces the toughest defense this week and it could be a long day for him. If you can afford benching him, do it.
Darren McFadden  Seattle Seahawks  11.54  4/5 you better sit him  He is maybe the hottest add in this week’s waiver. He is a legit candidate to be the featured RB in Dallas, but he plays the Seahawks, and without a solid QB, they will stack the box to stop the run.
Jeremy Hill  Pittsburgh Steelers  14.04  3/5 you should sit him  A boom or bust kind of player and very TD dependent in a RBBC.
Giovani Bernard  Pittsburgh Steelers  14.04  1/5 you shouldn’t sit him  Gio is one of the most consistent RBs so far. Just 2 games with less than 10 points (8.3 and 8.8) and you can be confident about his touches and his production, via pass or rush.
Matt Forte  Minnesota Vikings  15.27  0/5 don’t sit  He can easily have those 15 points that Vikings allowed, since he is the only RB in Chicago and a key piece in that offense.
Lamar Miller  New England Patriots  15.47  1/5 you shouldn’t sit him  With the new Head Coach in Miami, they have put some balance to the offense giving Miller a heavier workload. This week they’ll need to keep running the ball to keep Brady on sidelines as much as possible.

Best Matchups WR

Player Opp Defense  Def Points Allowed Start Analysis
Calvin Johnson  Kansas City Chiefs  33.23  5/5 must start  He is finally getting back on track with two straight games. With a very poor defense trying to cover him, Megatron is up for a huge game this week in London.
Keenan Allen  Baltimore Ravens  31.2  5/5 must start  Yard receiving leader and third in total targets. Allen is becoming a must start every week with Rivers throwing like crazy.
Tavon Austin  San Francisco 49ers  28.14  1/5 risky start  Very inconsistent and not trustable, but huge upside every week.
Julio Jones  Tampa Bay Buccaneers  27.57  5/5 must start  Must start Julio every week no matter what.
Jarvis Landry  New England Patriots  27.47  4/5 start w/confidence  Has been very consistent and Tannehill’s favorite target. With the running game finally getting somewhere, Landry could start to have more double digit games.
Rishard Matthews  New England Patriots  27.47  4/5 start w/confidence  So far he has more points than Landry and the only really bad game he had was against the New York Jets.


Worst Matchups WR

Player Opp Defense  Def Points Allowed Sit Analysis
Terrance Williams  Seattle Seahawks  12.9  4/5 you better sit him  Awful matchup, no QB and maybe the star WR coming back. A bad combination for Williams, I’d stay away from him.
Dez Bryant  Seattle Seahawks  12.9  2/5 you should give him a chance  If he plays this week, he deserve a chance, but I’m going to be careful with him and in case you have WR depth I recommend you to wait for another week.
James Jones  Denver Broncos  13.38  2/5 you should give him a chance  Jones is a very TD dependent player, his production depends 45.9% on touchdowns. This week plays a team that have only allowed 1 TD to opponent WRs.
Randall Cobb  Denver Broncos  13.38  1/5 you shouldn’t sit him  I trust him a little more than James Jones going against Denver, and hey, Rodgers will find a guy to throw the ball to and what a better option than the slot WR.
TY Hilton  Carolina Panthers  16.25  0/5 don’t sit  With Luck playing at 100%, TY is a must start every week.
Donte Moncrief  Carolina Panthers  16.25  2/5 you should give him a chance  With Josh Norman all over TY, Moncrief could sneak 40 yards and a TD to score a decent 10 fantasy points.
Mike Evans  Atlanta Falcons  16.51  1/5 you shouldn’t sit him  I like the fact that Vincent Jackson might not play and that the Bucs have been able to establish the ground game. Evans will get his targets and could have a big game.
Anquan Boldin  St. Louis Rams  17.02  3/5 you should sit him  I can’t trust any 49er WRs and even less in a bad matchup.
Torrey Smith  St. Louis Rams  17.02 3/5 you should sit him  I can’t trust any 49er WRs and even less in a bad matchup.

Best Matchups TE

Player Opp Defense  Def Points Allowed Start Analysis
NYJ TE  Oakland Raiders  14.97  0/5 don’t start  The best Jets’s TE has 2.6 points in the whole season.
Jason Witten  Seattle Seahawks  12.11  4/5 start w/confidence  The Seahawks have really struggled covering the tight ends, so Witten will get his opportunity for a couple of big plays.
Tyler Eifert  Pittsburgh Steelers  11.79  5/5 must start  He is almost a must start every week.


Worst Matchups TE

Player Opp Defense  Def Points Allowed Sit Analysis
Gary Barnidge  Cleveland Browns  3.73  0/5 don’t sit /2/5 you should give him a chance  If McCown plays, Barnidge is a must start. If Manziel starts, then I’d think twice before putting Gary in.
Antonio Gates/Ladarius Green  Baltimore Ravens  4.5  0/5 don’t sit  If Gates doesn’t play, Green is a must start. If he does then he is a must start and Green a low end TE1.

fantasyreaList Writer: Aldo Muriá


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